Instacart Privacy Policy (all You Need To Know)

This startup is one of the biggest names in tech, disrupting the entire industry and helping people order grocery items via app.

I have not even thought about that, although I am sure it is a lot. How could it be so sensitive? Shouldn’t Instacart store all of the information it collects in a locked filing cabinet, in a vault, in a room kept locked with a guard on duty 24/7, and with a guard stationed outside at all times? Surely Instacart must keep that much sensitive information about its customers.

What can you find out about yourself and others through Instacart’s own website, as well as their partner sites.

What Is Instacart’s Privacy Policy In 2022?

Instacart does not share the customers’ personal information with third parties, except to comply with applicable law, enforce our policies, or protect ours or others’ rights, property or safety. The customers’ personal information is protected by HIPAA.

To learn more about what data is shared with Instacart users and shoppers, as well as if Instacart sells user data, read on!

Does Instacart Share Your Information?

Instacart will share your phone number with outside parties so that they can deliver your groceries using their own delivery person, and they will share this information with third-party entities.

There has been much talk about the so-called “consent contracts” in which companies that want to monitor their customers by tracking their online activity must notify the customers that their internet activities will be observed, and the customers must agree to those terms.

I can think of a couple of reasons why this is happening. The first one is that when you enter your birthdate, you are confirming that the person on the other end of the transaction is the real you. The second reason could be that they are trying to make sure that you are of legal drinking age.

This is the shopper who has been assigned to the task you have just started.

Instacart allows you to order food from local grocery stores. You sign up by clicking “continue” and then, you get asked a bunch of questions and you give broad consent to the contract. You agree to terms and conditions that the grocery store has to abide by and you agree that it can share your personal information.

But people actually are going to read the actual text on the terms and conditions. Which means that if they’re not happy with the terms, they can choose not to use your product.

Not surprisingly, the most active community members seem to be mostly college students, but I’d be surprised if even that group had too much impact on the site’s revenues.

There isn’t much that hasn’t been reported on yet, but they were also making a lot of noise about the fact that they would be running a “safer” train and no longer having a high-speed platform with an electrified rail line on top.

Do Instacart Shoppers See Your Name?

They can see the same thing as my name is visible of theirs, but the shopper’s name is not.

The first concern is about people seeing their personal information while shopping (like your phone number, address, email, bank account, etc).

A company like Amazon doesn’t care about what you’re buying. They simply want as much revenue as they can get.

A pharmacy will be considered a covered entity for HIPAA purposes if the pharmacy is subject to HHS jurisdiction or if the pharmacy meets the criteria of being a PHI covered entity.

Can Customers Track You On Instacart?

The CEO of a company that tracks people’s every move claims that he or she can track people’s every move.

I’m not so sure this check out, but I do know that when the delivery is on its way, the customer can track their shopper’s progress toward them.
It is even better if the shopper can track the delivery itself. So, if a delivery driver stops at a customer’s house, and the driver is on route, the driver can tell the customer.

I think Instacart includes this feature so that they can be sure the next delivery will have the order ready to go.

It helps prevent theft by thieves who are in the store. The thief is less likely to get to the food, to distract the attendant, and to get away.

Can Instacart Report You To The Police?

You will receive a confirmation email or notice when a pickup is scheduled with a location near you. You can then choose to request the driver make a repeat pickup, request a substitute driver, or decline the pickup altogether.

“We can only get the data the US government provides to us directly and with strict requirements on privacy and security. While we make every effort possible to avoid using third party data, we cannot guarantee this.”

If someone has the information, it is because the US government has already given it to them. Since they are not allowed to give it to us directly, the only way to obtain it is through a FOIA request.

We may share your information when (a) sharing your information with third parties helps us to provide the services that you have requested or (b) sharing your information with third parties helps us to protect the safety or rights of any person, the public, or Instacart.
We may share your information with service providers, resellers, and other businesses to help them provide services, respond to your requests, or carry out other operations.

The only way people will be able to protect themselves is by buying their own groceries.

What Can Instacart Customers See?

Instacart shoppers tend to find out a bit more about the product they want than customers.

Customers will only be able to see their first name and last name, and the email address they use for their account, but you can have a custom name for them.

If you have a car that was damaged in the storm there is a chance you could get your car, vehicle and or parts damaged.

Can People See Your Address On Instacart?

Instacart shoppers can see your address. Also, if you are ordering delivery on Amazon, then yes, they will see your address.

You could use a smaller/longer wire.

The first thing you can try is not ordering from your favorite pizzeria in the first place. This might seem like a bit of a cop-out, but it can really save you money on your next meal!

Or maybe you’d prefer to have the groceries delivered to your front door, so that you can get to them immediately, and not have to go through the effort of driving out of the city.

Does Instacart Sell your Data?

We sell your personal information to third parties that provide you with shopping and other services. We do not sell your data or data of other customers. We do not disclose customer data to anyone.

So hacktivists have used the fact that a lot of the information leaked to the Internet in the past.

The Chinese data hack of the Equifax data company in 2018 resulted in a maximum fine of $2,300, which is about $14,000 in 2019.

You can check our post about whether or not the Instacart app checks your ID when you first open it.


Instacart is a platform that allows you to order groceries and get them delivered. They take privacy very seriously, and they are now taking the privacy of their customers very seriously.

Unfortunately, if this unsettles you, your only option is not to order products from apps like Instacart, which holds onto information like customer name, address and credit card numbers.

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