Ikea Business Model (What Is It, Strategies + More)

IKEA is constantly expanding it’s territory and it continues to be the market leader. The key to its business success is its ability to create innovative designs to meet the needs of its customers.

IKEA has two business models and is not as simple as just one part as I used to think. The first of the two business models is based on the fact that IKEA wants to sell its products directly to the customers.

What Is The IKEA Business Model In 2022?

With a mission of innovation, quality and sustainability, the IKEA business model is based on a system that allows numerous individuals and companies to work under the IKEA brand while maintaining a commitment to IKEA’s vision as of 2022. The company employs well-known designers and innovators from around the world to serve as a catalyst behind its vision of being the leading home furnishings provider.

To understand the IKEA business model and to find out its uniqueness you can read this page.

How Does IKEA’s Business Model Work?

The company’s main focus is to provide every customer with an enjoyable customer experience and they believe that this is what drives their business.

IKEA’s founder Ingvar Kamprad wanted a company that was easy to operate, where everyone could be paid a fair wage, and where there was a clear business plan and business sense in decision making.

Given that there will be a lot of cheap furniture in the market, IKEA decided to use the franchise system as a way to market their product.

This franchise system also presents a challenge to franchisees who are expected to market a product that is well known which has a strong brand name.

The franchise has to provide a good or service to the consumer.
The franchisee is not allowed to provide their service under IKEA’s name. The franchisee is required to use their own name.

If the franchise is not performing as expected, the Inter IKEA Systems B.V. can terminate the franchise agreement.

After the franchisee, or partner, meets the standards of an Inter IKEA Systems B.V., they will sign an agreement that says they will use IKEA’s systems and methods and can call itself an Inter IKEA store.

That said, the franchise agreement dictates that the franchisee pay an annual fee to the Inter IKEA Group over 3% of their net sales.

For example, you can buy IKEA furniture from a franchisee, but the company would also own the trademarks and brand name.

It is currently not possible to find IKEA franchise outlets in the Netherlands.

[In the future]: As of December 2nd, 2014, the IKEA Delft store in the Netherlands will become a franchise, and will be operating under the name of Emme & IKEA.

In comparison, IKEA Home Products B.V. is part of the IKEA Group of companies, and is the parent company and majority owner of all the IKEA companies.

What Is Unique About The IKEA Business Model?

Ikea uses a unique business model where they have franchises and all of their retail stores are owned by franchisees.

ikea is the worlds largest furniture retailer. it operates in more that 420 stores in 48 countries and employs more than 100,000 people.

The concept that the franchisees should commit to is to be successful by supplying the public with great quality, affordable furniture.

They have to follow the high standards of IKEA in the stores they own. To maintain the design of those stores they must keep prices low to help them sell the products.

The company is able to keep its prices low because it sells the product from the cheapest countries where they can produce. The company is also able to reach more people from across the world because they have a global product.

How Is IKEA’s Business Model Successful?

IKEA’s franchise business model works well because they adhere to the IKEA concept, which entails providing high quality, affordable furniture.

ikea has developed the most successful concept and has developed the best and most reliable solutions. Our mission is to create a better everyday life with better everyday solutions.

Furthermore, all IKEA stores carry a wide variety of furniture and houseware at discounted prices and provide delivery services to maximize customer satisfaction.

ikea has a passion for customer service and is therefore able to support their customers in furnishing their homes according to individual preferences.

IKEA franchising is designed so individuals can collaborate and contribute valuable information as per its consumer and market insights.

its approach to marketing and design.
its ability to continuously innovate products and services in order to improve customer experience and satisfaction.
its ability to make its business model widely accessible to its customers through its online and global retail presence.

ikea stores sell in small to medium sized groups of different products. The large assortment of products make it difficult for the shopper to find what they want. This causes higher prices and increased shopping time. The goal is to make it easier to do what they want to do, be it shopping or playing with toys.

