Why Is Fedex So Bad? (11 Reasons Why Customers Are Fed Up)

In this case, the context is to describe how a courier or delivery service works. I think these are all appropriate because they have a clear-cut relationship to the business.

FedEx is the largest courier service in the world and has been in the business for over 100 years. But as many of us know, FedEx has been having an extremely rough year. Not only are they dealing with growing package volumes, but they also face increasing challenges from package hackers and other criminals.

Why Is FedEx So Bad In 2022?

FedEx customers notice that it takes a long time to update tracking information and that delays in deliveries often end up increasing the cost of the delivery. Furthermore, FedEx customer service often responds to complaints with excuses and non-comprehensive answers.

After a lot of research and a lot of work, we decided to bring you the 11 reasons why FedEx is so bad. If you want more useful facts, just check out all of them!

1. The Tracking Information Is Slow to Update

FedEx’s customer service is very poor and the tracking information should be taken with a grain of salt.

I was also a bit upset about the waiting time. There were several orders that I had placed that were shipped on the same day and yet I was on hold for a long time for shipping information.

Other customers have complained about a huge delay in the delivery process.

After reviewing a recent delivery tracking report from a customer, we discovered that FedEx delivered the package to the wrong address.

2. Packages Are Left in Bad Locations

When you ship a package, make sure you leave it somewhere that it won’t get damaged, like on a porch or inside a mailbox. This will save you the hassle of getting it back.

FedEx drivers would drop packages all over the driveway or side of the house rather than going into the front porch.

I’m not sure I get what the original quote means though.

A FedEx customer shared an experience similar to mine: a neighbor who would regularly leave large packages on her doorstep, rather than in a corner of her front lawn.

FedEx’s delivery drivers were not careful when delivering packages to customers. This led to the packages being vulnerable to damage and theft.

3. Drivers Lie About Attempted Delivery Attempts

FedEx is known for delivering packages in a timely matter, but they also are known for delivering packages on to people’s lawns and in bushes and on the ground.

And if you don’t think this is a problem, you’re not paying attention! There must be some problem with FedEx’s shipment of packages, because I just found out that a friend of mine had a “package” delivered to his house yesterday. He went outside to his car to find a box with an odd shape, and a FedEx sticker on the box. He looked at the address and it said “DELIVER TO THE RESIDENTS ONLY”.

FedEx would leave a slip telling you that the package was delivered and that the person was home, and you should check to make sure they were okay with it.

This negligence and laziness results in late deliveries, lost customer trust, and frustrated customers.

4. Weather Delays Are Common

Sure, but they happen at different times of the year. I’ve heard of a blizzard happening in January.

FedEx says that weather delays and other problems happen, so customer service will not always be able to fix things immediately.

When you get into the details of how FedEx works, you can see how the bad weather routing changes are made and why they don’t really explain how this can happen if we live on a round earth.

It’s a big team that gets to work when possible. In 2016, the company was used 814 times for the production of the TV show “The Voice”.

FedEx uses weather delays a lot so it seems odd that the company invests in weather resistance systems.

5. Packages Arrive Damaged

We noticed that some of the FedEx drivers have the bad habit of leaving packages exposed to the elements on their way to the customers.

It’s a fact that any package that has been exposed to the elements is likely to get ruined.

That’s true. Package damage can sometimes occur due to exposure to moisture. It’s a good idea for the consumer to learn about the specific nature of the item that they are buying.

The issue is that people have recorded FedEx drivers throwing and dropping packages. It is understandable that this leads to ripped package and damaged items.

6. Packages Arrive Late

They might have an 85 percent on-time delivery record, but it still means they are missing 15 percent of their shipments.

Although USPS is well above average in regards to on-time deliveries, USPS was only able to achieve this performance percentage due to the company’s high rates of late deliveries. It is apparent that this large volume of late deliveries is the primary reason for the difference between a 92% and 83% percent performance.

Not only can FedEx’s deliveries be delayed, but some packages will be delivered
as damaged goods. Sometimes, packages will be delivered in less than
perfect condition. Sometimes, FedEx will even return the package to the
customer for no reason.

If you find you can’t get into a game on a particular day, don’t worry. The problem is probably due to all the trolls who have nothing better to do than to come to your games and make a nuisance of themselves.

“More than 75% of packages I receive through FedEx are late” or “I can expect it [FedEx] to be delayed almost 100% of the time these days.”

Examples in which a paraphrase has some additional information or details added to the paraphrase.

7. Services Are Expensive

It’s great that FedEx is a low cost provider of services. But that doesn’t mean that customers will be happy paying for the cheap service.

A lot of people got upset because of the fuel surcharge fee for the future and the price hike for the FedEx Ground services.

This is a sign that FedEx is charging more for less-than-exemplary service and that this trend will likely continue.

8. FedEx Uses Subcontractors

FedEx had a big problem with its Ground service because it uses entirely subcontractors and its management is all about the company.

Drivers can then pick up packages at home or at local FedEx stations.

FedEx’s customer satisfaction is often extremely low; the company is known for very poor customer service and for not following through on its promises.

And this is one of the reasons why FedEx has lost customers.

9. FedEx Doesn’t Deliver Everywhere

When it comes to rural areas, customers often have this problem.

FedEx can deliver to any address it chooses. If it chooses not to, then it is not required to make delivery. It is not required to provide service to its customers. As there is no contract between the parties, it is subject to no liabilities. This is the nature of a contract. It is an agreement between 2 or more parties.

While FedEx Ground Economy is convenient, it is still relatively expensive at $5.49, compared to Ground ($3.45) or 2nd Day ($2.19). Additionally, FedEx has begun to implement fuel surcharges for all FedEx Ground shipments over a certain size.

This is actually slower than other FedEx offerings because of the slower delivery times associated with the slower USPS delivery systems.

10. FedEx Loses Packages

The customer is never really sure whether the delivery process works, but he/she is sure of the delivery of the package.

The package is very important because it contains the key to the door.

FedEx usually doesn’t follow its policy. It’s always up to the customer to dispute a package. When the customer does it, they just end up with the money they originally paid for the package refunded back into their wallet.

11. Customer Service Is Unhelpful

It would be better if they had customer service people that actually knew what they’re talking about.

It seems that some customers aren’t able to speak to a representative but instead are told to submit a ticket and wait for a response.

To learn more, you can read our other posts on which is FedEx’s most expensive, which FedEx is the fastest, and why is FedEx so slow.


FedEx is one of the biggest companies in the world, and the problems they have had in the past are very concerning. They are not the only company that has some bad rep; Amazon also has these same problems.

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