How Soon Can You Cash Out On Doordash? (What To Know!)

DoorDash offers many options to drivers looking for quick cash. What if you need extremely fast money?

How quickly can you cash out DoorDash? This is what we discovered when we looked into it…

DoorDash: How soon can you cash out?

DoorDash offers FastPay, which allows Dashers cash out every day for a small $1.99 fee. DoorDash also offers direct payments on Mondays for all previous week’s deliveries, plus 100% of tips customers.

Continue reading to learn more about DoorDash and Fast Pay.

What is Fast Pay?

DoorDash offers a great service called Fast Pay. This allows Dashers to be paid each day if they need cash quickly.

If a Dasher has delivered more than 25 lifetime delivery, they may be eligible for Fast Pay.

Each fast payment request made through the service will incur a $1.99 charge

Fast pay is not available to new drivers until they have completed 25 lifetime deliveries and their first two weeks of employment with the company. After the initial wait period during which you start dashing, you can request payment every day as long as you like.

DoorDash Fast Pay Requirements

These are the requirements to be eligible for DoorDash Fast Pay.

  • At least 25 deliveries in your lifetime
  • You have been a member of DoorDash for at least 14 days (14 weeks) since activation
  • Fast Pay was set up and you added your debit card 7 days ago. The 7-day processing time is now over.
  • You have not updated your debit card information in the last 7 days (including re-entering it).

You can be eligible for Fast Pay anytime you meet the requirements and get cash-out immediately.

What can I cash out using Fast Pay?

Fast Pay allows you to cash out 100% of your tips and the entire balance of your payment. You can cash out only Dashes in progress.

What does DoorDash pay?


These payments include all the deliveries you’ve made and 100% of tips from customers.

Check out this article about DoorDash payment methods.


Dashers are typically paid by direct deposit on Mondays, but they can also use Fast Pay.

Fast Pay allows Dashers to withdraw funds quickly for a small fee (1.99).

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