Walmart Merchandising Fee [what Is It + Other Faqs] 

A “merchandising fee” is charged to your credit card if you make a purchase at a retail establishment such as There is a fee for displaying your products on your website.

Since there are alot of people asking me why Walmart merchandise fee is $5 more than what they pay at Target, Walgreens, Kmart, other online stores and even department stores. I decided to create this handy article so everyone can understand why the fee is there and what you can do if you don’t want to pay it.

Walmart Merchandising Fee 2022

The items you are importing or the value of your order is greater than $2,500 you can continue shopping.
The fee is charged when you collect your items from the seller. In other words, the fee is already charged and included when you place your order.

At the end of the day, the EU’s decision is about the UK’s freedom to be a full member of the single market and the customs union, and there will have to be a way of making this work.

There is a 0.34% merchandising fee for some online purchases. There is also an additional in-store merchandising fee for certain products sold in-store.

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Why Is Walmart Charging Me a Merchandising Fee For Batteries, Mattresses, TV’s, Tires, & iPads?

Depending on your state and jurisdiction, Wal-Mart customers may be charged a merchandising fee when purchasing certain products, including tires, car batteries and most TVs.

Walmart also has a policy of taking returns. If a customer purchases something from an online website, they generally have a 30 day window to return the product. Walmart is able to take advantage of this if the item is purchased from a Walmart store (as the items are already in the store’s inventory). Therefore, Walmart isn’t paying the tax any time they sell a product online.

When a customer is asked to dispose of the product they purchase, they are forced to pay a percentage of their purchase up front for the privilege.

Walmart is a good example of this, as they charge a merchandising fee for the battery and pay customers a refund or an allowance from their own inventory when the battery is returned to the store.

Why Is Walmart Charging Me A Merchandising Fee For Online Orders?

Walmart is currently applying a merchandising fee on items that need to be transported via air, ship, or International Mail.

If you are in need to cover the delivery of goods, you will be charged for that separately.

The fees are related to shipping, and thus you must pay the fees before shipping.

Who Pays Walmart Merchandising Fees?

In order to receive your merchandise, you may be charged a shipping fee.

Many merchants on Walmart Marketplace are based outside of the U.S, meaning they will charge international shipping fees.

Merchandising fees will be added at the final stages of’s checkout process. Before paying, please check the complete statement on your receipt.

How Much Are Walmart Merchandising Fees?

As Walmart and other online retailers are constantly trying to minimize shipping costs, one of the ways they do this is to make sure that the merchandise they sell is not too heavy. If the item is too heavy, the cost to ship them can increase, and ultimately, the price the customer has to pay to receive the item.

Small packages are significantly cheaper than large ones. Fragile items are more likely to make the package cost much more.

A large corporation like Walmart does not want to deal with the logistics of selling a cheap product.
Therefore, Walmart uses a system called Informal Entry, where products worth $2,500 or less are sold without any payment of fees.

At the same time, if you order more than $2,500 of merchandise without the intention of selling it, you are entering the goods for a personal or commercial use. In such case, you are assessed an additional import duty.

For products like clothing, personal accessories, books, DVDs, electronics, toys, sporting goods and other items, information about the product’s country of origin can be located inside the product’s packaging, on the box or on a label on the box.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Walmart Merchandising Fees?

This means that you are not paying the required merchandising fees and you will receive a refund.

Once your parcel has been returned you may request a refund, or be given the option to reattempt delivery. aims to limit the number of merchandise return transactions to allow for a higher probability of the sale, but they must be paid for before the transaction is complete.

Learn more about Walmart’s return policies at or contact customer service at 866-465-7693.

Conclusion: What Are Merchandising Fees At Walmart?

Walmart has a merchandise fee on shipments of $2,500 or less. The fee is $0.3464% of an item’s value. For shipments over $2,500, the fee equals $25-$485. The fee is applied by the post office. Walmart is responsible for all other costs, including the cost of delivering to a remote address.

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