Is Subway Ethical? (All You Need To Know)

Subway is one of the largest fast food businesses in the world. They have almost 40,000 stores currently in operation in the United States, and their menu features a variety of sandwiches, soups and salads.

If you’re a fan of the Subway franchise, then you may be interested to know how Subway treats their customers. If you’d like to learn more, keep reading to find out!

Is Subway Ethical In 2022?

Subway has a Code of Conduct, which ensures that its employees are treated fairly, and Subway has a commitment to running its business ethically. Subway supports a number of charities, including Feeding America for hunger relief in the United States.

Subway has been a leader in sustainability and social responsibility, and is proud to be a part of the communities we serve. They have been recognized and recognized by numerous organizations as being a leader in these areas. However, there are many other companies that have been recognized on multiple occasions. Therefore, they may not be the only company that can be considered an ethical company.

Is Subway an Ethical Business?

Subway is a fast food restaurant that specializes in using fresh ingredients, making their dishes nutritious and delicious.

Employees must follow Subway’s business principles to ensure that everyone is valued and treated with respect and equality in the workplace.

The subway is going to report people who have illegal guns to authorities.

Subway is an equal opportunity employer meaning they do not tolerate discrimination in their workplaces on any basis of race, gender identity, creed, religion, color or national origin. This includes sexual orientation, and gender identity.

How is Subway Being Socially Responsible?

When it comes to human rights, Subway uses many social initiatives, like the Subway Food for Good program.

The company recognises that ethical integrity is integral to the way that it operates and that it is committed to upholding and protecting people’s rights and dignity.

To reduce their carbon footprint, they also look out for suppliers who are using innovative farming methods to reduce their impact on the environment, such as using fuel-efficient farming supplies.

The California Tomato Farmers are a group of 50 family owned California fruit farms who grow many of the tomatoes for the whole USA.

As part of an interesting partnership, Subway works with Hausbeck Pickle company to help create great-tasting sub sandwiches for the Hausbeck Pickle Company.

How is Subway Being Sustainable?

Subway is trying to be a sustainable company. They make sure each level of their company is operating in a climate positive way.

The Subway brand has a sustainable sourcing policy which makes sure that they source materials responsibly. For example, their meat was sourced from cattle that were raised without using growth hormones and antibiotics. They also use soy from farms that are sustainable.

Subway partnered with ethical companies, such as ones using sustainable forest practices, increasing agriculture production without damaging surrounding areas, and preserving biodiversity to limit deforestation.

Subway also promotes responsible farming, to ensure the safety and welfare of their ingredients. The company works with the animal welfare organization, Compassion in World Farming, and their eggs and meat come from cage free hens.

They also want to limit the amount of trash that they generate, as well as the amount of food and drink that they waste by promoting recycling, and by using innovative packaging design to reduce the materials used.

What Organizations Does Subway Support?

Subways have chosen all kinds of ethical companies to be a part of their marketing.

Subway’s partnership with World Sandwich Day and Feeding America started in 2012, with the restaurant chain donating a quarter of a million sandwiches to the non-profit organization.

Subway is aware that children shouldn’t be put into a position where they have to choose unhealthy food. In fact, Subway says ‘if there’s a choice between making your child healthier or having a great meal with friends or family, well, the right choice is pretty obvious’.

 Subway is a very environmentally friendly fast food chain. They use sustainable methods to fish, and they also encourage others to do the same.

Therefore, Subway only sells fish and seafood from certified sustainable fisheries and supports protected areas.

Tuna is the most expensive fish available on Subway’s menu and is served from the US, sourced with fish with non-threatened stocks.

Is Subway Bad for the Environment?

The company aims to reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible in order to be as sustainable and ethical as possible.

Each Subway franchise is required to sign an agreement on their water, plastic and corrugated material purchasing practices. They are also required to report on their water, plastic and corrugate purchases, and any changes in these practices. This has led to Subway having a higher recycling rate than that of other restaurants and grocery stores according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Does Subway Use Recycled Materials?

After the company found that they had a low percentage of recycled content in many of their items, they decided to make more of their packaging options recyclable.

Around 95% of the paper products at Subway tend to be able to be recycled or composted after use, which helps to reduce the quantity of waste from the restaurants significantly.

Furthermore, the paper products that are made from recycled materials or certified wood pulp are 100% of the paper products at Subway.

The packaging includes ingredients that are both compostable and biodegradable. In addition, the plastic bottles are BPA-free and recyclable.

The paper cup at Subway is made with paper from the Forest Stewardship Council. This ensures the materials are recyclable. As well, the Subway organization encourages its customers to recycle their products where possible.

The plastic bowls and lids are made from 20% post-consumer recycled material and 60% post-consumer recycled material.

Subway is a company that is doing their best to make their business more sustainable. They use a lot of recycled materials when building their sandwiches. They also try to be a socially responsible company by ensuring that the workers there receive good wages and are treated fairly.

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Subways are seen as an ethical business because they operate in a socially responsible way, they are fair with their partners, they work with the environment and they work with charities.

Being a healthy American company, Subway believes it is important that its employees are protected and safe. Additionally, Subway also treats its employees with respect and dignity.

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