But that doesn’t mean it can get away with bad practices.
In this case, it means that it is not unique.
It is a normal price strategy. And we can even see some other stores like Walmart or Target have the same kind of pricing strategy.
IKEA is different from these stores because it is an international company, but it is not unique anymore.

If all of the designers work around the price of a product and the company keeps the price low, they can continue to make good profits.

The main difference between the “regular” and “Good Design” collections is that the “Good Design” collection includes, for example, items with aluminum frames and other components made from recycled materials, like glass, plastic and paper. The “Good Design” collection also features simple furniture, like side tables, shelf units, and bedside tables.

The most common method of producing an item is to produce and sell it at a fixed price.

The promise IKEA will make is that it will ensure you can buy a table for less than you thought and you can expect to use it in a lifetime. However, in order to make sure the table will last, they need to fix the price before production.

Ikea uses a great combination of plastic and steel in its furniture.

To maintain affordability for its customers, IKEA uses lightweight and durable materials. Its shelves have a special structure that allows the shelves to carry more weight while being sturdy and safe for children to use.

When building a bed frame, you first pour a shell of plaster over a foam core. Then you have to pour a shell of plaster over that, and so on and so forth. The whole assembly of shells is called a “form”, and it’s poured in layers. The frames that are made out of wood are called “reinforced form”.

In addition, the continual innovation of furniture products keeps pricing under control.

In 2010 Ektorp introduced several new designs including some with a metal frame and a new line of outdoor sofas.

As for the environment, IKEA uses recycled and natural materials for its furniture, and uses less water for washing its floors.

The product strategy is to use cost-effective and environmentally-friendly materials which is helping IKEA maintain its low-pricing strategy.

I can get the cheapest price through production instead of negotiating with everyone.
Then, if the price becomes lower, it is more cost-effective, and thus I can achieve larger scale.

Ikea’s strategy on bulk production helps the company reduce the time and cost for production. Therefore, the net profit of Ikea increases.

IKEA is making furniture to save money by using large quantities to help keep costs down.

In this case, the mass production by IKEA is evident by the fact that IKEA consumes 1% of the world’s commercial wood supply.

In the process of creating an “innovation lab”, IKEA must be considered very different from other companies in that it has a unique strategy.

Even in low margin businesses, bulk production helps IKEA earn higher profits.

We will be able to reduce our packing and shipping costs.

ikea promotes sustainability by reducing the weight of the packaging.

In the end, Ikea packs all its products flat, which translates to a lower storage and transportation costs that translate to a lower end price for consumers.

The only real differences are that the furniture is cheaper and it is smaller than a flat-screen TV, making it easier to transport.

You can order your furniture the same way you would order most products of any size.

IKEA announced the strategy to simplify their products while maintaining quality to reduce prices. IKEA introduced their new “Assemble it Yourself” strategy where you can assemble their products without assembly expertise.

Although if you cannot assemble the furniture yourself, you can hire a professional.

Venture into the food industry and make your company a leading name in the industry. Create a business strategy by analyzing the market.

ikea has decided to enhance customer retention by introducing restaurant, bistros, and Swedish food markets as part of its stores.

With the introduction of food joints, shopping was made more enjoyable and easier while the customers were able to take some food to enjoy with their family.

But after the renovation, IKEA saw an even greater appetite for IKEA products there, said IKEA’s CEO Hans Peter Fyrberg.

What Are The Key Capabilities IKEA Needs To Make Its Business Model Work?

IKEA has four capabilities that it needs to make its business model work which includes the affordability of furniture, sustainability, functionality, and good product design.

 IKEA will continue to be managed by the IKEA franchise, and it will continue to be driven by the IKEA franchise.

If you are interested in IKEA, we did a thorough research and picked out the most influential IKEA market competitors.


In summary, Ikea operates in a franchise model that allows other brands to operate under its name and sell products in other markets.

The company was able to bring in more investors and continue its rise on the international markets.

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