Why Is My Car Smoking?

If you’re passionate about cars and driving, you’re probably very much acquainted with various car-related problems. Smoke emerging out of the engine is definitely one of them. If your car is smoking, it could be indicative of the fact that your car is in very serious trouble.

Every car has certain specifications and features, making each of them different from the other. Similarly, even the engines of every car are different and specific to that car’s specifications. 

Let us get down to the most important question: Why is your car smoking? This blog is dedicated to answering that specific question and helping you figure out everything you need to know when your engine is in trouble.

Smoking of the engine can occur due to a variety of reasons, including numerous problems related to the engine.

If there are fumes emerging out of your car, it is time you should take it to a car mechanic.

Reasons Behind Engine Smoke

If smoke emerges from the bonnet of a car, there is a huge possibility of a probable oil spill around the engine. In some cases, motor oil from the engine may leak to the outer surface of the engine through an exhaust system or due to some damage on its surface. 

Other fluids such as transmission fluid, engine coolant, etc can also produce fumes of a similar kind. These fumes can be considered harmless in most cases.

However, if smoke is emerging out of your car’s tailpipe or from beneath the hood of your bonnet, it might indicate burnt electrical wires or defective pistons that might require a mechanic’s attention.

Different Colors of Smoke and What They Mean

White Fumes 

If there is an emission of white fumes, especially from the tailpipe of a car, it might be indicative of a burning part within the engine’s combustion chamber or a defective gasket located within the bonnet of the engine. Here are some of the possible reasons why you can see white smokes emerging out of your car.

  • Damage In the Coolant/ Radiator Hose

If your car has gone for a considerable span of time without any proper servicing or detailing, there can be a chance that the radiator hose in your car has collapsed or become defective. 

This problem will be easily identified once you open the bonnet of your car. If you suspect or locate a defect in the coolant or radiator hose in your car, immediately take it to a mechanic as replacing such parts need professional attention.

  • A Crack In The Engine Block

Engine blocks are crucial components that hold tiny, sophisticated parts of an engine together to make it robust and rigid.

When the temperature outside is extremely low, it can freeze the coolant present inside the engine, causing these blocks to expand. These blocks expand in tiny amounts, leading to small cracks.

If you notice engine cracks in small amounts, you can easily fix them yourself using an engine block sealer. However, if grave cracks and defects have been identified, take it to a professional in order to get an expert detailing.

Black Fumes

If black fumes have been emerging out of the bonnet of your car, it might point towards a grave engine defect. Black fumes are created when way too much fuel is being burnt in some parts of your car. If you can notice black fumes emerging out of the bonnet of your car, these are the possible reasons behind it!

  • Defective Fuel Injector

A fuel injector is a device that incorporates a high-pressure mechanism to directly send fuel into the engine. Sometimes, due to the wear and tear of the mechanical parts of the engine, these fuel injectors might break or crack, leading to an oil spill.

When this fuel comes in touch with a hot surface, it burns, leading to the formation of black smoke.

Replacing the fuel injector requires the expertise of a professional. If you have pinpointed a defective fuel injector, take your car to a mechanic without delay.

  • Damaged Fuel Pressure Regulator

Just like a fuel injector, even a fuel pressure regulator helps to regulate the pressure of the fuel that is being injected into your engine.

A fuel pressure injector can be present either outside the engine space or inside it. If it is located outside, it can save you the expense of visiting a mechanic.

  • Improper Ignition Timing

In order to maintain a healthy ignition cycle, there needs to be a proper timing when the combustion occurs. In some cases, the ignition timing does not match with the rest of the mechanisms inside the engine.

This might cause the car to burn excessive amounts of fuel, causing black smoke to originate from the hood of the car. If this situation troubles you, take your car to a mechanic immediately.

What to do if my Car Begins Smoking

If you’re driving and you suddenly notice smoke emerging from your car, stop your car to make a primary inspection of the problem. Check the engine lights, open the bonnet and look for the exact source of the smoke as well as the most possible cause behind it.

Sometimes, you might get a prior indication of an upcoming problem if the “check engine” light on your car’s dashboard is on. 

If it looks like the problem is minor and solvable, try to do it yourself. Or else, rush to the nearest mechanic.

Final Thoughts

Buying a car is not enough. You need to have the utmost dedication towards its maintenance and detailing. Continually ignoring the red flags from your car can lead you to grave problems. Imagine being stranded in the middle of nowhere, with absolutely no help around!

If you want to avoid any chances of getting in trouble, take your car to a professional and get thorough servicing done once in a couple of months. Not only does it ensure your safety, but also the longevity of your precious automobile!

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