Is Doordash Cheaper Than Uber Eats? (delivery Fees, Food Prices, Discounts + More)

The past couple of years, there’s been a wide variety of on-demand food delivery services that connect you to restaurants near you and deliver your favorite food right to your door.
But some on-demand delivery services have been accused of racial profiling.

This article compares the prices of two great and popular food delivery services: DoorDash and UberEats.
See what they have to offer and which one is for you!

Is DoorDash Cheaper Than UberEats In 2022?

If you’re wondering which delivery app is cheaper in terms of delivery fees, discounts available, and more, keep reading for more useful information!
I have been using both [FlexPost] and [Postmates] for a while.
I mostly use [FlexPost] when I’m looking to deliver fresh food.

Which Food Delivery Service Has the Lowest Fees?

The service fees are at delivery companies’ discretion, and the delivery companies determine their own delivery fee plus service fee.

If you order a delivery from a restaurant that UberEats doesn’t already know about, Uber delivers from their own drivers.

You may order food from up to 5 restaurants at once and DoorDash will charge you only $5.99 to deliver it.

Door Dash and Uber Eats have surge pricing. Prices will be much higher during peak hours, when both restaurants and delivery drivers can make more money.

If you are ordering from a restaurant that accepts DoorDash you can use the platform just like you can order from any other restaurant. You will have to cover the DoorDash fee which is about 10%-11% of your order.

You will have to pay an extra fee for small orders, but this fee will only apply for the orders you place.

DoorDash charges $2 for small orders of $8 or less. Their $10 minimum order is for more than $8 orders.

Which delivery service can I use for your food?

Both of these are pretty much standard ways of saying:

Can I use your delivery service?

Again, both of these are pretty much standard ways of saying:

What service do you offer?

Which is a slightly different question than the first one. First you ask for a service, then you ask for what service you offer (usually because you want to determine what you want to buy).

Uber Eats can offer lower delivery costs, but DoorDash tends to have lower fees. Which type of service works better for you will vary depending on where you’re located and the quality of your neighborhood. DoorDash is typically more flexible on delivery hours, though Uber Eats delivers a little earlier. Each service also offers delivery of alcohol.

How Do I Get UberEats Cheaper?

These are seasonal deals – the best time to order in restaurants is when they have a deal going on.

You can also use promo codes that the service regularly issues to new and existing users. Sometimes the restaurant sends out special offers and promotions to new and existing users. You should not miss the chance to grab a special deal if it’s offered. All you have to do is remember to use the promo code.

If you are an existing UberEats user, you can save money on food by sharing a promo code with other users.

If you enter someone else’s code and place an order, you get free credits toward your next order.

If you don’t find your coupon code there you can also use the “Get Extra Cash” option on your account page and enter your promo code there.

There will be a page where you can enter your code to get discounts on purchases.

Try your luck at getting UberEats promo codes by signing up to receive emails from the company.

UberEats also provides a subscription service that costs $60 per month. The Eats Pass gives you free delivery on orders over $15 and you can get free delivery on orders of $70 or more with the UberEats Plus subscription.

This is the only way you can earn Uber points for your trips. You can use the points for their discount codes.

It’s a subscription that lets you eat all the food you want at fast food restaurants for a set amount of time. It’s perfect if you’ve got a ton of time on your hands and know exactly what you want to eat.

Restaurant discounts do not apply to customers who order many rides, because they are no different from other customers.

When you see a restaurant that has an offer available, tap the offer, then search for the offer.

How Do I Get DoorDash Cheaper?

You can get DoorDash delivery on your own by paying $7.99/mo for the delivery subscription.

For a limited time, you’ll get free delivery for orders above $12, and you’ll save money on service fees from participating restaurants.

DoorDash’s DashPass rewards program promises savings of $4-5 per order.

Since we introduced this program, we have a subscriber who has saved over $100 in delivery and service fees in just 6 weeks.

The food delivery service allows you to save money by ordering your food from a restaurant that has a deal with DoorDash.

DoorDash, has a promotion where all of new users can order a free delivery on their first order.

Since DoorDash is an existing UberEats user, you can get credits when users sign up for the DoorDash service.

You can get your referral link in your Account > Refer Friends. When your friend buys using your link you will get credits towards your next order.

The company is offering a $20 credit to every new user and a free delivery on all orders as one of its spring promotions.

You can check the app for available promotions and deals in the app, and you’ll be alerted via email.

To add your favorite food, all you have to do is select it in a list and choose “Add to cart.” There is no need to type in the delivery address, as the order is automatically sent to that address after you choose the food.

3. Delivery Date: As soon as you place an order with Doordash, the restaurant/caterer will let you know when the food will be delivered to you.

Is DoorDash Faster Than UberEats?

1. The number of customers that will be delivered to during a given time period.
2. The number of servers that work within a given time period.
3. The number of orders in a given time period.
4. The level of demand on the servers.

When a customer orders from an UberEats restaurant the food is prepared before the driver arrives to pick up the order.

The order is usually prepared with the least amount of labour per unit of time and the least amount of cost per unit of time.

This creates a situation where the employer can set rules about how the work is done.

UberEats also has prioritized delivery, where you can pay extra to make sure that it arrives fast, and without being stopped along the way.

if you are wondering what time does DoorDash stop delivering, or how long does it take to deliver, you can find our original post here.


It is tough to say with certainty whether DoorDash is less expensive than UberEats because the cost of your order depends on a lot of things such as additional fees, driving distance, traffic and availability of drivers.

None of these services require you to download an app, so you can start using this method of transportation anywhere, anytime. However, these services do require a smartphone with Internet access.

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