Why Does Pre-Workout Make you Itchy?

Have you felt an intense, tingly sensation radiating all over your body after drinking your favorite pre-workout?

The struggle is real! The itchy feeling after pre-workouts is a sure mood killer. It is totally understandable that the most logical thing for you to do right now is to figure out why this might be happening to you. 

In fact, Itchiness and tingling skin are something that a lot of people using pre-workout products suffer from.

Now, if you are someone that consumes pre-workout products then it is time for you to reconsider that or probably pay close attention to the ingredient list of your pre-workout products.

In most cases, the tingling or the itching of your body can be completely harmless. However, there can be certain situations where this constant itchiness is deep-rooted and indicative of a serious disease!

In case your product contains certain amounts of these ingredients, there is a high chance that these ingredients have been triggering the itchiness!

If your discomfort exceeds your tolerance, make a note to stop using pre-workout products or switch to a pre-workout product that doesn’t contain beta-alanine or niacin!

Why Does Pre-Workout Make You Itchy?

Itchiness on the skin after a pre-workout session can be caused by two ingredients, namely Niacin and Beta-Alanine.

What are Pre-Workout Products?

Most people prefer drinking an energy drink before an intense workout session. These pre-workout supplements, which come in the form of pills or powder, contain a unique amalgamation of all the nutrients that your body requires right before a physically straining and challenging session.

These pre-workout supplements contain a unique balance of vitamin B12 which provides energy, creatine which helps to build up muscle strength and tonicity, as well as a variety of amino acids that boosts the body and help to improve performance as well as concentration skills.

Consuming pre-workout products in small amounts can help your body get prepared for a great workout.

Why do Beta-Alanine and Niacin Cause Itching?

Just like all other components present in a workout product, beta-alanine and niacin are two such components. Although you wouldn’t find them in all products available in the market, most of them might contain these two components in small amounts.

There have been several types of research that point in the direction of beta-alanine and niacin when it comes to triggering itchiness after a pre-workout session. Read on, to understand why!


Beta-alanine is considered a non-essential amino acid that is naturally made in the human body. Medical research suggests that Beta-alanine mixes with histidine for the synthesis of muscle carnosine.

This helps the maximization of muscle performance and minimizes muscle fatigue. However, along with increasing muscle performance, it also contributes to balancing the pH of your muscles.

It is unknown as to why beta-alanine causes itchiness or tingling but studies reveal that it might have to do with the neurons present on the surface of the skin. 

Upon interaction with beta-alanine, the sensory neurons present right below the skin trigger a reaction that sends an itching or tingling feeling to the brain. It has been revealed that this reaction mechanism is generated by the peripheral nervous system.

In case you are wondering, beta-alanine is not harmful to your body. However, it has this minute adverse reaction on the human body for some unprecedented reason.


Niacin is also known as vitamin B3. This class of vitamin is used for the treatment of elevated cholesterol levels. It is mostly found in animal-based proteins like liver, chicken, tuna, and turkey. It is also evident that adult human consumes enough niacin in their day-to-day life. 

However, if the daily intake of niacin rises far above the body’s intake capacity, it causes itchy skin. Other symptoms include redness of the face and neck.

If your pre-workout blends have a higher percentage of niacin in them, you might experience itchiness similar to the feeling of pins and needles scratching over your skin. This would indicate that you have reached your maximum limit of niacin.

What Can You do to Relieve Your Pre-Workout Skin Tingling?

The tingling sensation that you feel might not always be triggered due to supplements. Sometimes, dust allergies, fluctuations in temperature, and other factors might trigger the itchy, tingly and uncomfortable feeling under your skin.

If the duration of the sensation isn’t that long you may continue with your pre-workout products without any worries. In most cases, the ingredients are mostly not harmful.

However, if the feeling of uneasiness continues to bother you, take an active step towards limiting the intake of any such products that contain traces of beta-alanine or niacin. 

You can take a break from your supplements to regulate the levels of these hormones in your body or you may discontinue using the product and find a different alternative.

What Other Supplements Can You Consume Instead?

If you are prone to allergies and itchiness, you must try to avoid products that contain even trace amounts of beta-alanine and niacin. Instead, you can consume supplements that are rich in other components such as-

  • Creatinine
  • Caffeine
  • Citrulline
  • Sodium Bicarbonate
  • BCAAs
  • Nitrates

Such components will promote your muscle growth and help build up performance and stamina for your workout without any adverse effects on your body.

Final Words

The human body is very unique and highly complicated. Everybody can react in their own ways and might be triggered by a variety of components.

It is important that we understand our own body, its trigger factors, and the things we should avoid in order to be healthy and comfortable.

In this blog, we walked you through the components that can trigger itchiness and a tingly sensation all over your body after a successful pre-workout session. 

Keeping distance from components that induces a tingly feeling is the ultimate key to a great workout session without any unprecedented hindrances.

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