10 Reasons Why Target Is So Expensive! (full Guide)

Walmart is one of the United States of America’s largest retail companies, known for selling household items, groceries, and clothing.

 Target is more expensive than other stores. But it’s not because it is a fancy store or the goods are more expensive than the other stores. Instead, it’s simply because of different policies Target offers to their employees, such as their Target Perks program where employees qualify for discounts and freebies, as well as Target’s unique payment structure.

10 Reasons Why Target Is So Expensive In 2022!

1. Size Isn’t Everything At Target

Target’s stores are generally smaller and more personal as a result. Employees are trained more specifically in various product categories to provide better service. In contrast, Walmart is able to purchase larger stores and staff them with more generalists.

Amazon decided to open smaller stores that sell more expensive items and chose college towns to do so. Amazon’s smaller stores also cater to more affluent shoppers.

This has driven the grocery store industry to adopt a new marketing model for expanding their products to customers in different areas.

2. Target Adapts Price To Location

Target has a dynamic pricing model that allows them to quickly adjust pricing in their stores. The prices of their products will vary based on customer demand. Their prices will change based on the day of the week, time of day, and the store location.

Like other retailers, Target had to adapt to changing eCommerce consumer behaviors. The company, for example, has a partnership with Kohl’s, allowing shoppers to search for the items they want on the Kohl’s website, and then ship them directly to their Target accounts. Target, in turn, takes care of any shipping fees.

Target uses cookies to adapt the price depending on where you are–this includes whether you’re at home or in the parking lot.
[Paraphrasing]: Target uses cookies to adapt the price depending on where you are–this includes whether you’re at home or in the parking lot.

In addition to this, Target has an algorithm that suggests that people within 50 yards of certain products are willing to pay more for those products.

This means that while you can buy the same item for less in an expensive community, it’ll cost you more of that item for the exact same value.

3. Target Employees Are Paid More

Unlike its competitors, Walmart and Costco, Target’s extra earnings go into the hourly wage for store employees.

Walmart pays their workers $11 an hour but Costco pays their sales associates between $12-$13 an hour.

On the other hand, Target is generous with its employees, paying them an average of $15 an hour.

Walmart employees are quite satisfied overall. Target employees are slightly less satisfied.

Because happy workers are encouraged to provide a better shopping experience for consumers, we are able to offer our customers the best possible shopping experience, which then encourages more consumers to shop with us.

4. Receive A Better Shopping Experience At Target

The nation’s consumer base shares the opinion that the Target’s shopping experience is better than that of Walmart or Dollar General.

If you buy something through this website, you can expect to find what you ordered in a very good condition and a price that is reasonable.

My first impression was it is a very clean store. There’s a lot of space and the products are organized in a good way; what’s more, Target’s prices are reasonable but then I found they are a bit high.

5. Target Offers More Contemporary Clothing Lines

Target has found a solution to the problem of selling affordable fashion for the masses.
They’ve managed to balance designer clothes with high-fashion clothes
while still providing the most popular items on the shelves.

Target has made a big move in the department store industry by offering more affordable items in their stores, which was previously a hard thing to find at the chain.

It is a good idea to take the fashion trends into consideration, so that you can create a more attractive look for shoppers.

6. Target Uses Stores As Fulfillment Centers

Target had no business selling more than it needed or storing products. But it realized that to be successful online, it did need to store products.

Target ships home orders and online orders to customers. It also has an automated pick up location that allows customers to pick up online orders.

And so, Target uses its strong supply chain to build up its in-store inventory and then boost prices of many goods.

7. Impressive Selection Of Target Goods

Target has become a chain by offering a great range of things to consumers at an affordable price.

Target has always been known for their amazing deals, but they are now trying to attract more higher-spending customers by pushing their prices up to a maximum of $1,000 on items such as appliances.
If we look at the list of Target’s top 5 bestseller appliances, we can see that all except one are at least $1,000.

Because of this, Target gives the illusion that its merchandise is as good as what regular stores in the area charge.

8. Target’s Same Day Delivery Is Easier To Access

With the emergence of e-commerce, customers are eager to have their online order delivered in less than a minute.

Target has transformed their urban stores into mini fulfillment centers. This has made it easier for people to get Target products the same day they went in to buy them.

The online shopping phenomenon is not only helping retailers expand their presence online, but it is also encouraging them to offer free shipping on specific items or discounts to lure in more customers.

In addition, the company has a practice called Black Friday, in which it sells items at discounted prices.

9. Target Seizes Every Add On Sale Opportunity

I think Target has a lot to teach us. They do everything they say they do. They have a clear mission statement for what they do and they deliver it like a champ.

In many stores, customers are often greeted by discount bins positioned at the front of Target’s stores filled with goods priced below $5 but typically $1 to $2.

When the customer is feeling that he has already made a saving, he will spend more, and this can also make the customer to feel that he is able to buy other things.

10. Target Adapts Its Business Model

Target has a business model that allows it to meet modern demand as America’s dominant retailer. There are plenty of discount retailers in America, therefore.

Target is thinking about the future and how they can make the store more of a shopping destination.

For more information, you can get more details on Target by reading our posts on the Target Baby Registry and also if you do tip Target, it helps the store.


Target is a very profitable business, but they can’t really stay profitable forever.

If you want to be profitable, like a retailer, you need to be able to make money.

This video by Scott Burtness explains how to build a profitable business.

The main reason is that Target knows your current location and can set the price accordingly.

[Original] Also, the stores are organized to make the shopping experience easier. This implies they have better quality and are more valuable, at least to the people who visit them.

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