Restaurant On Doordash Is Unavailable (why + Can You Do Anything)

Even though it has been reported that many people are using many different online services for delivery, I can say that it is hard to find a restaurant that doesn’t use DoorDash for delivery.

The merchants on DoorDash go down some time and come back. They don’t disappear forever. The merchants on DoorDash who are inactive get taken off of the app and end up becoming inactive merchants.

Why Is a Restaurant on DoorDash Unavailable In 2022

Restaurants on DoorDash can temporarily pause their delivery orders, and DoorDash can temporarily pause the delivery orders of restaurants they have in their system. Sometimes, restaurants become too expensive for DoorDash to continue to do food delivery for them. Sometimes, DoorDash will remove certain restaurants from being available to their delivery drivers.

If you are looking for things that you do not know about, here are some of the things that you should know about. The DoorDash phenomenon, ghost kitchens, and why they happen, how they are affected, and more!

Why Is a Restaurant Unavailable on DoorDash?

The DoorDash platform uses an algorithm that calculates the price of the item according to the distance from the customer which means that some restaurants might be out of the Dashboard algorithm’s zone of the restaurant.

Customers are often stuck in the middle of the app when a restaurant disappears because they can’t access their order and there’s no way for them to find the restaurant.

DoorDash is a great tool for delivery but is not the best fit for restaurants.

The restaurant owners want to be able to focus on their regular business with DoorDash and don’t want to spend more time and money training delivery staff.

The DoorDash model requires merchants to incur all costs associated with their operation and delivery, including labor costs, order volume, and delivery commissions.

However, this can be remedied by the merchant by increasing their price and reducing their order size.

So, if the restaurant takes its name off of DoorDash’s platform, it will no longer be on the platform for delivery.

Another common reason restaurants disappear is because they no longer want to offer their food delivery service on a DoorDash.

This enables more control and transparency in how orders are placed and executed.

Restaurants with a local store/branch can enjoy a more intimate relationship with their customers, instead of having an anonymous and impersonal delivery service handle deliveries instead.

By default, DoorDash takes a 33.3% fee from the order. If the merchant chooses not to use DoorDash, DoorDash will keep the same percentage of that commission.

After the restaurant gets a DoorDash account, they can automatically connect their phone order data to the platform, and even use DoorDash’s “Saved Receipts” option to automatically create a receipt.

DoorDash used the restaurant’s brand by sending out coupons through the restaurant’s app. The restaurant owner was not informed about this and did not know about the promotion.

– It’s unclear if there’s an exact amount of restaurants in question–
but more than 500, plus restaurants that have been approved previously that have since disappeared.

As long as the restaurant receives 10+ orders, DoorDash will create a custom landing page for them.

I’m not sure about this, DoorDash seems to be really aggressive with their prices.

When you first sign up for the service, the app suggests that you tell your friends about it so that they can order for you. It’s not required, but the more people who sign up so that the restaurant gets a higher chance of delivery, the more likely they are to receive more orders.

The restaurant doesn’t really bother to look at their delivery orders.

If you don’t see your local restaurant on DoorDash, it may be closed. But if the option is available, you can still order it through the app.

For example, if a restaurant doesn’t have their physical location open, they may still accept both delivery and pick-up orders.

The restaurant in question had to close because they couldn’t sustain the business after being charged $25 to deliver food.

The platforms sometimes suspend the partnerships or even the merchant’s account because of poor experience.

It’s not the end of the world, but it could be the end of your career with one company if it’s not fixed immediately.

Restaurants tend to use a system called a “good-faith dispute”. In this system, a restaurant will not send orders unless they know the customer will get them. Once you send the order, the restaurant can suspend the order, so long as they don’t know you will not receive it.

The restaurant has been closed temporarily.

When a restaurant starts getting too busy, the kitchen staff can pause orders temporarily.

This method has the same effect as pausing orders.
However, you won’t be able to order food from the restaurant when it pauses orders.

Are There Fake Restaurants on DoorDash?

I’ve gone to fake restaurants on food delivery services, but it is extremely rare.

The problem is that most ghost kitchens are fake restaurants. And on DoorDash, it’s a very big problem as a business owner.

There are some cases where a chain restaurant has a fake concept to trick customers.

A few of the products are actually made in the same kitchen as other restaurants. This is how they’re able to offer a huge variety of menu items that are prepared in a way that’s similar to big restaurants. This is the case with the fried chicken that comes served with honey and lemon.

This is a little more complicated because these businesses are more likely to be in an urban area, so it’s difficult to gauge a company if it’s a small business or not.

How Many Restaurants Are on DoorDash?

While DoorDash serves almost 300,000 restaurants, it offers food delivery services to a variety of different users. Further, it also serves fast food restaurants, sit down restaurants, convenience stores, liquor stores, and florists.

The number of restaurants available to you depends on your location–there are more restaurants available in larger cities than in smaller towns.

How Do Restaurants Register on DoorDash?

Restaurants have to complete the signup process in order to be available on DoorDash.

Once DoorDash approves the restaurant’s application, a message pops up explaining how DoorDash works.

One more important thing is that restaurants can now benefit from the Merchant Portal, which includes information about pricing, business hours, activation processes, and more.

That means merchants can see all of their sales, orders, etc. in one place on their phones or in a web browser. You can even log into the portal with a QR code which customers can scan with their phone.

While DoorDash does make it easy for restaurants to sign up for the service, they do make it more difficult for restaurants to use the service.

If a delivery person does not deliver a package, then they do not provide a ride. The delivery person must leave the package with the customer. If the delivery person does not deliver the package, the customer must file a claim with DoorDash.

If a customer is not informed by DoorDash when their delivery arrives or when it does not arrive. The customer must file a claim with DoorDash.


Restaurants may also become inactive after a certain time period (usually six months) if they haven’t been using their account much. That also makes them ineligible to use the service.

That said, it’s perfectly possible for DoorDash to get an unfair share of the delivery market. Even worse, the company keeps raising its prices, so instead of just giving you the cost of a delivery, DoorDash starts up a new cost of business for the company–the tip.

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