Why Are Republican States Poor? Answered In-Detail

When looking at some of the United States of America states, you’ll observe one common thing. Some states have the best living standard. Here, you’ll observe a flashy lifestyle, wealthy living standard.

And, in some states, you’ll see people living in poverty. What’s worse about these states is that the education level is lower as well. That’s not a pleasant sight, is it?

But, a weird thing that we’ve noticed is that the Republican states have been poor for quite some time.

That brings us to this question — why are republican states poor?

Well, the main reason for these states being poor is that poor people vote Republicans. Simple as that! But, there’s more in this article.

So, let’s head on with it:

Why Are Republican States Poor?

Before answering, it’s worth reminding that in the USA, people vote Republican and Democrats. 

Generally, the “red” states remain poor enough all the time. And the “blue” states remain richer. Well, we aren’t exaggerating on this factor. It has been continuing throughout history. 

There could be a lot of factors that make the red states poor. That said, the lifestyle of the republican states doesn’t make them poor. So, let’s get that out of the way, firstly! 

As a matter of fact, based on the consumption pattern, the red states are the richest. And, compared to that, the blue states are actually poor. Added to that, the lifestyle of the red states is no amount less lavish than the blue ones. 

But does that mean the lavish consumption and lifestyle cause the red states of being poor? Certainly not! That’s not the thing that makes them poor. 

So, let’s take a look at some deciding factors that make the red states poor:

Economic Factor

Blue states like New York and California have their economies turned on Finance. Also, trade is a much more important factor here. These factors cause these blue states to be richer than red states.

But, there are red states like Utah, Texas, and Georgia. These states ensure the job offer to a higher standard of people. Thus, people are able to bear the cost of their houses.

Besides, the economic disparity and factor was the leading cause why the electoral map became so red. In the midterm elections, this was the leading cause of higher red states.

On the other hand, the red states have their economy based on the extraction of energy. Also, suburban sprawl and agriculture are common in these states.

Here, the people may experience lower wages. But, the residents do get an advantage. And, what is that?

Well, the cost of living is a bit lower in the red states as well. So, the residents get to live quite well. This brings us to the point that the people in red states have a higher consumption rate too.

A live example would be it’ll be easier for you to purchase a house with lawns in red states. Compared to that, you’ll have a hard time buying a solid property in the blue states.

In fact, the housing costs could be at least twice the price in the blue states than in the red states. So, it’s a win for the residents in the red states.

Higher Poverty & Lower Education Level

Even though red states have a decent job offering, there is poverty here. Well, it’s a no-brainer, right? I mean, that’s the topic of the article! But, the fact is – the red states have a higher sense of poverty.

But, they have lower education levels as well. These two factors combine to become a serious problem for the residents. When compared to the blue states, the red state officials experience lower wages as well.

And, that could be a problem for many!

Consumption Level

We’ve discussed a bit about this factor, haven’t we? So, let’s look at the full picture! At the end of the day, what matters in life is the level of consumption!

Even though people don’t openly talk about it, consumption inequality is real. And, it’s around you all!

You see, the way income works are that you’ll get to spend it one way or another. And, the income makes it easier for you to consume, right?

As the red states like to consume more than the blue ones, they tend to overspend on stuff. This overspending of resources makes the red states poorer than the blue ones (in some cases).

3 Reasons Why Poor People Favor The Republicans

By now, we’ve observed the living standard of the red state people. Moreover, we’ve even looked at their lifestyle and their consumption level. But, the question is – do the poor actually favor the republicans?

Well, a lot of factors come into consideration here. So, let’s take a look at them:

White Racism

The former USA president, Donald Trump, has appealed to the white racists. Here, the attack on the immigrants by taking away jobs is what caused the appeal.

Even then, Republican candidates were voted in when attacks were carried out on the Hispanic immigrants. This is the perfect example of white racism.

Nationalism & Religion

Standard of living does have an impact on the person’s life. It’s fair to say that people perceive a lower standard of living to be connected with a hostile world. In the case of the United States of America, China’s power was a problem.

Here, China actually cut down the market competition of the USA. By employing jobs and creating affordable products, China destroyed USA markets.

So, the problem arose, and a clash occurred between the Chinese and the US government. And the Republicans took full advantage of this problem.

However, out of all the other parties, Republicans hold power in the Religious Department. Here, the party possesses religious beliefs and family practices.

It even follows conservative family practices along with traditional ones. So, many people in the USA might appeal to these traditions.

On top of that, the immigrants are generally Catholics. So, they don’t support the liberal approach to any sexual behavior.

As a result, they rush to the Republican party. By providing votes and supporting this party, they provide their support for traditional marriages. Furthermore, they even support the ancient traditions and family policies as well.

Coastal Elite

Hilary Clinton, in 2016 was called out for being an aloof elitist. On top of that, some of the remarks made people believe this! She even called out some of the people on the other side “deplorable.”

As a result, many people took her for being an aloof elitist. That didn’t help her at all.

Besides, there have been differences in the economy in California and New York. Also, the concentration wealth difference is noticeable as well.

Then again, there are poor people working in this part of the country.

Why Do Poor People Choose Red States?

People have a lower income in the Republican states. Even though the job offering is quite high in the red states, the wages just aren’t that much.

In fact, the average wage is less as well in this place. But that said, the cost of living is lower as well. This makes the residents living in the red state live well.

So, they don’t really have a problem living in the red states at all. But, that said, blue states offer higher wages and have a higher standard of living.

The main reason why people with lower income choose red states is the lower cost of living. Here, the lower-income doesn’t pose a problem at all.

In fact, the lower prices of the commodities and places in the red state make it livable. Even they have a higher rate of consumption. So, the poor people prefer the red states.

On the other hand, the rich don’t care much, They only care about the living standard. As consumption standards don’t matter to the rich, they’re going to the blue states only.

What Are The Poorest States In The USA?

If you notice correctly, the poorest states in The USA are Red states. Here’s a list :

  • New Hampshire
  • Utah
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey

Final Words

Well, it’s been a pleasure writing to you! Trust me — it took us days to gather all the information in one piece.

But we’re happy that you’ve stuck until this point. So, you’ll know the answer to why are Republican states poor. In the end, the red states do have a higher poverty rate.

That said, they have a better consumption rate due to the lower cost of living. So, residents have no problem living there.

On that note, we’ll take your leave! Take care!

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