Why T-mobile Is So Expensive (13 Reasons Why)

T-Mobile is expensive because the T-Mobile company has high prices on all of their devices and the T-Mobile company is expensive because the company has to pay back all the huge money they have made and are not making, in the past.

Well, I’ve been researching this question and have located 13 reasons why T-Mobile is so expensive, so read on to find out what I’ve discovered!

Why T-Mobile Is So Expensive In 2022

If you’re not sure which T-Mobile plan is right for you, or if you already have an existing plan, the company does offer several promotional T-Mobile Tuesdays, which includes T-Mobile Tuesdays Uncarrier, where you get unlimited data and unlimited talk and text for $25 per month. You can even take advantage of those plans when you port in to the carrier.

To make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from T-Mobile, you’ll want to read about the additional details you may want to know! For more information, read here.

1. You Only Have a Single Line

T-Mobile’s business is not based on the number of lines on its customers’ accounts. Instead, the company is based on the amount of data each line uses.

Therefore, if you want to lower your T-Mobile bill, you should add at least two phones, which makes the cost per phone cheaper than just a single phone.

2. T-Mobile Has Higher Data Caps

T-Mobile offers higher data caps, which makes it more expensive than other providers like Verizon, which have lower data caps.

The Magenta Max plan is the plan with no data cap. You can use as much data as you want, and you have unlimited international data.

3. Magenta Max Offers Netflix Included in the Price

So T-Mobile’s plan is expensive because it’s got Netflix built in for a year.

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4. T-Mobile Is One of the Top Providers in the Country

T-Mobile has a high demand for data plans, and if you want a cheap data plan you have to buy a phone plan that’s more expensive or buy a phone from a different carrier.

T-Mobile has the potential to be one of the leading carriers in the world because of the value that they offer to their customers.

5. T-Mobile Has the Best 5G Network

T-Mobile’s pricing scheme is more expensive than other providers since it has 5G coverage in many more locations than Verizon.

T-Mobile has been one of the innovators and leaders in the rollout of 5G, and as a result, customers pay higher monthly prices to T-Mobile as a result of more expensive upgrades.

6. T-Mobile Offers Good Plan Benefits

T-Mobile’s plan rates are reasonable, and they include a number of free benefits and perks. T-Mobile has created a unique brand that can be traced back to the 90s and is therefore not a new player but a player in a very competitive market.

For example, not only does the Magenta plan come with 3 months of free Netflix, but it also is able to be activated right now, and you will also get $50 international text messaging credit for the life of your account, global data coverage worldwide, and mobile phone hotspot data!

7. T-Mobile Offers Several Family Plans

T-Mobile offers family plans and they have three main plans.

I’m not sure if it’s because they’re able to offer more products or if it’s pricing.

8. T-Mobile Offers Customers the Newest Devices

T-Mobile offers the latest and greatest phones to its customers. These include phones from Apple, Samsung, Google, and others.

Since T-Mobile is the only phone company in the country to not sell the iPhone, so they buy up as many as they can and resell them at a higher price.

9. Promotions Through the T-Mobile App

T-Mobile is a great company, so if you want to get new gadgets, you can use discounts that are available on Tuesdays.

But, because T-Mobile offers different kinds of promotions to different customers, those types of promotions are not free and the costs of them are passed onto the customer.

10. T-Mobile Has Quicker Upload & Download Speeds

T-Mobile’s speeds are a lot faster than other major carriers, which allows you to stream Netflix, download apps and play games without breaking a sweat. T-Mobile also offers unlimited everything, unlike Verizon’s “share everything” policy.

When people see a faster internet connection, they are more likely to use it. Because of this, they are willing to pay more for it.

For example, the T-Mobile has a download speed of 32.7Mbps and an upload speed of 12.9Mbps, which is much quicker than Verizon’s 32.2Mbps download speed and 10Mbps upload speed.

11. T-Mobile & Sprint Merged

T-Mobile got the company Sprint and it means better coverage, more features and benefits and even more customers.

T-Mobile has been able to increase their popularity and market share as a result of this merger.

But the people don’t pay for the service provided. They pay for things like cell phones and other things, and T-Mobile’s profits help pay for that.

12. T-Mobile’s 5G Network Is the Quickest

When it comes to mobile networks, T-Mobile has the best available network.

In the past, Apple has asked for and received compensation from companies that use its patented technology.

If you use 5G with T-Mobile, your download speed is gonna be about 135.17 Mbps on average, and you will spend more time connected to it.

13. Support for Various 4G and 5G Devices

T-Mobile’s support for different devices means you can bring your own phone and it will probably work on their network.

But T-Mobile is still offering great support for other devices and you’re going to pay higher prices for the convenience of bringing your own phone to the network.

The new T-Mobile hotspot feature, which is called T-Mobile HotSpot, will be available in India.


T-Mobile is expensive because it has the fastest 5G network speeds in the country, with an average download speed of 135.17 Mbps. As well, T-Mobile has the fastest 4G speeds, with an average of 30.7 Mbps for the download speeds and 10.2 Mbps for the upload speeds.

T-Mobile offers unlimited data, but Verizon is offering a service with a data cap, in the way that Verizon is the provider of the phone and T-Mobile is the provider of the plan.

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