When Does Ross Restock? (What To Know!)

Ross Dress for Less is a leading US discount department store. They have large stock of every item and offer a broad range of goods at a significant discount on major brands.

Ross stores in the US have modified their stocking policies since the pandemic. This has helped to reduce supply chain problems. Many Ross stores now stock their inventory up to five times per week.

Continue reading for details on the best days to shop Ross and how to access up-to-date information on their goods inventory.

When does Ross stock up?

Five days a week are the norm for most Ross stores in the US. The shipments arrive Monday through Friday. Some stores receive shipments on Saturdays. The majority of shipments arrive in the morning but may be delayed up to the afternoon.

Ross stores used to stock up on supplies three to four times per week before the pandemic. To address supply chain problems caused by travel restrictions and lockdowns throughout 2020 and 2021, the shipment days and restocking policies were modified.

Each store may have different policies regarding stocking. Remoter locations with less traffic will not need to stock as often and may receive shipments 2-3 times per week.

These stores have restock days on Tuesday and Friday. However, this can vary from store to store.

What is the Best Day to Shop at Ross

Ross stores stock items five to six days per week so there’s no best day to shop at Ross. They receive shipments throughout week and replenish the stock by afternoon.

Ross stores are less likely to receive weekend shipments so it’s best to shop between Monday and Friday. To give employees the time to replenish items from the morning’s shipment, it is important to shop at Ross in the afternoon.

Different departments get marked down at different times. Although these times may vary from week to week, each department is typically given a markdown around once per month. The best way to get the right information is to ask a sales associate.

Ross’s Every Tuesday Club is available to anyone 55 or older. You can sign up at the Ross customer service desk for this club. Ross Dress for Less offers discounts for 55-year-olds every Tuesday to members of the Club.

Ross Dress for Less also holds a massive clearance sale every January. Ross stores will lower their prices to clear out their stock for the next year. This is a great time to check out Ross stores if you are looking for the best deals for the new year.

Can You Check Ross Inventory?

Ross Dress for Less doesn’t have an online listing. Customers will need to call the store in order to find specific items. Ross stores don’t have SKU lookups, so employees will need to physically inspect the store to verify inventory.

To reduce stress and time spent trying to find what you need over the telephone, it is a good idea to know exactly what you want before calling. Ross’s inventory is constantly changing so there is no online catalogue that can be used to check the availability of goods.

You can also check their mailing list to keep up to date on Ross Dress for Less stock. To receive email updates about new inventory and deals, customers can sign up. To get the best deals in your area, you can add your zip code and email to register.

It is a good idea to call multiple stores ahead of time to check if they have more stock. You will have greater success shopping at multiple Ross Dress for Less locations if you live close to them.


Ross Dress for Less is a popular online store for those who want to find the best prices on a variety of goods. Ross Dress for Less offers great discounts on a variety of goods if you know when to shop.

You can often find incredible discounts on items that are defective, undersold, or otherwise irregular. It’s best to call ahead in most cases to confirm that they have the item you need. Also, check different locations to find the best stock and deals.

You can reach us in the comments section if you have any concerns or questions.

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