15 Things To Know Before Getting Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart seems to have any and every product or service you need to survive, but not necessarily a cell phone plan.

Well, before you subscribe, you need to know a few things. Read on to find out everything about Walmart Family Mobile!

15 Things To Know Before Getting Walmart Family Mobile In 2022

1. Several Advantages To Switching To Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile offers a number of advantages not found on other wireless carriers. For instance, we allow unlimited free mobile to mobile calls. This is something that you can’t find on any other carrier.

For example. Some of these features are available regardless of the plan you choose.

There is one aspect that is the reason why customer choose Walmart Family Mobile.

2. It’s Easy To Get Started With Walmart Family Mobile

The first step to getting started with Walmart Family Mobile is to get a new Walmart Family Mobile phone, the G6.

Walmart has a wide selection of smartphones, and you’ll be able to choose one.

If your phone is compatible you can choose between Walmart Family Mobile or any other provider with your current phone. Walmart Family Mobile will even let you keep your number and SIM card, should you have one.

If you’re looking to save money to spend on your phone, they have a lot plans with great talk and text rates and features. These plans range from only $25/month to the Unlimited plans with unlimited talk, text and data starting at $60/month.

3. Three Ways To Activate A Walmart Family Mobile Plan

For your new plan, the Walmart Mobile Activation team is happy and ready to help you! It’s easy to start using Walmart Family Mobile on your new device!

Starting your plan by enrolling online is an easy and convenient way to get coverage. Just visit HealthCare.gov or call the toll-free number at 1-800-318-2596 to get started.

You can use this service to activate your Walmart Family Mobile phone number.

4. Walmart Has Several Smartphones To Choose From

you can keep your phone. You will get to keep your phone number. There will be a temporary number.

Walmart offers many options, including Samsung, Apple, and Google phones. They are also in stock and ready to ship.

A single Walmart cell phone costs $1,400, the phone will cost $1,000 plus a $400 activation fee.

5. A Few Different Ways To Pay Your Bill

Most Walmart Family Mobile phone customers choose to pay their bill with their debit or credit card.

In the same way, customers can purchase an Uber with their credit card, or via any other wallet that supports the payment network.

Walmart makes it easy to pay all of your bills. You can pay online or by phone and can make bill payments via your bank account.

To get the card in your hands, you need to register for an account on the Walmart Family Mobile website. Make sure to check out the list of phone carrier options to find the carrier of your choice that will work best with your home network.

6. T-Mobile Provides Walmart Family Mobile Coverage

Walmart’s offering is no different than any other low cost carrier, however, they offer a family plan for each member of the family for a low monthly rate.

The T-Mobile coverage map gives you the ability to see the areas that are not covered by T-Mobile in your area.

7. Long-Distance Calling Is Available With Walmart Family Mobile

One benefit of switching to Walmart Family Mobile is that you will be able to make long-distance calls to any member in your family.

For an extra fee and with a Global Calling Card, Walmart offers a Global Calling Card for international calls.

First, long-distance calling is not a free service, but you do get a free number to an access code for connecting your telephone. Secondly, you can use the included minutes to phone friends and relatives in other parts of the United States.

8. Walmart Family Mobile Offers Several Service Plans

You can compare the service plans by using the comparison tool on the website.

The price ranges from $24 to $50. There are differences depending on what kind of plan you choose.

The comparison doesn’t make sense. A single line plan has 3 GB of data and a multi line plan has 1GB. You can compare apples to apples.

9. Walmart Family Mobile Comes With Added Features

Another feature of Walmart Family Mobile that sets it apart from other carriers is the fact that it has a lot of different features.

For example, Walmart Family Mobile offers customers a $10 off coupon for a “free” service called SafeLink, which offers free minutes, texts, and data for qualified customers.

Free trial for the music streaming service starts immediately for anyone who gets the Walmart Family Mobile offer.

10. Easy To Transfer Service To Walmart Family Mobile

Walmart Family Mobile gives you the ease of working with one cell service provider!

You can transfer your service from your current carrier to Walmart Family Mobile in three steps.

You need to buy a Walmart Family Mobile plan or a GSM-capable phone is required.

You may choose a plan that’s compatible with your phone or not.

This is where you can select a plan compatible with your phone from the Walmart Family Mobile plan catalog.

You pick your old cell phone number that you want to transfer the number on your old cell number to your new cell phone.

Finally, you choose the “Transfer My Service Now” button on the Walmart Family Mobile website, and the transfer is complete!

Now that you’ve been transferred to Walmart’s network, it’s time
to get your new phone!

You find your new Walmart Family Mobile phone, unlock it, and
start the activation process.

11. Customer Service Is Available To Help

If you have any problems about Walmart Family mobile, you can contact Walmart family mobile customer service. There are customer service representatives to help you.

In the case of using a phone in the office, it’s better to ask for the call to be placed to the front desk.

Further, Walmart, while making some changes to its call center operations, has not changed its 7 days a week call center operations for Family Mobile customers.

12. You Can Keep Your Current Phone

With Walmart Family Mobile, you can keep your current phone and receive all the benefits of a new one, with the added ability to use it with Walmart Family Mobile.

Walmart Family Mobile will ask for your phone number. They will then text you an activation code. Enter the code onto your smartphone.

You can only do BYOP when you get a notification from Apple about your phone’s compatibility.

13. Walmart Family Mobile SIM Cards Aren’t Expensive

If you do keep your current phone while switching to Walmart Family Mobile, you’ll want to buy a Family Mobile SIM Card before you activate your new plan.

That’s what Walmart has for the SIM cards, which you can now buy online and only cost $1 before taxes and carrier charges.

SIM Card will be shipped to your door for free if you choose to have it delivered, and you can pick them up at most Walmart stores if you prefer to have them delivered to your nearest Walmart store.

14. Walmart Family Mobile Video Streaming Isn’t As Good

With Walmart Family Mobile, users have to subscribe to Netflix, Hulu, and other paid streaming services to enjoy streaming content.

This means that customers will have to suffer with the outdated 4:3 aspect ratio videos that are widely available on the web or stream over Wi-Fi.

15. Mobile Hotspot Capability

Those who are on Walmart Family Mobile plan can use their device as a mobile hotspot.

If you are a Walmart Family Mobile cardholder, you can get a 30GB mobile hotspot for $49.88 a month. This plan also includes unlimited talk, text, and the 1GB of mobile data.

You will need to add a line to the plan and may have to pay a $40.00 in addition to the $50.00 per month.

The other Walmart Family Mobile plans have mobile hotspot capability but don’t come with as many gigabytes.

As you can see, there’s a bit of a discrepancy between how the original post described the pricing, and the revised post, which attempts to clarify the pricing.
We appreciate the clarification, and we’re sorry if this led to some confusion.

to learn more about Walmart Family Mobile, click here, also please read our blog post on ” What does Walmart protection plan cover”, and here to learn more about Walmart’s products and services.


You are now free to keep your current phone, as well as the ability to switch to a more affordable phone plan.

We tried to test the service out at a Walmart store in New Jersey and we were disappointed with the quality. However, it could be a great option for parents that want to video chat with their kids.

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