Top 5 Soccer Cleats Worn this World Cup

Choosing the right soccer cleats is essential – they can help to improve your game and provide traction so that you are stable and confident on the pitch. But there are so many to choose from, with many of the top brands offering some of the highest quality products on the market. So where do you start if you’re looking for the best soccer cleats? There are a few factors to think about, like the position you’re playing and the support that you need. Read on as we take a look at some of the most popular soccer cleats worn in the World Cup this year! 

Most worn soccer cleats in the World Cup 

Over the last few weeks, all eyes were on the World Cup taking place in Qatar. Avid soccer fans were glued as they watched some of their favourite players represent their country, and of course, see some of the best in the world and how they performed – like Messi, Ronaldo, and Mbappe. But it’s not just the players and countries that have been competing for the top spot in the World Cup this year, but the manufacturers of soccer cleats too! Nike, Adidas, Puma, and New Balance are all big names when it comes to soccer boots, but which comes out on top? Most cleats worn in the tournament were made by Nike, at 49.4%. Just behind on 34.8% is Adidas, with 12.2% of cleats worn being Puma. If you’re looking for new cleats and want to try some of the best featured in the 2022 World Cup, here are 5 examples worn by your favourite players. 

1. Nike Zoom Mercurial Superfly 9 

These cleats make it to the top of the list, with footballers all over the world using them as their first choice. Nike has been updating and perfecting the Mercurial range over the years, but it goes without saying that this is the best they’ve achieved so far. Nike tends to focus on functionality when it comes to their cleats, and this is still the case with the Superfly 9s. There is an ¾ Zoom airbag to the centre of the sole, which allows for extra spring, allowing you to propel forward with ease. They also have a speed cage which allows for one of the best fits, creating a stable feeling, without additional, unnecessary weight. These cleats look great, without compromising on quality – which is why they’re some of the most expensive on the list. 

2. Adidas Predator Freak 

One of the most notable of Adidas’ range of soccer cleats is the Predator Freak line. The material used in these cleats offers the highest level of security, locking your foot in place so you know you’re not going to slip, allowing you to be confident on the ball. They also make dribbling, kicking, and playing generally a lot easier. These cleats are lightweight, and offer both support and comfort, to reduce pain after a long time running around the field. You will need to break these cleats in around the house to benefit from the highest level of comfort when playing. 

3. Adidas X 

These cleats have been worn by a few goal scorers at the World Cup, which is why they’re one of the most popular on the market. The Adidas X Speedportals come in both laceless and laced versions, so you can choose which is best for you. This model offers a snappy, responsive step with great traction and grip. They are perfect for sprinting with the ball, so if you’re hoping to improve your speed, this cleat could be a great option. They’re streamlined and fit the foot closely. The Speedportals rival Nike’s Superfly model coming in slightly less – better for your budget. 

4. Puma Ultra 

Whilst Puma falls behind both Adidas and Nike cleats with World Cup footballers, they still have their place in the tournament. Puma Ultra Ultimates were responsible for helping Giroud score against Australia and helping Japan to bring down Germany in the knockouts. These cleats are known for helping increase your speed – they are lightweight and are designed to fit each player perfectly. The texture featured on the upper adds texture that allows improved grip and helps to keep the foot stable and supported when travelling at high speeds. 

5. New Balance Furon V7 

Another brand that sits behind both Nike and Adidas when it comes to popularity is New Balance. Although the brand is still worn by some of the best soccer players on the pitch like Saka and Stirling, and they come with a huge range of advantages. They boast some of the lightest cleats on the market and feature off-centre laces making it easier to strike the ball. They provide cushioning to the heel and allow for a snug fit. They are recommended for those that play as a forward, as they make for great finishing. They may not be some of the most exciting visually, but they can help you to run faster, and score those all-important chances. 

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