15 Things To Know Before Using Costco Car Rental

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Costco offers this service for a special discount when the rental car is booked online. In its partnership with major rental companies, Costco offers cheap rental car rates that offer excellent car-rental deals.

15 Things to Know Before Using Costco Car Rental In 2022

1. Costco Car Rental Is Part of the Company’s Travel Program

Comes with a free membership card as well as a membership card for free two day shipping at Costco stores.

If you’re planning a vacation or getaway somewhere, Costco has cars and renters insurance for the duration of your stay.

It’s always best to verify that you’re getting the best deal yourself because you are paying a commission to the travel sites.

2. Costco Car Rental Is Available Only to Members

When it comes to Costco’s money saving travel, the car rental discount is limited only to Costco members.

So if you just want to watch it on the computer, it’s free, if you want to be able to go to the event you can attend it for free, and if you want to pay for the experience, it’s $60 for regular membership, $120 for Executive membership.

If you are member of Costco, you can see how the benefits of Costco membership can start to pay for itself.

3. You Can Choose From Major Brands with Costco Car Rental

Avis Rent a Car
Budget Rent a Car
Hertz Rent a Car
National Car Rental

They have plans to launch their own car rental services, with prices at about half the cost.

There are only four options to choose from, with the largest being an SUV; however, there are still a lot of options to choose from.

4. Use Costco Car Rental in Canada and Europe, Too

Costco members can bring in their Costco card as they travel to and from international destinations. Costco members can also take advantage of the Costco card exchange program when traveling abroad.

5. Pick From a Recently Expanded Costco Car Rental Selection

Better Homes & Gardens says that in 2021 Costco “expanded the car categories available to members.” What that means is that customers can now find automobiles like hybrids, which get better gas mileage, or Jeeps, which are great on more rugged terrain.

In the European market, the X1 is offered with two engines: a gasoline engine of 130 kW (177 hp), a diesel engine of 85 kW (116 hp), and a plug-in hybrid of 95 kW (135 hp).

Costco is getting ready to open a new store in San Francisco. The new store is going to sell more food and groceries than the old store.

6. Save up to 30 Percent off Regular Rates with Costco Car Rental

In general there might be many car rental companies, but the most efficient company is Costco. Costco only provides services to Costco members.

AutoSlash reports that consumers can save up to 30 percent off of normal rental rates using Costco and the best deal is through Budget. Also, consumers who use Avis can save 25 percent off the normal auto rental rates.

We can only say that the discounts with Enterprise and Alamo aren’t public, but they are always offering discounts, as well as special perks like upgrades.

7. Executive Members Get Two Percent Back Using Costco Car Rental

Costco’s Executive membership costs a $55 fee but offers many perks like discounts on food and other items.

Executive membership also offers two percent cash back. You can earn this through Costco warehouse purchases and travel, including car rentals.

As well as using your Costco and Citibank Visa credit card to earn three percent back on purchases that are made at Costco and other participating retailers (plus, the Costco Visa card pays 2 percent cash back for using the Costco reloadable card), the Costco Visa card also allows customers to earn three percent cash back on purchases made at other retailers using the Costco Visa card in addition to Costco and Citibank.

8. Booking a Costco Car Rental Is Quick and Easy

Costco Travel is a car rental company that can be accessed through the web.

You can compare your available options, enter your travel information, and use your credit card to pay.

To find out more about renting in Toronto, you’ll need to input the types and amounts of rental car you’re looking for. Once you have all that data, you can take a look at some quotes from companies that offer rentals in your area.

The most affordable options for each type of vehicle are highlighted with red print, making it easier to find a great deal.

9. You Don’t Even Need a Credit Card to Book a Costco Car Rental

 The perks only apply to car rentals made through Costco. If you use some other rental site, you will be using a credit card and need to enter that. But it’s totally worth it.

However, if you intend to drive the vehicle, you will need to bring your own credit card with you at the time of pickup.

*If you do not intend to drive the vehicle, you will need to provide your debit card at the time of pickup. If you do not have a credit card or debit card, we can assist you in locating and obtaining one.

10. You Can Purchase Costco Car Rental Insurance

You don’t need to pay extra to rent a car anymore- all of the rentals come with auto insurance (which I believe also applies to Costco Citibank Visa card holders, as mentioned in the original article).

Finally, the title of the article “You don’t need to pay extra to rent a car anymore” also contains this phrase.

11. There Are No Costco Car Rental Cancellation Fees

Because they are an online vehicle rental company, you will always be provided with the best possible deals, discounts, and offers available. No matter when you book, you will always be able to save money with them, and there will never be any fees which you incur in the process of making a reservation.

12. Changing Your Costco Car Rental Is Easy

All of the information you have entered during your booking process is present, including the credit card used to secure the deal. If you are canceling for any reason, you do not have to return the rental car. A $25.19 administrative fee will be deducted from your account.

You could make changes to your account without incurring any fees.

13. In Many Cases, the Costco Car Rental Additional Driver Fee Is Waived

If you’re traveling with a partner or family member, it makes sense that you would only have one eligible person to rent the car.

That’s where Costco comes in. Costco has been making cars available for rental for years, and their service is even more convenient than other car rental companies.

14. Costco Car Rental Applicants Under 25 Have Some Additional Hoops

Costco members who are between the ages of two and 25 must pay a fee if they are driving a rental vehicle.

For members to be eligible for membership discounts, the membership application must be accompanied by a valid driver’s license, membership card and proof of U.S. citizenship or resident status. Membership discounts also cannot be applied to members under the age of 25.

Additionally, underage drivers cannot use this form to book a rental. You must call 1-866-921-7925, and select Option 1 to speak to an associate.

15. Apply Your Loyalty Account to Your Costco Car Rental

As a Costco Travel Member, your loyalty account at any of the four rental companies will be honored as long as you are booking your rentals through Costco.

You’re right there. You can actually apply for a loyalty account and still get credit for renting from them.

To understand how your Costco car payments and interest rates work, visit our posts about the cost of financing, and if you can refinance your auto loan with Costco.


Costco offers a discount rental car program at all of their location. This program allows customers to rent a car for a discounted rate when they use their Costco card. This discount can range anywhere from 5% to 30% off the regular rates. If you rent a car from Costco, this discount is the same at all locations and can only be redeemed at the same location as where the rental car was picked up.

You can book online and you don’t pay until you arrive. If you want to cancel or change your reservation, you can do that free of charge.

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