15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Printing (services Available, Online Ordering + More)

One of the many benefits of shopping at Walmart is that it can help you print everything you need, including your own shopping list and receipt.

Walmart has a large range of services available. However, if you are looking for professional printing services, you will need to know the following when considering the service.

15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Printing In 2022

1. FedEx and Walmart Have a Business Partnership

You can choose how you want your document to be printed.
You can choose your size and design your document.

Another advantage is that FedEx provides services to retail locations, meaning that you can print your packages from the FedEx office right next to your store.

You could also send the package at one of Walmart’s other locations around Texas, by calling the store’s customer service number.

2. Several Printing Jobs Available

The Walmart Print team is committed to providing high-quality products for less. Your home is unique, so we make it easy to custom create and print the items you need at the right quality and price.

Orders are coming from all over the world and are being printed at the center.

Walmart is also partnering with FedEx to provide printing jobs. You can place your orders in-store as well as online using the FedEx website.

3. FedEx Also Offers Other Services

Office supplies delivery: FedEx Office is the only office supply company to deliver to and pick up from businesses of every size. For less than what you think you’ll pay at Staples or Office Depot, FedEx Office delivers and picks up all office supplies for you.

Delivery services that are only available in the U.S. A great way to get your shipments delivered quickly is to shop with Amazon Prime. And if you want your packages delivered to a specific location,
FedEx Office will help with that too.
FedEx Office can also help you with your online business fulfillment needs by providing package pickup and delivery services.

4. Easy to Find the Closest In-Store FedEx Office

This means that Walmart is making it much simpler for people to get the services that they want.

Use Walmart’s store locator to view where FedEx Office is located in your area.

To find the location by zip code, simply type in your zip code and search for it.

If you look in the store locator on the FedEx website you can see all of FedEx’s locations, whether the stores are close to you or further away.

5. You Can Place a Printing Order Online

A convenient aspect of using the FedEx Office website is you can order online entirely through the website. So if you know exactly what you’d like to order, you can place your order directly through the FedEx Office website.

It will sometimes have deals or coupon codes to help you save even more money.

6. FedEx Office Accepts Multiple Types of Files

Another way FedEx Office and Walmart make printing jobs even easier is by accepting several different types of files for both images and text.
Other than that, the printing job is pretty much the same as what it was before.
I’ll have to check the other services – I’m very familiar with the FedEx Office printing.

Files you can upload are scanned, faxed, and emailed. Or they can be printed and uploaded.

Images uploaded to the system are saved with a default name that includes the date and time they were uploaded. To change the name of an image, right click on the image and choose Rename on the menu that appears.

If you have any questions regarding the system or any of our online help, feel free to reply to this email.

Thank you for using FedEx Office Online!

When dealing with large documents, it’s best to use files under 150 MB. You’ll get better quality once printed.

7. You Can Save Unfinished Online FedEx Office Orders

Online printing jobs can be ordered and printed, and they may later be picked up at a Walmart store.

In order to make the overall purchase process easier, FedEx Office allows you to start the order online and save your progress.

Further, after you sign in to your FedEx Office account, the website will automatically save your documents periodically to improve search and delivery efficiencies.

8. You Cannot Print Copyright Files

Before using FedEx Office, one important thing to know is that you cannot create, print, or send any copyrighted material.

(ii) any copyright, trademark, or any other proprietary right, including but not limited to, trade secrets, know-how or trade secrets, inventions, designs, drawings, blueprints, materials, process, methods, techniques, designs, software, and information or proprietary information…

9. There Are Numerous Template Designs

FedEx Office is a great place to start your printing project. They have a variety of resources available to help you get your project from start to finish, including helpful videos and tutorials that walk you through your project step by step.

With the help of FedEx, Canva works hard to provide customers with templates that will help them create amazing designs in no time.

If you’re wanting to print things like business cards, yard signs, marketing materials, etc. there are some templates out there to help you get started!

10. FedEx Office Hours Vary From Regular Walmart Store Hours

FedEx Office hours also vary from Walmart’s regular hours of operation, so it is wise to check the FedEx Office before visiting.

Fortunately, you can learn the FedEx Office store hours by using the Walmart store locator. Sometimes, however, FedEx Office opens and closes at different times.

11. Walmart’s Photo Center Provides Printing Services

Walmart’s photo center is a perfect alternative for printouts. The prints are crisp and they’re printed quickly.

When you want to print photos you can go to Walmart and buy Photo Paper in a pack so you can print them at home.

Walmart stores let you print pictures, calendars, and other things that people would normally buy at the store.

12. A Lot of Options for Photo Prints From Walmart

There are a variety of sizes that Walmart’s photo prints come in. They come in various finishes, glossy or matte. You can also do multiple sizes with your photos to get it all organized.

13. Pick up Photos in as Little as an Hour

Walmart will provide prints to you entirely online and you can order anything you would like from your computer.

The order is placed online at the Walmart website. You can receive your order within an hour if the products are in stock.

So, Walmart’s new delivery service is offering a wide variety of products you can buy and pick up today.

14. Print Pictures Directly From Your Phone

The great part of printing photos through Walmart’s Photo Center is that you can use an app on your phone. To do so, follow these steps:

On your phone, you can download the Walmart Photo Center app.
Once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll need to open it.
You should see a place to insert your Walmart Photo Center login information.
You can now send your print.
You can also order prints, as well as more advanced features.

15. You Can Return Personalized Photo Prints 

Products and services at Walmart can be returned, exchanged and refunded at their discretion.

If you are not satisfied with any of the photo products that you purchased from Walmart’s Photo Center, you can return them.

However, you do need to return the products within 90 days of the date the shipments were made.

To know more about the printing options at Walmart, you can read what we have written about printing options at Walmart.


The photo center works with all Walmarts to supply them with supplies needed to print photos.

You can print marketing materials at Walmart, including anything from invitations to labels. You can print yard signs and posters from Walmart. You can even print from your mobile device!

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