Walmart Lost And Found Policy [all You Need To Know] 

Walmart is so proud of their different services and their ability to make their customers’ lives that little bit easier.

Firstly, Walmart does not have a lost-and-found policy and it appears that it is against Walmart’s policy to search people’s bags when they are in the store.

Walmart Lost And Found Policy 2022

It is not possible to change your address on the website as this information is only held by the store’s email system. However, if you have your email login on any other website, you should have access to the store’s email system allowing you to update your billing and delivery information here.

To find a lost item, go to “My Stuff” page.
Then click on “Claim Lost Item”
If you have found a lost item, you will get a email about it.
If not, go back to items page and check the lost items.

What Should I Do If I Lose Something At Walmart?

The first thing you should do if you notice that you have lost something at Walmart is to call the store that you lost the item in and tell them what you lost.

If they have your item, they will have a form out for you to fill out. Please make sure to bring this form with you so they can know the information about your item.

You may be asked to verify ownership of your items by providing a credit, driver’s license, or a utility bill with your name and address on it. Your items will be held securely in your room until you leave.

How Long Do I Have To Claim My Lost Items? 

Walmart has different guidelines for their respective stores depending on how many people are in the store, how long you’ve been in the store, and how long you’ve had the item in question.

However, it is more likely that most businesses will hold items for 90 days before attempting to return them.

Once the 90 days have passed the store may assume that the item will never be claimed and that the store is unlikely to receive more revenue from the item, so it is time to close the case.

Can You Claim A Forgotten Item That Was Paid For At Walmart?

There is a customer service desk, at the front of the store, where you can get help on your lost or misplaced items. To get there, turn right past the doors, and then head upstairs.

Tell the associate who is sitting behind the desk that you forgot something at the store and would like to re-enter.

With Walmart, returns are accepted on items that are in their original packaging and are unused.

Can I Claim For Lost Items That Were Ordered From The Walmart Website? 

If you ordered any number of items from the Walmart website and the items are missing, you can claim the missing items from the Walmart website or app and request a refund.

If you need two items shipped to you, make sure those two items are from a single order. You should not receive two separate shipments for items that you ordered in a single transaction. If that happens, please contact the store that you placed the order.

If you’d like to look up the statistics on Walmart yourself, you can see what stores have the most preorders, and if that store is closed, what is the average preorder.


Although Walmart does not have a company-wide lost and found policy, most Walmart stores will offer to hold on to lost items and allow shoppers to claim them within a generous time period.

If you find clothing or shoes that are missing or lost, you may want to check with your local Walmart to see if they can hold on to the items for a while.

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