Why Is My Hot Water Cloudy?

Does your tap pour out cloudy, hot water? White or milky-colored tap water usually comes due to the presence of excess air inside the pipelines. Under high water pressure, that air is generally absorbed by the water.

However, small gas bubbles start to form when the pressure drops during water withdrawal. They turn the color of the water from transparent to milky-white.

The good thing is that the cloudy water caused by air is harmless. Mostly, it disappears on its own after a short while when the air has escaped again.

Other than the water pressure, various other causes are responsible for the hot cloudy water rushing from your faucet. Today’s blog will talk about a few of those causes.

In addition, we’ll also learn how to fix this issue. So without making you wait any longer, let’s start with our first topic.

Causes of Hot cloudy water

When it comes to why hot cloudy water is coming out from your tap, there are many reasons. To keep things simple, we have already shortlisted the primary causes.

Here’s the list of causes:

Air Dissolved in Tap Water

If your tap water is white when it drains and becomes transparent again once in a container, it means that the air it contained gave it that cloudy look. This phenomenon is often observed in winter since the air dissolves in the water at low temperatures.

The solution is simply to wait a few seconds after pouring the water into a container to see the water clear up.

Jet Breaker

The presence of a jet breaker can also be the cause of this phenomenon. A jet breaker is a tip that is screwed to a faucet to attenuate the power of the jet and save water.

As a result, by simple aeration of the water, it flows less while maintaining a sufficiently powerful flow. If you find that the water remains whitish even after being put in a container, try cleaning the jet breaker.  

Hard Water 

When your water is hard (or calcareous), it can make tap water look slightly cloudy. Such water contains small minerals in large quantities, giving the water an unengaging appearance.

Also, if the water is cloudy more markedly, this is due to the precipitation of minerals (calcium and magnesium) when the water temperature is high.

High TSS Concentration

Another common cause of cloudy tap water is the TDS, which refers to Total Suspended Solids. These are extremely tiny solids suspended in the water. Suspended means these particles never settle at the bottom. 

Here are some of these tiny solids that might be present inside your cloudy tap water – Algae, Manganese, Iron, Clay, Sediment, and silt. When levels of these particles increase, it results in cloudy or white tap water. Here are some signs of high TSS levels – 

  • Water gets clear after passing through your water filter
  • There has been a drilling activity or construction recetenyl near the municipal water supply

If you find the presence of these signs, then TSS is indeed the reason behind the cloudy tap water. However, another common question many people ask is – is it healthy to drink cloudy water caused by TSS?

Unusual cloudiness due to TSS can result in the growth of bacteria. Therefore, it’s not ideal to drink TSS-concentrated water.

Enough for the causes; now it’s time to understand how to resolve the issue. Keep reading to discover the ways to purify your cloudy tap water. It’s an important topic of the blog so read it carefully.

Treatment For Cloudy Tap Water

Many of us drink tap water daily. It becomes a big issue when the tap starts pouring out white or cloudy water. You don’t have to deal with the same issue anymore.

Below we have shared some of the effective treatments to cure this issue:

Portable Filters

They have found their place in many kitchens. Portable filters have been a great success in recent years. It filters the water by removing microparticles that are in the water. The smaller the pores of these filters, the more elements will be retained. 

Ceramic Beads

Ceramic beads are composed of pure clay enriched with different active microorganisms. Their role is to clean the water by limiting chlorine and limescale. To filter a liter of water, you have to dip 15 pearls in a decanter or a glass bottle for about thirty minutes. 

These have the advantage of being reusable for life and require no maintenance. They can be easily spotted in organic stores and online. Besides, ceramic beads will help you make your cloudy water clean and clear. 

Moringa Seeds

Moringa seeds have antibacterial properties and eliminate 99% of bacteria. According to various studies, negatively charged mineral molecules in water are attracted to these seeds. To use them, mix 50 g of Moringa seed powder in a glass bottle and leave on for 30 minutes, mixing occasionally. 

Once done, filter the water using a thin cloth to remove residue from the seeds. These are easily available on the Internet or in organic stores. They are really effective, and you should definitely consider using them.

Activated Carbon Sticks

Activated charcoal is a natural and vegetable purifier. Its absorbent properties are recognized. It is also recommended to sip on water with powdered activated charcoal for a child who has consumed household products, for example, in order to cleanse his body. 

Activated carbon absorbs harmful particles and releases minerals that are essential for good health. One stick is enough to purify 1L water in just a few hours. It’s an economic solution and worth trying.

Final Words

Cloudy tap water is a hazardous issue; however, it’s treatable. Follow the treatments we’ve shared with you to get rid of this issue easily. 

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