Why Do I Have a Double Chin Even When I am Skinny?

Some surveys have shown that roughly 47% of adults nowadays are rattled by fat under their chin.No one wants a double chin.

It not only makes a beautiful face look unappealing but also affects confidence. Someone has rightly said that – with beauty comes confidence. 

In most people, the primary cause of double chin is high body fat levels. Individuals can reduce their weight, which will automatically fade their double chin. However, it’s not like only fat individuals have a double chin.

Many skinny people have a double chin. For them, decreasing bodyweight won’t be an effective technique to remove their double chin. Do you often interrogate yourself, ‘why do I have a double chin when I’m skinny?’

If yes, then this is your lucky day. Today’s blog will help you understand various tactics to remove a double chin. But before that, let’s learn what causes this body condition. Here we go!

Causes of Double Chin in Skinny People

While double chin is caused by high body fat, there’s no reason skinny people get a double chin. The list of causes is quite long. A few of them includes:

Skinny Fat

If you are skinny, it doesn’t mean you have less body fat. In fact, you can have low muscle mass and can still get a double chin. It’s because a double chin is directly proportional to body fats, less on weight.

That’s why people who are skinny and have a double chin should not follow a weight-loss workout. Instead, a fat-burning workout and healthy diet can be effective for such individuals. It’ll help them burn fat while maintaining healthy body weight. Try it yourself!


Age is an essential factor for double chin. With aging, human skin loses elasticity and collagen. This loss results in slow sagging of our jaw, leading to the collection of skin hanging under the chin. 

With time, it converts into a double chin which will look dreadful on your face. Surprisingly, it’s not due to body fat but an increase in skin draping. In addition, aging also slows down the metabolism, which leads to unwanted weight and fat gain, causing a double chin. 

Poor Posture

Your neck and jaw contain a number of muscles. They are responsible for maintaining the skin’s elasticity on your face and cheeks. Lack of exercise and poor posture make these muscles frail. 

When they get weak, skin starts collecting below your jaw. It looks like your face got an additional chin. That double chin can ruin your overall appearance, which you worked so hard to achieve.

By now, we have covered all the major causes of a double chin. If you are skinny and have a double chin, you know the reason very well. Enough about causes; it’s time to learn effective treatments for this condition. 

How to Get Rid of Double Chin

For people with high body weight, reducing extra fat and weight will remove a double chin. On the other hand, for individuals with low/medium body weight, there are different methods to cure this condition. Here are some of them you can try. 

Perform Exercises Targeting Double Chin Specifically

How do you make your biceps look bigger and better? Well, by performing exercises that target your biceps. You have to do the same in case of a double chin. 

You should daily perform exercises that target your neck and jaw muscles. It will tighten the skin present under your lower jaw. Eventually, your double chin will fade naturally. 

Are you aware of which exercises you need to perform daily? Don’t worry; we got you covered. Here are a few exercises for your double chin that need to be performed 10-15 times a day. 

Pucker Up

To perform pucker up, you need to first sit straight. Then tilt your head back and focus your sight on the ceiling. After that, pucker your lips into a kissing position, stretching up your chin. Hold this position for approx 10 seconds, then release.

Tongue Stretch

Stand straight while focusing your eyes straight forward. Open your mouth and push the tongue, and try to touch your nose. Hold the position for at least 10-15 seconds and then release. 

Straight Jaw Jut

Sit straight on a plain surface and then tilt your head back while keeping your eyes focused upward. Then slowly stretch your lower jaw by pushing it forward. Hold the same position for about 12 seconds. When it’s time, relax your jaw and straighten your head. 

Diet Plan to Treat Double Chin

Healthy body weight with limited fat presence comes with exercise and a proper diet. We have already shared the exercises to reduce fat under your chin. Now comes the diet part – what and how much to eat to avoid getting a double chin. 

The first thing anyone suffering from a double chin does to remove it is – shifting to a calorie deficit diet. For skinny people with a double chin, it’s not an ideal approach. However, it’s important to limit the consumption of fried foods, processed foods, and drinks with too much sugar. 

Such food contributes to the collection of fat around your neck. In addition to limiting the consumption of these food items, there are some health-conscious food standards you need to maintain. They are as follows. 

  • Eat more fruits and vegetables. Take at least 4-5 servings every day
  • Instead of refined grains, shift your meals to whole grains
  • Try eating lean meats like poultry and fish
  • For snacks, rather than eating processed food items, go with fruits.
  • Consume healthy fats such as avocados, olive oils, nuts, etc. instead of saturated fat

Of course, don’t forget to take care of your consumption limits. Even a healthy diet can have negative outcomes if eaten more than the daily requirement. So make sure to practice portion control when preparing your plate. It will help you avoid eating more than what your body needs.

Final Words

Double chin is awful; however, it’s curable. A double chin can be easily removed with the right exercises and a proper diet. So are you ready to make the vile fat under your chin go away? 

Also, let this blog reach your friends and acquaintances suffering from the same condition. Share the blog now!

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