Legal Envelope Sizes: All About Envelopes

Envelopes are among the most ever-present kind of packaging you can find. From many years ago, paper envelopes have been used for storage and protection of documents and currency. Nowadays, envelopes are everywhere in the world doing all sorts of things like carrying business invoices. The bride and the groom also use envelopes to send people wedding invitation cards.

The content that people place in envelopes varies in size, shape, and type. Therefore, that also means that envelopes come in different shapes, sizes, and styles. Various envelope types serve their purpose. It would be best for you to pay attention to the vital sizing standards.

Knowing these essential sizing standards will help ensure your envelope arrives at its destination without costing you much money. This article will take you through the types of envelopes you should know and the purpose they serve. Moreover, you will also know some of the envelope sizes.

Legal Envelope Sizes

Envelopes come in many sizes for different purposes. However, there is also a standard envelope size that most people use. the most common envelope size is the No ten envelope. Most businesses send their letter in such envelopes. The size of the No10 envelope is nine and a half by four and an eight.

Types Of Envelope Sizes

There are many different envelopes sizes. Knowing these envelop sizes will help in deciding which envelope to use and for which purpose. The following are some of the envelope sizes that you can find.

The C4 Envelope Size

C4 envelope is among the largest envelope. The envelope is slightly more extensive than the A4 paper sheet size. You may find in many cases that people fold their letters to fit in an envelope. However, when you use a C4 envelope, you would have solved that problem. C4 envelope is big enough to fit your letter without folding it properly.

In most instances, people use C4 envelopes to mail their certificates like birth certificates or school certificates. Moreover, you can also use C4 envelopes to send magazines and brochures. Therefore if you are in your office, ensure that you stock more C4 envelopes because they are of many use.

The C5 Envelope Size

The C5 envelopes are traditional-sized. These envelopes are smaller when compared to C4 envelopes. However, they are bigger than the A5 paper sheet size. It is the exact size of an A4 paper sheet folded in half. These kinds of envelopes are the ones that most people use and are the most common.

People can use C5 envelopes to send many things. There are certain things that you cannot mail with a C4 envelope because it is too big. However, you can easily send them using a C5 envelope.

For things like greetings cards and wedding cards, you will use the C5 envelope to send them. Moreover, you can also send money using these envelopes. In the business world, people use C5 envelopes to send longer letters.

The C6 Envelope Size

The C6 envelope is among the smallest envelopes you can find. These envelopes are not as common as C5 and C4 envelopes. People use these envelopes in few cases. You will not see them as much in the post-box. Even though the C6 envelopes might still come in handy and you will use them for other purposes.

You can use these envelopes to send passports size photos. It is inappropriate to send your passport photo in a C5 or a C4 envelope, so you need a C6 envelope. Moreover, you can also send smaller items like phone memory cards and USB sticks.

Different Types Of Envelopes

most people may find themselves using an envelope for the wrong purposes. Using the wrong envelope to send your letter may make your mail not reach its destination. Therefore you need to know the different types of envelopes and how to use them properly. Here are some of the types of envelopes you should know.

Square Flap Envelopes

These envelopes are just as their name suggests. The square flap envelopes have an elegant design with a distinctive square flap on its back. The square flap envelopes have an adhesive paste to seal the envelope.

Most people use these envelopes to send invitations for social events and parties. People use them for parties and other social events because of their attractive design. Moreover, square flap envelopes have padding or cushion inside to hold items. Therefore, people can also use these envelopes to send delicate and brittle items.

These envelopes come in all standard invitation sizes and different colors. You can find them in many colors, such as Luxcolors, LuxTextures, LuxGrocery bag, Luxblack, LuxFoil Lined, and Metallic. They are also available in different envelope sizes such as A1, A4, A5, #9,#10, etc.

Window Envelopes

The window envelopes have openings on the envelope front. The opening allows those receiving the envelope to see the content inside the envelope. People use such envelopes for marketing purposes. Moreover, they can use them for also for bills.

Window envelopes are cost-effective because it eliminates the need to write address the envelope. You do not need to address the envelope because the openings allow the recipient to see the name and address. Most of the window envelopes use translucent material.

Most people are starting to use it because it is environmentally friendly. However, one flaw of window envelopes is that it is not secure. The window envelopes have single-window envelopes and double-window envelopes. You can also find window envelopes that have a design suitable for standard business checks.

Booklet Envelopes

Booklet envelopes have a flap on the long side of the envelope. The flap makes it easy for users to enclosure brochures, catalogs, or large business communication inside. If you are looking to send items without folding them, then use a booklet envelope. You can use the flap on the envelope’s long side to seal the envelope.

You may find booklet envelopes that are of cardboard material to make them more rigid. Booklet envelopes come in different sizes and colors. The most common envelope sizes include 6×9, 9×12, and 10×13. It also offers a wide range of colors to help coordinate envelopes with the visual business branding.

Remittance Envelopes

These types of envelopes are also called donation envelopes. The remittance envelopes have very large flaps. The flaps allow users to use these envelopes as a form to collect important information.

You can print the form on the inside of the flap and the back of the envelope. However, when you seal the envelope, the form gets hidden. You can also find 2-way remittance envelopes with a tear-off form that you can enclose in the envelope before mailing. ‘

Most people use these envelopes for charities, in schools, in churches, or fundraising groups. You can also use remittance envelopes as order forms for businesses. You can find these envelopes in 24LB Bright White and pastel colors.

Baronial envelopes

Like the pointed flap envelopes, baronial envelopes also have crisp edges and a pointed triangular flap. Therefore, it gives the envelopes a classic traditional look that is appropriate for any invitation. People use these envelopes to send greeting cards, notecards, save-the-dates, and personal correspondence.

The baronial envelope is almost the same as the announcement envelopes and is even used for the same purpose. The only significant difference between the two is that baronial envelopes have a pointed flap while announcement envelopes have a square flap. It has many colors ranging from bright white and natural colors to Luxcolors, LuxTextures, and Luxblack.

Lined Envelopes

You may find lines envelopes with Luxlined silver, gold, black, or red extending down the flap and into the envelope. The color extends down to ¼ inch of the envelope’s bottom. The Luxlined envelopes are the perfect envelopes for invitations. It offers a surprise splash of metallic color to most standard invitation envelope sizes.

Disk Envelopes

Are you wondering where you can pack your CDs or DVDs? You cannot put them in these other envelopes. However, you can place them inside a disc envelope either made of plastic or paper. These envelopes have a standard size that accommodates the disc inside perfectly.

What Are Open End Envelopes?

Open-end envelopes are envelopes with openings on the shorter dimensions. They can come in both large and smaller versions. Some of the examples of open-end envelopes include catalog envelopes and coin envelopes. You can find catalog envelopes in different sizes of 6’’×9″, 9’’×12″, and 10’’×13″. These kinds of envelopes are suitable for automatic hand insertion.

What Are Open Side Envelopes?

Unlike open-end envelopes, open-side envelopes are envelopes with openings on the longer dimensions. They also come in a smaller and more extensive version. The smaller version includes business envelopes, while the bigger version includes booklets.

The inserter equipment works best with open side envelopes. The size of your open-side envelopes will depend on what goes in. The larger the content inside your envelopes, the larger your open-side envelope should be and vice versa.


At some point, you may be in a situation where you will need to send a letter, be it for personal or business reasons. When you do, you will need an envelope for mailing. Therefore you must know the different types and sizes of envelopes and their purpose. Understanding the types and sizes of envelopes and how to use them will prevent instances where your letter fails to reach its destination.

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