Do Fedex Trucks Have Cameras? (full Guide)

When you see some of these trucks go by your door, you might think they are delivering packages, but they aren’t. They are filled to the brim with technology and surveillance equipment.

FedEx truck drivers are not required to have cameras in most states. New York, however, requires that FedEx drivers have a video camera on the windshield of their trucks. This is an interesting and fairly recent development. The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles changed their regulations to require that all companies with vehicles carrying freight (including FedEx) have cameras in their trucks on March 30, 2015.

Do FedEx Trucks Have Cameras In 2022?

The new safety equipment will also help reduce congestion in pickup and delivery areas by eliminating the need to wait idly for a driver to return to their vehicle to begin a delivery. The cameras will also help customers track the status of their shipments via the FedEx mobile app.

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Why Do FedEx Trucks Have Cameras?

But one of the main reasons for installing the cameras is to have proof so that FedEx can be sure of the package’s delivery and delivery time.

This is the reason why the company has created a safety-oriented line of vehicles, which is a great step in the right direction.

As a result of this, drivers should reduce their speed and use their turn signals in order to alert others of their presence on the road.

Because those areas can be difficult to navigate, FedEx’s devices are designed to record video in case of accidents, collisions or abrupt maneuvers.

The system is designed to detect a dangerous maneuver and shut off the engine/brakes.

FedEx claims that cameras help drivers keep their vehicles in good condition. Drivers that can’t see what’s happening behind the wheel are less likely to damage the vehicle. That way, claims are reduced.

New and seasoned drivers can benefit from using these devices.

Who Makes FedEx Truck Cameras?

FedEx approved Brigade Electronics Group Plc and Continental AG to supply cameras.

Do FedEx Cameras Record Audio?

The cameras can record video, record audio, and capture images and video.

What Are FedEx Cameras Looking For?

Cars may even be able to read your facial expressions to see if you’re a bad driver.

The sensors on the side of the car look to see if the driver is wearing their seat belt, is driving at the speed limit, and is focused on the road (i.e., not texting while driving).

Does FedEx Check Truck Cameras?

FedEx makes sure that your truck has a camera installed on it, so they can make sure that if something happens (e.g., accident or complaint), they will be able to see it.

FedEx won’t necessarily review the footage, but they can turn around and report the driver to the TSA if they see wrongdoing or if the driver is violating some sort of law, like not wearing a seatbelt.

What Do FedEx Drivers Think About Truck Cameras?

Most FedEx drivers believe that cameras should be used to help co-workers, but most believe that the cameras should not be used as a punishment.

Others believe that the government should protect everyone’s privacy, but the government has a duty to protect everyone’s rights.

The company is trying to invest in employees by giving them more and better security and surveillance than investing in its employees.

The middle of the debate said that more surveillance is the way of the world and that those who didn’t want more surveillance should look for other work.

What Other Safety Features Do FedEx Trucks Have?

In addition to regular cameras and other equipment to help the driver avoid road hazards, FedEx trucks are usually equipped with sonars and backup cameras for additional help in avoiding accidents.

The system also includes a camera that monitors traffic and alerts the driver if someone is

Besides, FedEx drivers can leave their trucks unlocked, thus making it more convenient for delivery of parcels from the company’s headquarters.

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In case you haven’t seen FedEx’s truck cams by now, they have become a common sight. In fact, this system of remote monitoring has become so commonplace, that it seems like you can hardly move without seeing someone’s life play out on a screen.

So, if anything you want to see, you can either watch it on your computer or watch it on the camera.

Driver-facing cameras can detect driver safety issues, but they aren’t designed to discourage speeding or distracted driving, only seatbelt usage.

So the more you drive, there is an increase in the safety features.

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