What Is Amazon Business Prime? (perks, Price, Inclusions + More)

In a recent article “Amazon is coming for your business,” it was found that Amazon was creating a new program called Amazon Business Prime. This is an opportunity for businesses to purchase supplies and equipment on a monthly basis, which is a great way to save money. Companies can also purchase products at a discount compared to other companies.

If you’re a business owner looking to gain benefits and advantages for your commercial shopping on Amazon, you may be wondering “what is Amazon Business Prime, and how does it work?” Here I’ve summarized all the information I have about it, so you can make an informed decision.

What Is Amazon Business Prime In 2022?

Amazon Business Prime offers several benefits such as free shipping for Amazon items, various discounts and extended payment methods. Amazon Business Prime also offers free access to several Amazon services and benefits such as Amazon WorkDocs and Amazon Photos.

If you are planning to start your own business, check out the pros and cons of the membership fees of Amazon Business Prime. If you want to know more, keep on reading.

Is Amazon Business Prime Free?

you are able to try out the business Prime membership for 30 days without having to pay anything.

Users can use the free plan to get a taste of the functionality before they decide to subscribe.

At the end of the day the difference is that if you subscribe to Business Prime you will also benefit from Business Pro’s features.

How Much Does Amazon Business Prime Cost?

Business Prime differs based on the number of users. It starts at $69 per year for a Business Prime Duo membership with a single user.

The second type is a Business Prime subscription. This actually requires no personal Prime account and costs a monthly (or a yearly) fee of $59 per month or $698 per year.

Instead of paying for the regular version of Microsoft Teams (at $119), you could get an annual Business Prime subscription and get a maximum of three users. You could set it up so just your employees could use it, or limit it to salespeople and have your customer service, marketing, and admin folks be limited to regular Microsoft Teams.

It becomes $499 per user per year if the cap is 10 users or $1,299 per user if the cap is 100 users.

This is an additional expense you can have if you want to add more users to your account.

What Are The Benefits Of Amazon Business Prime?

Subscriber members also receive the Amazon Prime Video Streaming service, free two day shipping on most items, unlimited photo storage, Prime music, Prime Now, and other benefits.

For example, members can get complimentary free shipping on all purchases over $50 or free items.

I’ve included some of the most noteworthy features that I found when I first subscribed to Amazon Business Prime.

Quickly see how your site’s visitor’s like your site by placing a feedback form on your site.

The members have access to immediate customer feedback via instant surveys, e-mail, apps, and websites.

The prices of individual health insurance plans are going to change after July 1.
You bought the plan when it was sold for $0. You are now going to have to pay $449 a month.

It is possible to offer Progressive Discounts to your customers.

Prime members get special discounts on purchases, as a company orders more units in 12-months. Prime members should get discounts, as they have more than 25,000 points or 25 GB of online storage.

These are volume discounts and don’t require you to buy a large number of items at one time.

A good portion of your purchases are likely a one-time event. So you’re probably only going to see any discounts for a limited amount of time before Amazon changes its mind.

“We don’t really have the time to do
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something that is already here.
We’re not being paid to build something from the ground up.
We’re being paid to do something that’s already built.

Some members get extra time to pay for their orders. This helps them to optimize their cash flow in the short term. In the long term, it might enable them to build up a more reliable cash reserve.

While Amazon Business customers can pay their items with 30 days, Amazon Business Prime adds 60 days to the time period.

The eligibility is affected by your firm’s credit history and the number of users that will be added to your account.


Control on your spending has become easier because your expenses are all on the web!

A commercial membership allows you to see what you spend, so you can take better decisions and make better spending choices.

It lets the staff of your Amazon business order certain types of products and can add restrictions to the products so they cannot be ordered, like only ordering from the specific product category or Amazon Business Prime members.

These features allow you to keep track of your expenses more easily, which will help you prevent excessive spending.

If you want access to Amazon WorkDocs, you need to be a user of Amazon WorkSpace, which is a free service.

The Prime benefit includes online software called Amazon WorkDocs, which stores files in the cloud and allows you to access them from any internet-connected device.

To protect your privacy and security, we do not collect Personally Identifiable Information such as names, phone numbers, or e-mail addresses, even if we have to disclose that information to comply with the law, a court order, or other legal process.

Note that it does not include storage at all, you need to pay for that separately.

How Does Business Prime Differ From Prime?

It is a special membership that provides discounts on the same purchase over time. They reduce the cost of ordering the same item each month.

This account is also without the music and video features like a normal personal account.

The annual price of Business Prime is $60 higher and it has more capabilities than your current subscription.

How Do I Open An Amazon Prime Business Account?

