15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Photo Center

Walmart is the market leader in the online print market. Walmart.com provides affordable mobile and desktop printers. The Walmart app offers a full suite of photo printing services via a single click.

 But if you’ve never printed photos at Walmart before, you may have some questions. So, here are 15 things you need to know before utilizing Walmart’s Photo Center!

The first thing you need to do is find out what size prints you want. This will determine how many photos you are able to print in the store in addition to how large the print will be.

15 Things To Know Before Visiting Walmart Photo Center

1. Finding The Closest Walmart Photo Center Is Straightforward

If you want to see what kind of images they currently carry, the Walmart website has a search tool that you can use.

It’s not the best way to find a Walmart Photo Center, but it is a way.

Go to the “store locator” link in the menu, type in your zip code, and the website automatically generates the Walmart stores nearby.

If the Photo Center is mentioned and it is indeed a free service, then you will not have to pay for it in order to print.

2. Photo Center Hours Vary From Regular Store Hours

The Walmart Photo Center closes at 8 pm.
You can get help with photo editing software and help with printing at Walmart Photo Center hours.

Photo Center hours vary based on location, so you gotta check with your local store to see when they are open.

You can identify the hours of operation by using the store locator.

3. You Can Print Photos In-Store At Walmart

You can upload photos to a kiosk at the Walmart store to make prints for yourself or to give to friends and family.

Walmart has a new feature that lets you upload pictures from your phone, SD card, or a jump drive.

The printer can print your photos within minutes so you don’t have to worry about long wait times.

4. There Are Several Same-Day Printing Options

By using the Photo Center’s “Mobile” tab, you can print photos from nearly any device, including your smartphone.

When you’re placing an order at Walmart online or in-store, you can
still select to pick up your order the same day. In most cases where
this is not possible, you’ll still be notified in the order email
that it’ll be ready to be picked up.

For example, if you want to print Walmart receipts in the same day, you can do that.

If you make a purchase online, you can pick it up on your way to work, or while commuting to another store.

5. Walmart Sells Customizable Blankets

Customers can use Walmart’s personal photo printing machines to add their unique photos directly to a Walmart made to order blanket.

Quilted (Pillow)
Quilted (Sofa)

What’s more, you can customize these blankets by choosing from fabrics in your family’s favorite colors.

With the prices, we added the service fees from the photo collage to the item price, although those are not extra fees. You can add the text or image to any template you create.

6. Walmart And Photo Prints Plus Have A Partnership

Walmart and Photo Prints Plus are now collaborating on a new printing and photo-downloading service.

With that the application lets you download pictures from your phone and then have them printed directly at Walmart.

Photo Prints Plus is an app that allows you to download pictures from your phone, and use that as a template for your canvas prints.

It usually takes about an hour to receive a print, once it’s ready.

7. Photo Prints Are Inexpensive At Walmart

Because of the low prices at Walmart, lots of people get their pictures printed there. This is good for the photo developers, because Walmart prints thousands and thousands of photos every day.

Photo prints are much cheaper on the Internet and from online companies like Amazon. All it takes is finding a good deal that will save you money.

You can tell why the Photo Center is so popular, because not only is it cheap and easy to get the items you need, but it’s also convenient and easy to get.

8. You Can Create And Customize Cards

If you just want a few photos to frame or print on cards, there are a number of free photo editing apps on both Android and iOS devices.

It can be customized to include products for a specific category.

9. Order Photos Online And Pick Them Up In-Store

Walmart’s Photo Center lets you take and share up to four photos for use on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and email. The website also gives you the option of ordering digital prints for up to an additional five free photos.

This is only a good solution if you have a home address, and don’t mind the additional shipping charges.

When your order is ready to pick up, you will receive a notification from the Walmart Photo Center to your email or phone.

10. Shutterfly Offers Cheaper Photo Prints

Although it is very expensive to order photos through Walmart, sometimes, you can save money by ordering photos through Shutterfly.

A photographer can choose any kind of photo printing to make.

So, when you create an account at Shutterfly, you’ll always be kept up to date on all the deals and discounts.

While it is true that Shutterfly will deliver the printed photo in better quality than Walmart.

11. Walmart Photo Center Charges Delivery Fees

Walmart charges a shipping fee for all the items in your order but the shipping fee does not cover the shipping expense for products that you order from Amazon.

The photo printing service is available to any customer who uses Walmart’s photo center for printing. It costs about $3.95 to print a 4×6 photo, which is cheaper than Walmart’s standard shipping fee.

12. Create A Walmart Photo Center Account

If you’re not sure what pictures you want to use for your wedding invitations, don’t worry about picking the right photos right away.

All you have to do is create an account with Walmart’s Photo Center. You can save your progress at the project level.

13. Track Your Walmart Photo Center Order

On your mobile device, open the Walmart App and select the Orders icon

Select Photos, Walmart Photo Center, or Walmart Photo Center Express

Select the delivery address where you placed your order.

Select the delivery time period (if applicable)
Choose a delivery method from the options listed in the screen

Your photo products will be delivered by the delivery service specified.

14. You Can Add Text To Photo Products

Photo Center can let you customize the items you are going to buy or sell.
You can insert pictures, add text, or edit text.

You can now click the “Edit Attributes” button at the bottom of the page and use the fields to change the text.

15. Walmart Photo Center Has A Satisfaction Guarantee

Walmart’s guarantee applies to every product so it’s not just a matter of getting the order right.

I think you can also request a refund but there is no guarantee that Walmart will refund your money.

But to know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not to buy in bulk, if bulk discounts are always good, and what you should do before visiting a Walmart bulk store.


If you have a cell phone with a memory card and you just bought a memory card reader you can print photos of your friend’s wedding from the comfort of your home.

Also, if you order a calendar from Walmart, you can customize it to be a calendar that includes your pictures. Now, what’s really cool about this feature is that you can download those pictures and put them on your own products (i.e. on a T-shirt or blanket). You can also have Walmart store your photos as their logo on the item.

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