How Long Does Walmart Pickup Take? (your Full Guide)

I’ve been wondering that as well. I’ve thought about going to Walmart, but haven’t been able to find the time. The past few days, I’ve also been thinking about ordering things from Walmart, but I’m just not sure how long it will take for them to show up.

Okay, time for some answers. First up, you’ll need to take the time to determine the time you want the delivery to be made. The best way to do this is to take a look at your delivery options and choose something that suits your time budget. If you need to place an urgent order, you’ll probably want to opt for a Fast Track delivery. If you need a speedy delivery, you’ll want to opt for Next Day delivery.

How Long Does Walmart Pickup Take In 2022?

Walmart doesn’t charge for same-day delivery because it doesn’t want to affect the quality of the products that it sells — as opposed to other companies that sell physical goods — and it’s also trying to be more efficient. However, if you place your order as early as Tuesday, Walmart will deliver your order the following Wednesday.

You can schedule an appointment with the Walmart mobile app via the Appointments tab.

To find another Walmart store near you, tap the Store Locator.

If you don’t have an active delivery service with Walmart, tap the Menu (three lines) icon and go to the Delivery Services tab.

Here you can schedule pickup at Walmart stores or have the store deliver your order to your home or office.

How Does the Pickup at Walmart Work?

The curbside pickup option is simply the option to have your food delivered to your home, which is also available at some grocery stores, and it’s a pretty convenient way to get food in the convenience of your home, but it does come with a cost of time.

Walmart has a new plan to save delivery costs and give its customers more time to enjoy their weekends.

You can choose curbside pickup when shopping through the Walmart website or Walmart app and select the store closest to you that provides “Curbside pickup” as your order option.

When it’s time for pickup you’ll receive an email with your order, and then get a follow-up email once the shipment has been delivered.

Walmart online pickup at this time is available in store only, so if you have to shop online, you might want to avoid using local stores and ship it to your home instead.

Your order should be ready within 4 hours to 4 hours only if you order before 4 PM. If you order after 4 PM, the cut-off time can be 4 PM.

You can use mobile check-in before you leave, so that your order will be ready for you when you get there.

Go to the Walmart store where you want to pick up your order. Show the email from the online system that says your order is ready. Someone will bring your order to your vehicle.

As an added benefit to our customers, we now offer a convenient in-store pickup option available on our website at the link below. You can simply order online and schedule an appointment at your local Walmart for your product(s) to be picked up.

You can also choose in-store pickup at checkout, which means you’ll need to pick up at your local Walmart store when you pay for your order.

Also, your order should arrive within 3-5 business days, but it may take up to a week, depending on shipping time and your location.

Finally, grab that email and your valid photo ID (check-in before you leave if you use mobile), and your order will be waiting!

– The fastest growing segment of any business is the mobile market. The mobile economy is growing at a rapid
pace, as are mobile commerce transactions. This is especially true among young people who are the most tech-savvy
demographic of consumers today.

Go to your store and login to your email, if you don’t know how to do that,
head to the store where you first checked in and go into the mobile app and tap on the three vertical lines and create a brand new account by signing it.
Now go to the area on the store where you first checked in and head into your account management.

Is Walmart Pickup Free?

If you are a new customer, or if you’ve never shopped at Walmart with an account, you can create an account right when you shop. You can use the in-store pickup option, or choose an easy online option to have your items shipped to your doorstep so they’re ready for you to grab on your next visit.

Do You Tip Walmart Pickup?

You don’t tip for Walmart pickup and the associates are not supposed to accept tips, but they will leave positive reviews about you if you leave positive feedback for them.

Also, if a customer service associate is very helpful, and you have a good experience with them, you can leave a short note for their manager on the customer feedback card, and it’ll be worth more than a few dollars in a tip.

How Long Does Walmart Hold a Pickup Order?

Walmart will hold you order for 7 days, so you will not have to worry about scrambling and getting down there the instant your order is ready, if you have other plans.

Walmart won’t hold on to an order than it has to cancel it by the deadline specified in the email.

Can Someone Else Pick up My Walmart Order?

you can designate a friend or family member to pick up your order when you place it online or through Walmart’s app.

You can also go into the Order Details section and add or edit the designated person to pick up your order after your order has been placed.

Can I Cancel My Walmart Pickup Order?

If you’ve placed an order with, go to your cart and click “Cancel.” If you’ve placed an order on the Walmart app, open the cart, tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner, and choose “Cancel.” If you’ve placed an order in-store, go to the service desk or to a cashier, and ask to cancel your order.

However, I also recommend that you also cancel the order.

What Is a Bag Fee for Walmart Pickup?

If your Walmart order uses reusable bags instead of plastic bags, you can return them at any time for a refund of $2 a bag.

At this point, Walmart isn’t really promoting it as a method of getting a bag for $1, or of reducing plastic waste. At the pickup location, there’s the option of getting a reusable bag, which you have to pick up in person.

In our other posts on Walmart grocery pickup, we spoke a lot about the Walmart grocery pickup process. We’ve also written about how to avoid problems with Walmart grocery pickups and how to track your order. If you still have questions, you can check out our Walmart grocery pickup tips page.


Walmart pickup can take anywhere from 4 hours to 4 days depending on the hours you place your order and the location. It’s best to place your order early so your groceries will be waiting for you when you show up.

You can choose either curbside pickup or in-store pickup. Both are free, and you can have others pick up the order on your behalf. If you choose to do this, you should provide your full name as well as your order details.

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