Grubhub Privacy Policy (can Drivers See Your Details + Other Faqs)

For the purposes of Grubhub, it’s important for you to provide us with the following information:

your full name
your email address
the last four digits of your credit card number

Your email address is required so that we can contact you if there are problems delivering your order, and will be stored on our servers indefinitely.
Our system will also store your credit card information for the time that it takes to process your order.

With concerns growing over how big companies operate, I looked into how Grubhub is supposed to do the right thing.

Grubhub Privacy Policy In 2022

Read on to learn about how companies can collect your personal information. It’s important to be aware of what information companies can collect and how they can use it.

What Information Does Grubhub Collect?

In the most general sense, a user can opt-in or opt-out of sharing their information in a myriad of ways such as signing up for a Grubhub account, providing an email address, sharing a purchase history, setting up an account, etc.

All of the data that we collect and track is intended to provide our users with a great experience and can help us improve our services.

Can Grubhub Drivers See Your Name?

If you don’t want Grubhub to show your name or email address on your delivery page, just make sure you include a name or email address on your order. Otherwise, Grubhub will only show the initials of your name.

Do Grubhub Customers See Your Full Name?

When you use the Grubhub app, you can only see the first name and initial of your restaurant’s name, and not your whole name.

Does Grubhub Show Your Phone Number?

No, and you always have the option to opt out of these kinds of calls. If you receive a phone call from Grubhub or DoorDash for an order, you can always get rid of it by pressing STOP.
The order will be canceled and your meal will be refunded.

If you decide to create this account later on, you’ll have to enter your old phone number. To do this, open your phone (if you have one) and open the app Settings. You can also open the app on your computer. On the page where you enter your phone number, you should see a red “Add Number” button.

Does Grubhub Sell Your Information?

No, and also, the company isn’t allowed to guarantee that the third parties on the platform, including payment processors and restaurants, don’t sell it.

They sell the information to third parties to help with targeted advertising, as part of the “enhanced” service.

Can Grubhub Customers Track Drivers?

Uber allows riders inside the Uber app, but the rider must wait for the driver to pick up the order.

Does Grubhub Show My Address?

The best way to get the correct address is to tell them before you order and they can add it in after you check out.

It might be nice to have a service that will let you order food online and pick it up for you, but this would probably be too convenient and you could end up making a lot of money for the restaurants.

Does Grubhub Need My Social Security Number?

GrubHub makes money by buying food from restaurants and delivering it to customers. They need all their drivers’ identities to do their transactions and so they ask its drivers to sign a waiver for their social security information.

The background check looks at things like your driving record, if you’ve been convicted of a DUI or any other crimes, and your work history.

However, I found a report about Grubhub using one of its drivers’ social security numbers [or possibly an employer’s] to pretend to be them and contacting their insurance providers to ask for more information.

GrubHub sent their insurance to them and contacted them directly to make sure they were valid and not fraudulent. They went out of their way to help them out.

What Information Can I Delete From Grubhub?

Unfortunately, you can’t remove your information from Grubhub without deleting your account and all of the information about it.

You can also request for your account to be deleted to Grubhub, as well as your order history, scheduled orders, loyalty points, and other details.

When you submit a deletion request, Grubhub will delete all your accounts with the same login information as that one, including restaurants and drivers.

Grubhub has said that it will not be able to recover anything associated with your account.
It does not matter what you delete.

If you do not agree with any of the information the restaurant gets from Grubhub, you can request to have your personal information removed.

You can check the Grubhub account to know if there is any update, and remove the data that you don’t want.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.


Grubhub’s privacy policy states it collects information about you, including your contact details, email and physical addresses, and banking information. It also says that the company uses cookies and location data to improve the quality of its service.

The security features are expanded to include biometric features like your fingerprints and retina patterns. The software also allows you to configure other features, like the ability to store your personal information in the cloud and encrypt your data.

Plus, for reasons unknown to me (even after a bit of research) you can’t click on their link to find the full name and address for your local government.

You can’t delete your information from Grubhub without deleting your whole account but you can ask for a copy of the information that company has on you.

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