If you’re not already using Amazon Business, you can make it your main business account. You’ll get access to all the same benefits, like free two-day shipping, but for small businesses. You can also add it to your existing Amazon account, which will free up your personal Amazon account. For more information about Amazon Business, visit aws.amazon.com/business.

For example, you can convert a Business account into a Standard account, or you can create a standard account from scratch.

To separate commercial from personal transactions, use the “I’m not a business” option. In this case, Amazon will still need to verify that you operate a legitimate business.

What Is The Amazon Business Prime Card?

Business Prime is the business version of the Prime service that gives you benefits like unlimited photo storage, unlimited photo sharing, and ad-free music streaming, plus other benefits.

The points on this card earn 5 percent rewards on Whole Foods orders and Amazon orders.

If you want to pay less than the minimum payment, you can also pay your balance in whole or in part using a Cash Card.

Is Amazon Business Prime Worth It?

The best choice of Amazon Business Prime depends on how you use it.

You will still have to pay the same amount for the services you use and the supplies you get. But with the Business Prime membership, your suppliers also get a discount, so they can sell you more products at a good price.

You can watch your expenses in real time for the whole month to see if you are getting any significant savings.

I do need to focus on getting free shipping from Staples for this purchase.

Some users who have considered the Business Prime membership have said that it is not more expensive than other membership programs, such as the Staples Plus membership.

Members of this program pay $30 annually to receive the best of Amazon, which is 1-day shipping, no order threshold, and a rewards program.

while business prime is for high income, the student prime is for anyone who is in college, university or any government office.

What Is An Amazon Business Account?

There are also 2 subscriptions that you can purchase on Amazon which give you unlimited access to Prime Video and Amazon Music.

The offer allows you to buy things from businesses and take advantage of the tax cut.

The government is trying to reduce the amount of goods they have to import, so that they can use the money saved to invest in other things.

Can I Claim Amazon Prime As A Business Expense?

If you are a U.S. citizen or resident you can deduct the annual cost of a subscription from your taxable income in the United States.

To be honest, it can get very complicated for a business to track the number of business accounts they open and have on file with the IRS. Business owners will also need to be extra careful to not accidentally declare personal expenses to be business expenses on their taxes and end up paying higher taxes as a result.

Can I Change My Amazon Prime Account To A Business Account?

You can add business Prime benefits to personal account or a business account. However, you have to subscribe to Business Prime Duo to get additional benefits.

I need help. I am not able to log in to the Amazon Business page. I have created new credentials. Please help me.


The issue was that you didn’t have a role enabled in your Amazon Business account.

(You will need to use the link you previously received in order to get to “Your Account”)

Click here.

How Do I Cancel Amazon Business Prime?

If you decide that this subscription isn’t right for your company, you may change your subscription at any time. Click the Business Prime logo to access your Prime account.

We hope this will answer your question.

This option will be available to cancel after the end of your monthly subscription. Once the end-of-subscription date is reached, the system will provide a window to allow you to cancel. You can also cancel your subscription at any time by clicking on the red “Cancel” button in the bottom-right corner of the desktop application.

Can I Get A Refund On My Amazon Prime Membership?

There are a few ways to get reimbursed by the program. If you have already used any of the benefits included in the program, you can apply for a refund of the amount you have already used.

As mentioned above, we also encourage you to follow the Amazon links in this section to purchase products that qualify for free shipping.

It’s easy to cancel a service with a single click, and the website shows you the amount of the refund right away.

What Is Amazon Business Prime Duo?

If you seek the benefits of a business Amazon Prime membership, consider upgrading your current Prime service to Business Prime Duo.

This account will be used by a single user, so this isn’t ideal if you have many employees.

If you want to change the pricing anytime, you can upgrade your account at a different price.

Does Amazon Business Prime Include Video And Music?

If you currently use the Amazon Business Prime service, you’ll need to contact Amazon directly to receive the services you’re accustomed to.

With the new program, you’ll get cheaper prices, a service called Instant Customer Feedback, and a better experience thanks to a few upgrades you’ll notice on your phone.

Does Amazon Prime Business Include Whole Foods?

Unfortunately, the benefits of being a member of the Whole Foods Market are not available to commercial subscribers.

However, Amazon is now offering Business Prime members two-day delivery for select products.

If you have a Business Prime DUO membership, you will still qualify for these and other personal benefits.

To get to more deals like the one above, you can also read our related articles on Amazon lightning deals, Amazon warehouse deals, and rent movies on Amazon Prime.

Conclusion: What Is Amazon Business Prime?

Amazon Business Prime gives the same benefits offered to Amazon Prime which is the commercial version of the premium membership. Some of the benefits are very similar but there are some different ones like the Lightning Deals offer.

There are also separate business-oriented features in the premium version. These include a calendar, advanced spending analysis, and other business specific features.

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