What Is Walmart Family Mobile? (all You Need To Know)

The electronics section at Walmart is massive. At your local Walmart, you can find all kinds of electronic devices, including cell phones, and even a gaming console.

When you are looking to buy a phone, you have a number of options. You can purchase your phone from a carrier that’s associated with your existing cell phone plan; or you can buy it from an online retailer. In the recent past, if you wanted to purchase your phone from a retailer, you often had to walk into a retail store and buy it there. If you needed to buy a phone online, you either had to have your purchase shipped to you, or pay for shipping yourself.

What Is Walmart Family Mobile In 2022?

Walmart Family Mobile plans are contract-free, so you don’t need to sign a contract to receive them.
Each plan features unlimited talk, text, and data usage.
Walmart Family Mobile plans include multi-line discounts and the chance of getting four lines for less.
4G LTE coverage is 99% of the country, so you’ll always be in reach when you need to be.
No surprise fees like in prepaid plans.

If you want to know more about Walmart Family Mobile, like if your phone will work if you switch carriers, if you can keep your phone if you change your plan, what kinds of phones Walmart carries, and more, read on for more facts!

What Is Walmart Family Mobile?

Walmart Family Mobile actually does something a lot of Walmart customers don’t want. They put T-Mobile’s logo on top of the Walmart logo.

Here is the same information with a bit of rewriting.

1. Unlimited Calling–While there is no unlimited data, you can make calls to over 100 countries for free.
2. Free Auto-Pay–Instead of having to pay for top-up plans with your own money, Walmart will do your top-up and bill you for the plans.

How Do You Activate Walmart Family Mobile Service?

Before you purchase cell phone coverage from a carrier, it’s a good idea to review your coverage needs. Each carrier offers a variety of services at different price points. For example, Walmart Family Mobile offers several plans including Nationwide Talk (up to 4 lines for $40 per month), Nationwide Talk with Text (up to 10 lines for $60 per month), and Nationwide Talk with Mobile Broadband (up to 4 lines for $80 per month). You can learn more about these plans here.

Please note that you need to access your Walmart Family Mobile account through the Family Mobile Online website, or through your tablet or smartphone.

Note: The instructions for activating the SIM card are the same regardless of whether you’re purchasing a SIM or getting a new SIM card for your Walmart Family Mobile phone.

While you’ll need your family name and address for the SIM card, you can keep your phone number or social security number reserved for the next plan of Walmart Family Mobile.

When you are going to activate Walmart Family Mobile, you will need to turn your mobile phone on. Once the phone is turned on, you will need to enter the activation code. Go to www.walmartfamilymobile.com and click on “Get Online” option on the front page of the website. Click on “Activate Your Walmart Family Mobile Plan”. Enter the code on the screen and save the payment info and activate the plan.

If you are using an unlocked phone or have previously called to activate a service with Walmart and you want to switch to Family Mobile, you can also activate your phone over the phone by calling: 1-877-440-9758.

You have an active account with your wireless company.
Your phone number is associated with your account.

If your cell phone is not Walmart Family Mobile plan or you already have a Walmart Family Mobile plan, you may text 866-422-2597 or sign up by visiting walmartfamilymobile.com with your cellphone.

If you’re in the U.S., head to the Walmart site and enter your phone number and the activation code that was sent to your phone (if you know it) to complete your purchase.

What Kind of Coverage Does Walmart Family Mobile Offer?

Walmart Family Mobile assures 5G coverage in most parts of the United States. If anything, Walmart Family Mobile will let customers know if the network is not available in their area.

Walmart has a list of the countries they will cover for 5G. To see it, please go on their website.

What Kind of Plans Are Available With Walmart Family Mobile?

The service is free for Walmart Family members, but you can upgrade to unlimited international voice and texting as long as you’re within the U.S. It’s a good starter plan, but if you want a more robust plan, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium plan, which costs $40 a month and includes unlimited U.S. calls and texts but you can’t make international calls.

If you compare the $75 Walmart Family Mobile plan to the $75 Family Mobile plan at Verizon, which offers unlimited talk, text, and data, you’ll see that Walmart is offering more data and more features for less cash.

You just need to enter the number of lines you require, and the website will automatically adjust the price and display the best options.

How Do You Switch to Walmart Family Mobile?

To turn your cell phone coverage to Walmart Family Mobile, you need to follow three simple steps as detailed on the Walmart Family Mobile website.

Pick up the phone, tell them your name and the state of play. They may ask if you’re using an iPhone.

After that, you can choose either an existing phone or a new Walmart Family Mobile phone by entering your credit card in the store.

If you’re looking for a new phone, you should head over to Walmart’s website to find the latest smartphones and other gadgets from brands like Samsung, Apple, and Google.

You can buy a new phone, or an older model of your current phone. Finally, if you wish to keep your current phone, Walmart Family Mobile allows you to do so.

Find the best plan to launch, improve or create.

You’ll need to decide which plan you want then choose a plan as soon as possible since Walmart Family Mobile plans don’t last forever.

All Walmart Family Mobile plans give you unlimited nationwide talk, text and data so that you can always stay connected.

If, at any time, you are in a state of emergency, you may declare an emergency.

The last step is to activate your phone and the Walmart Family mobile coverage. As previously mentioned, there are three ways to start your Walmart Family Mobile plan – over the phone, online, or via text.

After activating, the Walmart Family Mobile plan will be available on any phone you choose to use.

Walmart’s customer service can help you with activation during specific periods and with customer assistance for product return and reordering.

Does Walmart Family Mobile Provide 5G Coverage?

All current Walmart Family Mobile plans support 5G networks. You don’t need to buy a new plan or add any services to use 5G with Walmart Family Mobile.

If you want to make sure that your device has the 5G network, check the Network Settings.

If it doesn’t, your next step would be to research if there’s a way to install
an operating system on it.
If there is and if you know enough about it to be able to make a clean
installation, you would flash your phone with an image of the
operating system you wanted on it. If that fails, you will have to
return it to the retailer as you cannot legally use their phone if you
did not buy it from them.

What Phones Are Available With Walmart Family Mobile?

Walmart sells all of the devices that you will not be using but will be getting free anyways.

The company has a large number of different cell phone brands in stock and sells some models that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

What Are the Benefits of Using Walmart Family Mobile?

Signing up is easy and you can cancel anytime!
Get unlimited talk, text and data without contracts or credit checks.
Call or text free
Free international text messages
Text, talk and data on the same device
Free device financing available with Walmart Family Mobile.
Get connected with Walmart Family Mobile today!

How Do You Know If Your Phone Is Compatible With Walmart Family Mobile?

If you want to switch your phone, you should make sure it’s compatible with Walmart Family Mobile before switching.

The store also sells a variety of prepaid and postpaid devices, which have the ability to connect to the Family Mobile network, including smartphones, tablets, cameras, routers, and even wireless speakers.

If you want to learn more about how to exchange your old electronics for cash at Walmart, or if you want to know how to return your phone, check out this page.


Walmart Family Mobile offers low plan prices, no contracts, and nationwide 4G LTE coverage. In addition, some areas have 5G coverage through Walmart Family Mobile.

Please note that we are not the service provider for Walmart Family Mobile and are not responsible for any charges you may receive or service you may encounter.

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