What Does Coyote Taste Like? Check It Out  

The question, “what does coyote taste like” is one of the popular questions you’ll discover about the coyote. Why? The number of people consuming this wild animal is steadily increasing as more and more people learn about its unique taste.

Coyotes are not endangered, protected species or game animals. So, you can hunt and kill coyotes without a permit. But the major drawback for many is that coyotes resemble their canine friends. Thus, eating coyotes makes them feel like they’re eating a dog.

But the most interesting part is that coyotes are edible. You can also prepare the meat to taste very nice. Now, let’s jump right into the question.

What Does Coyote Taste Like

Firstly, keep in mind that coyote meat boasts a fatty, rich taste. The taste is somewhat similar to pork and lean beef. 

This rich fatty meat has a unique taste. However, keep in mind that the taste is subjective. So, what does a coyote taste like? Well, it’s safe to say it tastes like the coyote. 

When you taste the meat yourself, you can give it a varied flavor. Someone else might taste the meat and give it another different flavor. That’s how it is. 

But one thing is for sure; coyotes sometimes boast a strong flavor. And this is often a deal-breaker for many. 

However, please note that you can only experience this strong flavor when you overcook your coyote. So it is advised that you cook it properly to experience the amazing taste. 

Do you care to learn more about coyotes and their taste? Keep reading!

Is Coyote Consumption Dangerous To Humans?

Most people doubt if the coyote is safe for consumption. And this is often because of the fear of contracting rabies. However, coyotes are safe for consumption.

Nevertheless, you need to cook your coyote properly. Why? Doing so eliminates the chances of contracting rabies. The most likely person at risk of rabies would be one who processes the raw meat.

Coming in contact with raw tissues like the salivary gland and spinal fluid can be risky. So, it’s best to be careful when dealing with coyotes.

That aside, coyote meat is edible, safe, with a spectacular taste. And, it has an even more spectacular taste when prepared professionally.

Coyotes are great with chili, spaghetti, and casserole. You can try it out with almost anything. Do not limit your creativity.

However, other factors may affect how coyotes taste. For instance, the time of the year you hunt for a coyote. And what they eat as well. These factors play major roles in how they turn out when cooked.

Usually, coyotes feed on fresh flesh during the cold months. This is the best season to hunt for them. They are known to have an exceptional taste at this time.

Hunting for them in dry months isn’t advisable. That is if you want to get the best taste of the meat. Usually, coyotes feed on rotten meat and leftovers in dry months. And this affects its flavor when cooked.

Are Coyotes Dogs Or Wolves

Most people may confuse coyotes to be dogs at first glance. Some others may say they’re wolves. However, they look more like dogs than wolves. They appear to look more like the German Shepherd dogs.

However, Coyotes are neither dogs nor wolves. But they are genetically related to wolves and domesticated dogs. And so they are canines. And they share many traits with their relatives.

Nevertheless, coyotes are quite different from their relatives. They have a narrow snout, sleek body, yellow eyes, and big fur.

Coyotes have longer legs than domesticated dogs. But, dogs have deeper chests than coyotes.

Unlike coyotes, wolves have a broad snout and large nose pads. They also have small ears, which are relative to their head size. However, both animals share similar coat colors.

Again, wolves are more dangerous than coyotes. Coyotes can be scared off with hazing. Lastly, coyotes are omnivorous, while wolves are carnivorous.

Are Coyotes Dangerous To Humans 

Coyotes live in forests, mountains, and deserts. But, these wild animals are fast becoming frequent guests in certain cities. So, it’s very likely to see a coyote around your neighborhood.

However, coyotes rarely attack people. Normally, a coyote should run when it sees a human. This is because they are prey to humans. And, unlike dogs, they do not enjoy human company.

But sometimes, that may not be the case. Most coyotes have become familiar with humans. This results from the intentional or unintentional feeding of coyotes by humans. And so, they may become aggressive towards humans.

So here’s what to do when you encounter a coyote;

Firstly, walk calmly and confidently. This may not be easy. You’re probably going to be scared. But running isn’t a wise decision at this time. You may trigger the hunter instincts in the coyote if you do so. And it may most likely chase you.

Secondly, you have got to show that you aren’t afraid. Maintain eye contact with the animal. Stand tall and wave your hands aggressively.

