Why Isn’t Order Ahead Available At Starbucks? (Here’s Why + Faqs)

Starbucks is a company that has been around for a while, one of the first on the scene. Now they offer many different beverages along with a variety of tasty snacks, and iced coffees for those who like it cold.

If this is your first time visiting this website, you may be wondering- why can’t I place an online order for drinks ahead of time? Well, let’s continue reading below to find out what you can do in-store!

Why Isn’t Order Ahead Available at Starbucks In 2022?

The most likely cause for the service being turned off is a lack of staff since mobile ordering was an easy way to solve their staffing issues, or that orders are backed up at busy times.

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What is actually happening because of the coronavirus.
Why Starbucks has a system like this in place.
How it is stopping your order ahead.

Why is Order Ahead Unavailable at Starbucks?

There are times when order ahead is unavailable at Starbucks. This could be due to you not having the right account for the country you live in.

You can also see there’s two different kinds of Starbucks stores. One is the one that you’re currently on, and the other one is the one you’re supposed to be on. And that’s because Starbucks has set your device to the right country, even if you’re on a different country’s store.

When this happens, you’ll have to make a new Starbucks account and you can place your order at the new Starbucks.

Can You Still Order Ahead at Starbucks?

For pickup orders, the app guides you through the order-in process and lets you pay using Apple and Google Pay.

If you order a drink from the Starbucks app you can also pay for your order. You can leave the store immediately with your order or pick it up when you get to the store.

However, the option to order in advance has been removed from Starbucks but will be available at a limited time.

Why Are Some Starbucks’ Not Doing Mobile Orders?

Starbucks is currently experiencing long lines during the hours that it is open every day and it is hard to find an employee to serve customers in order to complete the orders.

Starbucks is using their tech tools to ensure that they are making the correct decisions in regards to what services it is offering.

Other customers are also choosing to utilize mobile ordering. So, order ahead might not be available due to the influx of orders.

How Can I Pick up My Starbucks If I Order Ahead?

You can either use the My Starbucks mobile app to pick up the order, or you can scan the Starbucks mobile barcode (which is located at the bottom of your order) on the drive-thru window.

For example, you can use the mobile app to place the order, and then pick it up on your way to work.

For example, when you decide to order via the cash pick-up window, you are provided a slip that you choose to place in the drop box at the checkout window instead.

Can I Order Ahead Through the Starbucks Website?

You can order ahead of time through the web site just like you can the mobile app, pay for your order, and choose how you want to pick up your order.

You can choose to have the order ready in the store, through the drive-thru, or curbside pickup, and you’ll get an estimate on the time your order will be ready.

However, the store may not be open or is likely closed. You could also receive the message that the store is closed, but not all of the food items that are normally available are on the shelves.

It may take longer than usual to serve orders, and if you’re ordering right before the dinner times you’ll need to pay close attention to get the items you need at the right time.

Can You Use Starbucks Order Ahead at the Airport?

Starbucks has finally made the move towards mobile ordering available at all of its U.S. airports. The feature is available at the airport at New York, LaGuardia and Newark.

Now that you have Starbucks on your phone (or tablet) you can also add your Starbucks purchases to your Starbucks account. You can then use your Starbucks Card or account to buy drinks at any Starbucks location.

Does the Starbucks App Say When the Order Is Ready?

The Starbucks App will tell you how long your order will take, which could be a long wait time if you place your order during rush hour.

You also have the option to opt-in for push notifications, so that you will receive a push notification whenever your order is ready at the store.

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Order ahead isn’t available because your local store may not be open for business or may only accept mobile ordering.

Starbucks stores may be busy with in-store customers and will be too busy to handle mobile orders during peak hours.

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