Pse Mail Processing Clerk Usps (duties, Pay + Is It Hard)

A postal employee works very hard every single day to help our customers move letters, packages and parcels across the United States. We all have a shared commitment to improve the Postal Service, and we are proud to provide good, reliable and affordable service to America…

 Mail processing clerks handle all letters and packages that come into or go out of the Postal Service. These are a little different than mail room clerks in that the mail processing clerks are more involved in the mailing process. They process mail for large amounts of people, and they also handle the logistics of the post office.

PSE Mail Processing Clerk USPS In 2022

The United States Postal Service (USPS) is looking for employees who will help process mail as the post office moves from physical facilities to digital systems. PSEs can either perform manual operations or work in a computer processing center. They work in a variety of locations within the USPS, from post offices and sorting centers to main office buildings and distribution facilities. Many of the jobs include working on a floor where the mail originates and then processing it through sorting machines and computer network operations. Others are employed in the distribution centers where mail is actually delivered.

If you want to learn more about the PSE Mail Processing Clerk role at USPS, including what benefits they receive, keep on reading!

The benefits listed in the [Original] are for full-time employees only.

What Does A PSE Mail Processing Clerk Do?

1. Clerks and Operators: Clerks and operators perform various tasks in order to prepare mail for delivery or other processing operations.
2. Clerks: Clerks perform various tasks in order to prepare mail for delivery or other processing operations.
3. Personnel: Personnel perform various tasks in order to prepare mail for delivery or other processing operations.

Also, because USPS is so inefficient, they need to pay to get all the labor in the country to do their work.

This is not just a matter of the employee being able to lift, carry and reach for things. The employees must lift, carry and reach for things that weigh over 70 pounds. They must also do this for mail trays weighing up to 70 pounds.

When mail is being prepared for delivery, these employees sometimes have the job of sorting letters, checking them and sorting them into the appropriate container.

So some PSE Mail Processing Clerks work at a postal service selling postage stamps, stamps, and other stamps to customers.


How Much Do PSE Mail Processing Clerks Make?

PSE Mail Processing Clerks are on average paid at an hourly wage of $19. However, some employees earn as much as $26 per hour.

Furthermore, if they work more than eight hours each day, they’re paid time and a half for every additional hour.

Do PSE Mail Processing Clerks At USPS Get Benefits?

This class of workers is considered temporary employees and have limited benefits to start.

In response to the comment, the time off we are referring to is the paid time off they receive at the end of the year, not the paid time off they earn at the end of the year.

– We will remove the question.

– Thank you for clarifying!

– Done.

At the end of a year of service, Federal employees may be eligible for health insurance.

The government offers dental and vision insurance to its civilian employees, but not to military personnel.

So, if you become eligible for Social Security benefits and you are over 65 years old, you may be able to get long-term care insurance from the Federal Long-Term Care Insurance Program. The program can pay for nursing home care or home health aide care, as well as help pay for care for you when you are unable to be on your own.

What Hours Do PSE Mail Processing Clerks At USPS Work?

If you work in the office, PSE is open 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, and 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Saturday.

There is a possibility that this role may be flexible to allow USPS to meet mail processing demands in real-time.

The software allows for scheduled tasks to be run at any time of day, including weekends and national holidays.

PSEs may work up to eighteen hours per shift, but many may have to work at least eight hours to be paid for eight hours of work.

What Are The Requirements To Be A PSE Mail Processing Clerk At USPS?

If you successfully pass the interview and online exam, the State Department may issue you a DS-2019 form.

Also you might see this exam referred to as the Mail Processing Clerk exam or the Mail Processing Clerk VEA (Virtual Entry Assessment).

It asks you a number of questions and tests out your knowledge of yourself and your abilities.

Not only do you have your own projects to work on, but you’ll also be working on problems from other people’s projects.

Additionally, the Postal Exam 476 is self-administered and lasts about 45 minutes. However, you must complete it within 72 hours of applying for a job.

The Postal Exam 477 is a timed exam that asks about your job history and other areas of interest. The exam lasts about 45 minutes. You must complete it within 72 hours of applying for a job.

If you look at the breakdown of the questions and sections that are required for the exam, you’ll see that it is in an order that makes sense.

Further, 70 is considered a passing score, and applicants can expect to gain more jobs by getting higher scores.

Is PSE Mail Processing Clerk At USPS A Permanent Job?

In the Philippines, all officials are temporarily appointed to serve a maximum term of three months.

However, subsequent 360-day appointments are possible only after a five-day period of rest, following the first work period.

When a customer submits an address change request with PSE, USPS will contact a PSE with your address in order to verify it. If there is no available PSE in order to verify your address, a request will be sent to a PSE who is available. It does not guarantee, however, that the PSE will approve the address change.

To be clear, there are no plans to change the number of people in the organization at any given time. Further, no plan to cut back on the number of people you work with. Instead, the plan is to add additional people in the future, as needed to continue to meet the work-load.

A PSE job can become a career position if the organization needs a skill set that is hard to find in your current roles.

In this example, a Mail Processing Clerk position opens up at a given station, and the senior PSE Mail Processing Clerk is offered the job.

How Do I Apply To Become A PSE Mail Processing Clerk At USPS?

The first thing you want to do to start preparing for the four hundred and seventy six Postal examination is work hard on your math skills.

That said, the US Post Office will ask that you take this virtual exam within three days of submitting your application, so being prepared before applying will help you score and avoid unnecessary stress.

Also, if you forget your exam score (or you get your score after the deadline has passed), you will have to pay the fee for a retake.

In addition, once your score is accepted, you must wait at least two years before you can re-take the test.

The exam is administered by the [SAT] every year.
The exam is taken in May.
You should practice for the exam to become better at math.

Applicants who submit their online applications must be in the United States or Canada to be considered for the position.

To find job openings, you need to start with a search for “[Job Title]”.
Next, use the following link to apply for a position:
Next, follow the instructions to complete and submit your application.
Be ready for an interview!

Is Being A PSE Mail Processing Clerk Hard?

The position involves being part of the main administrative team and handling mail for a diverse number of customers.

There are many things about working as an airmail clerk that are physically demanding, including bending, reaching, and carrying mail. The job requires lifting mail of various weights.

As an employer, it is important to take some precautions to prevent injuries within the office. As an example, you can ask your employees to wear safety glasses and gloves to avoid injury from sharp objects.

The pain experienced by employees can be due to repetitive movements or a long period of time performing the same movement over a long period.

I also don’t see any of the other jobs on the site and it seems like it’s quite a bit of work to do the best job for a new user as well.

PSEs must be able to work efficiently from 9am to 6pm.
They should have a well-defined workload and should not be disturbed during work.
They must be available when colleagues need them.
PSEs must have a flexible schedule with work days that are not consecutive.

It doesn’t have to be that way.
At a minimum, PSEs should know and be able to explain the job and its requirements to the client.
It would still be useful for the customer to know what kind of professional you are.

USPS is responsible for sending the parcel. USPS Priority Mail includes the tracking of delivery. USPS First Class Mail does not include tracking system.


USPS has a lot of people working behind the scenes to make the mail work.

The Postal Service has to process and sort millions of pieces of mail each day, and they do it quickly and with limited resources.

While the work conditions may not be ideal, the pay, benefits, advancement opportunities, and job security are all attractive features of this job.

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