Thirdly, you can make use of cans, stones, or sticks to scare the coyote. If you find them around, throw them to make extra noise. Also, if you have a whistle, blow it. Coyotes are scared of noises. And this could scare them away.

However, this may not get rid of the coyote sometimes. It may continue to approach you. In this case, walk back slowly. And move towards buildings or human activity.

Dog spray is also a good tool to get rid of them. If you’re visiting areas with coyotes, carry a dog spray along.

Should You Keep A Coyote As A Pet

Coyotes can be kept as pets. However, not all states allow this. In California, you will need to get a permit to keep them. In some other states like Alabama, it is illegal. So, you have to be sure it is legal in your state before getting one as a pet.

However, coyotes aren’t as receptive and dependent as dogs. They usually end up eating other pets such as birds, dogs, and cats if not properly domesticated.

The best way to domesticate them is by taming them while they are still young. However, it is generally challenging to keep coyotes as pets.

How The Coyote Hunt

Don’t be surprised to see a coyote around your trash. These creatures can eat just about anything. They eat garbage and pet’s leftovers. Worst of all, they can eat your pets as well.

However, they primarily feed on little animals like rabbits, squirrels, rodents, and insects. Coyotes are also fruit lovers.

Usually, in the wild, they are known to hunt alone. They could also hunt in groups sometimes. But this is most likely when they hunt for deer. Usually, groups of coyotes take turns pursuing their prey.

Surprisingly, coyotes make perfect hunting pairs with badgers. This team-up benefits both animals. First, it saves their energy. Again, it saves time. While badgers dig up prey, coyotes chase the prey.

Coyotes are fast runners. They reach a high speed of 43mph. Also, they can jump a distance of over 13 feet. This is equivalent to 4 meters. And so, they’re exceptional chasers.

Coyotes also have an incredible sense of smell, vision, and hearing. And this helps their hunting skills.

Badgers do not run as fast as coyotes. But, they are excellent diggers than coyotes. They’re the fastest diggers compared with other animals. Badgers can stay underground in their burrows for up to 70 days at a time.

Their unique skills work best when they hunt together rather than alone. However, one of these hunters usually ends up empty-handed.

These hunt pairs are found preying on each other sometimes. But, they are the best-hunting partners during spring.

Coyotes Lifespan And Reproduction

Coyotes are monogamous. They mate with one partner for a lifetime. But, if their mate pair dies, they’d search for a new mate.

The male coyote guards his female pair against other males. Coyotes usually mate in February. They get to their peak sometime in late February or early March. A female can mate for two to five days at this time.

Coyotes are usually more dangerous during this season. So, it is best to protect your dogs and other pets during this time. However, it’s best to keep your dogs safe at all times. As you know, coyotes could prey on dogs regardless of the time.

A female coyote stays pregnant for 60-63 days. So, pups are born in April or May. At this time, the female coyote stays in a den. This is the only time they stay in dens.

Also, the male brings food for the female and the pups. A female coyote can bear 5 -10 puns in a year.

In the wilds, coyotes may live for 10-14 years. They tend to live longer in captivity. They could live as long as 20 years in captivity.

Coyotes Mate With Dogs

Though on rare occasions, coyotes can mate with dogs. The coydogs are a product of these breeds’ mixture.

Coyotes and dogs are related. And so, biologically, they’re capable of producing young together. Their young Coydogs are usually found in the wild.

Coydogs are beautiful but unpredictable, wild, and dangerous. However, some have been raised in captivity. Notwithstanding, coydogs are wild animals.

Coyotes are attracted to unneutered or unsprayed domestic dogs. So, an unspayed female dog in season can attract male coyotes. This is the same for male dogs. The smell of a female coyote can lure them.

Final Note

Coyote isn’t one of Americans’ favorite meats. This is due to their dog-like look. But, notwithstanding, these wild canines are very safe for consumption. And, they have an amazingly rich taste.

You can combine coyote meat with meals like chili, casseroles, and spaghetti. And, you’d be sure to have an amazing experience.

Again, coyotes are not harmful to humans. They are scared of humans. And can be scared off when seen.

Most states accept coyotes as pets. But it isn’t best to have them as pets. Coyotes are dangerous to other pets. And they are challenging to keep as pets.

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