Safeway Return Policy (no Receipt, Alcohol, Food, Pharmacy, Gift Cards + More)

Safeway is known for being an accommodating store with a lot of special deals. They offer extra money on purchases, they have helpful employees, and they carry a wide selection.

Since the beginning of their company, Safeway Stores have been known for being customer friendly. However, their policy for making returns is currently unknown. To find out their return or exchange policy, check out their websites.

Safeway Return Policy In 2022

Safeway has a policy for when a customer can make a return or exchange. Items that are past their original sell by date may need to be thrown away. It is important to check the sell by date on any items you plan to return.

Safeway has many products on their shelves that you can return to them. So they’ve made it easy for you to return items you’ve purchased, and they’ve made it easy to get your money back.

Can I Return Groceries to Safeway Without a Receipt?

This means that in case that the products bought can be found in the store, then there will be no cash return. On the other hand, if the customer don’t find the right product, then there will be an option of cash return.

If they would like their money refunded the store associate may be able to look up the transaction on their computer and if they paid with a credit/debit card they may be able to reverse the transaction.

But, if they can’t find any proof of purchase, they will put the refund on a gift card from Safeway.

You may get a refund, at the store of your choice, if you have a receipt and the refund is less than $5.

Does Safeway Have a Time Limit for Returns?

Safeway cannot grant extended returns, only same-store returns. Safeway will offer a few extensions for in-store returns, such as for fresh produce or perishable items that are beyond their best-before date.

Stores are free to make their own determination on what constitutes a reasonable amount of time to return an item.

While some products can be stored for a longer time than others, there are not many situations where a business would be required to store a food item for a longer period than would be the case for a non-perishable item.

Due to the uncertainty of their time limit, customers are recommended to get in for a return of their purchases as soon as possible, in order to make sure that they are fully refunded.

Does Safeway Charge for Returns?

As such, Safeway customers may return or exchange product for no cost for the next 45 days.

You are not obligated to give back anything if you don’t want to.

This is a paraphrase of what the original source says:

You don’t have to give anything back if you don’t want to, but if you do so, we’ll process the transaction and refund the customer’s purchase amount minus the value of the returned product as applicable.

Where Do I Return Products to Safeway?

Customers are welcome to return groceries to the Safeway reception desk to exchange the items for other items.

If you are not the original buyer or recipient, we cannot accept your return. Please contact the store that sold the item for exchange or refund.

The supermarket that you shop at has different hours than the rest of their stores.

If you want to return something, you should find out whether the store is open before you go there.

What Products Can I Return to Safeway?

They allow us to return perishable items and some non-perishable items.

If you got food poisoning, you can return some items from the supermarket. However, if all the food items were prepared by restaurants such as sushi and ramen, there is no way to return them.

Anything you buy at a store, that can be used a second time, or is no longer needed, is perfect for a return. So, cleaning products, hygiene products, kitchen wares, etc… All of those things are perfect for a return.

It’s recommended that customers return their perishables as soon as possible, as Safeway must be able to process the return.

Safeway may also not only approve it and not give a reason but they may not also give a reason.

All return requests will have to be approved by the store manager, and the refund may be a percentage of the original price, or may be a reduction in the original price.

What Products Does Safeway Not Accept for Returns?

Almondine and infant food products need to be returned to the manufacturer. You can’t return alcohol or baby formula at Safeway.

Additionally, the grocery store will not accept gift cards for either return or exchange, as they are not considered part of store merchandise.

If you want to return a spoiled food, most Safeway locations will allow you to do it, and most of the stores will have a specific time period for processing the return. However, some smaller Safeway stores, and some grocery stores that are not affiliated with Safeway (i.e., not part of a chain) may not be able to process some returns. Make sure to check whether or not you will be able to process a return at your local store before heading there.

Customer is urged to return the perishables as soon as they are able to, in order to ensure that they can receive a refund.

Can I Return Items to the Safeway Starbucks?

A customer can return Starbucks coffee bags with any unused items to the store to be used for re-use. If they do not have the bags or do not wish to use them for re-use, they can bring the item to the closest Starbucks for recycling as long as the item is within 30 days of its original purchase.

If a customer brings in a drink that was not properly prepared, Starbucks will remake that drink completely free of cost.

You will usually be able to have the previous drink recycled, as long as you got drinks from that machine. It will be up to the individual store whether or not they will take the drink back.

Starbucks customers have to bring a receipt if they want to return one of their own cups or food. Some stores have self-serve machines where you can type in a code on the machine to type the receipt out yourself.

I would not count on your kiosk allowing a refund on the spot, and you should not count on receiving a refund with your store credit card.

If you bought your gift card at a Starbucks shop, you can return it if you have the receipt from that transaction as a proof of purchase.

Items that have a final sale sticker are not eligible for return or exchange after the final sale.

Does the Safeway Pharmacy Accept Returns?

You can only return items purchased on our [store name]. Please return anything purchased at the [store name] as you cannot return to the [store name].

The drugstore in that area said that it will pick up and dispose of all the medications that they have prescribed for patients and they do have a special program for this service.

This is unfortunate, but Safeway Pharmacy cannot refund their customers for medication that has been returned, as they are unable to refund prescriptions. However, if the return is because the customer wants to exchange their prescription for a similar medication, they will gladly refund the customers the cost of the medication.

Does Safeway Canada Have a Different Return Policy?

I’m not sure about this one. Some stores are known to return items for non-returnable reasons, so check with your store.

Therefore, if someone comes back to the US with alcohol and has no receipt and no proof of purchase, there is nothing they can do.

If you’re looking to save gas and money, you can also use a Safeway gift card for gas, alcohol & other stores, if Safeway price matches, and if Safeway cash checks.


Safeway allow return or exchange on all store merchandise excluding alcohol and baby formula. All returned must be sold and cash will be given back.

If you are eligible for a refund, your refund will be applied to the purchase amount you paid, at the time the refund was sent to you. If you are not eligible for a refund, the refund will be applied to your PayPal account. If you have multiple eligible purchases, all eligible purchases will be refunded at the time the refund was sent to you.

The store asked people to have a receipt for returns. People not having a receipts were either allowed to make an even exchange or their money was refunded.

Any unused items that have been in a previous transaction will be charged. All items are to be returned to the store they were purchased in.

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