How Long Do Sea Turtles Live?

Sea turtles are some of the longest living creatures on earth. The average lifespan for sea turtles is around 50 years.

Why Do People Consider Sea Turtles Endangered?

Sea turtles are an endangered species because of the many factors that contribute to their endangerment. People often do not realize the major impact they have on sea turtles because they can’t see the harm happening, but it is very real.

The most common issue that people create for sea turtles is pollution. When people throw garbage into the ocean, it often gets washed up on shore and then beaches become a place where animals can get caught.

This includes sea turtles who usually look for food on the shoreline, and if they get caught in a piece of trash, they can suffer from asphyxiation or starvation as a result. In addition to littering, people also don’t realize how much oil pollution is in our oceans today.

This includes both oil from big spills as well as runoff from our cars and lawnmowers. When these pollutants coat beaches, sea turtles often come to the shoreline to nest and lay eggs, but if there is too much oil then it will suffocate them or their eggs will die because of the lack of oxygen coming from the water.

Pollution not only harms sea turtles directly but also indirectly by killing off other animals that they rely on for food such as fish and crabs. In addition to harming them directly, humans also harm sea turtles indirectly by destroying their natural habitat which causes many of their natural resources such as food and nesting sites to be scarce.

Pollution, climate change due to global warming, human development near nesting areas, egg poaching, fishing nets near nesting areas are all major factors contributing to why Sea Turtles are endangered today.

Where Are Sea Turtles Most Commonly Found?

Sea turtles are most commonly found in the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. They can also be found in the Indian and Southern Pacific Oceans, but this is less common.

What Is The Sea Turtle’s Main Diet?

Sea Turtles are mostly carnivorous, meaning they feed on other animals. They eat various types of fish, shrimp, jellyfish, and even the occasional seagull. The turtle’s diet consists of about 80% fish and 20% other sea life. They can consume up to 50 pounds of food in one day.

Do Sea Turtles Travel Far During Their Lifetime?

Sea turtles are able to travel long distances across the ocean during their lifetime. They can swim at a speed of up to 20 miles per hour and can often cover distances of over 1,800 miles.

The average turtle will swim about 200 miles in a year and migrate up to 15 miles per day between foraging trips.

Can A Sea Turtle Lay Multiple Eggs At A Time?

Sea turtle eggs are produced in the ovaries. Each female sea turtle holds a single clutch of eggs, which are released into the abdominal cavity at one time. This process is called oviposition.

Each clutch contains up to 180 eggs. The eggs are then deposited on the beach at one time. The sea turtle does not lay eggs continuously because it would be too difficult to keep up with so many eggs being produced.

The egg laying process is not as simple as it seems. It takes a lot of energy and nutrients for the female sea turtle to produce eggs and then travel up to 20 miles to the beach where they will be laid.

The number of eggs produced in a year varies with species. A loggerhead female may produce between 120 to 150 eggs in one season. The green turtle lays approximately 100 eggs per nest every two years while leatherbacks lay about 80 to 100 eggs per nest every three years on average.

The female usually mates with several males before she lays her clutch of eggs on the beach in order to improve their chances for fertilization.

Is It True That All Sea Turtles Do Not Have A Hard Shell?

All sea turtles do not have a hard shell. Some sea turtles have a hard shell, and some sea turtles have a soft shell.

The leatherback turtle is one of the sea turtles that does not have a hard shell, but it does have a thick layer of fat under its skin to help protect it from predators.

What Is The Shell Made Up Of?

A sea turtle’s shell is made up of approximately 80 different bones that are fused together to form the shell. The turtle’s neck, spine, ribs, and hips grow outward from the neck vertebrae and fuse together to form the carapace, or upper part of the shell.

The plastron, or bottom part of the shell, is formed from the lower vertebrae and ribs. The bony plates that make up a sea turtle’s shell are covered in a thin layer of keratin known as scutes. Scutes are actually modified scales that help protect a turtle from predators.

Can Sea Turtles Come Out Of Their Shells?

The answer is no. Sea turtles have a protective shell that covers their body. The turtle’s ribs are attached to the underside of the shell, which means it can’t push them out. This helps to protect the turtle from predators, so it is a good thing they can’t come out.

Is The Sea Turtle The Oldest Reptile Group In The World?

A lot of people would say that the oldest living reptile group in the world is the sea turtle. They have been around for almost 200 million years, longer than any other animal.

The earliest known member of the turtle family is Odontochelys Semitestacea which was found in China and lived during the Triassic period. The animal had a bony shell and could have been an ancestor to modern turtles.

Do Sea Turtles Love Jellyfish?

Sea turtles are at the top of the food chain; however, this does not mean that they are immune to predation.

Jellyfish are an important part of the sea turtles’ diet. Sea turtles have a keen sense of smell and can easily detect jellyfish from a distance. They will swim towards the jellyfish and capture it with their beak. The turtle will then tear the jellyfish apart with its claws and eat it.

Are Sea Turtles Amniotes?

Yes, sea turtles are amniotes, which means that they lay eggs on land.

Are Sea Turtles Cold Blooded?

Sea turtles are reptiles and are cold blooded, but they can regulate their body temperature by moving in and out of the water.

How Many Sea Turtle Species Exist?

There are more than 300 different species of sea turtles, but only a few are classified as endangered. In the United States, the green turtle is endangered and the loggerhead is threatened. In some countries, such as Costa Rica, sea turtles are hunted for food and their eggs are harvested for consumption.


Sea turtles are reptiles that live in salt water and lay eggs on land. They can be found in all seven of the world’s oceans and are an endangered species, which is why it is important to understand them.

Sea turtles use their flippers to swim and their shells to shield themselves from predators. They eat jellyfish, crabs, and squid, and they can weigh up to 500 pounds.

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