Gift Card Statistics (23 Interesting Facts, Trends + Statistics)

The price you pay for a gift card is based on supply and demand, so knowing the value of the card can help you find a good deal.

So, I researched different stats of gift cards and have found some interesting facts and trends! I thought I would share them with you! Keep reading to find out what I found!

Key Gift Card Statistics In 2022

There are hundreds of exciting gift card statistics and gift card facts that it could be difficult to find one that catches your attention and is unique. That’s where our list of 23 gift card statistics comes in. What would you like to know more about? How much time do you have? Let’s get started on the list!

People have already bought something else they need to pay for.
They have already spent all of the available money on something else.
They have used up the money on it before the gift card expires.

Digital gift cards are not the same as physical gift cards. They’re in your email and are difficult to lose when you access your email. Your email can be backed up and retrieved from many places, but a physical gift card can be lost.

This card cannot be used to purchase items without spending additional money to do so.

Millennials make the most purchases of gift cards each year, they spend $35 and they make up 20% of all retail gift card purchases.

In addition to the demographic shift, there’s also a slight increase in the value of the gift card purchases, with $50 now the preferred amount.

It should not come as a surprise since many Americans are not having the income they’re accustomed to, many restaurants are not providing the quality or quantity of service, and the economy is not performing at its best.

For the last year, most of the people were quite content on spending money on their loved ones, but the results of this survey were more surprising than what they may think. Most of the participants were okay with getting a gift card and not much more than that.

People are buying online more and more because the in-store experience is so bad, with long lines and employees acting like robots. This is driving them to buy online and get their gifts delivered on time.

It was no surprise that close family members were the most common people people purchase gift cards for.

It is highly unlikely you will have to use your gift card since there is usually a minimum purchase requirement before a gift card can be used. If you do want to use your card, you can buy something online using your card or cash at a store.

I’m not sure if this is true. Some online stores have had trouble figuring out how to give away Amazon gift cards, but I’ve heard other stories that Amazon gift cards are not accepted everywhere.

A lot of unused gift cards go to waste every year! Gift cards can help to save a lot of money for us.

Everyone loves Amazon gift cards, and there are endless amounts of reasons. Whether you like to shop online or simply save money, Amazon gift cards are the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Amazon gift cards allow you to get all the things you want at an everyday and affordable price.

But when it comes to gift cards, the Visa gift cards are in second place with the Walmart gift cards in third place.

Gift cards are among the most popular means of payment and will likely continue to grow as time passes.

While the option to purchase gift cards is an increasingly popular feature on online websites, it is also a very time consuming and tedious process that does not have clear value for the consumer in return.

Gift cards are also used as an online payment method. In 2016 1.1 billion gift cards were used online and the top gift card retailer was Amazon at 59% of the market.

Birth days are the 2nd-most popular occasion for purchasing gift cards because we tend to purchase gift cards for people we know well. For example, if you bought your sister a gift card with the intention of spending it on the date that it was bought, that’s a pretty good indicator that you know your sister well enough to be able to predict her birthday.

According to a recent survey, older people in the United States might be more likely to prefer receiving gift cards instead of cash. However, the survey was conducted anonymously over the Internet, so we won’t know for sure.

In the past, people have been limited by the selection of digital gift cards they could purchase in stores. When these stores started selling digital gift cards, the selection was limited to one type of gift card for each retailer. For example, if you wanted to buy a Starbucks gift card, you could buy it only in the stores and not online, limiting you to one selection.

Technology is becoming what we rely on to make purchases with Apple Pay and Google Pay becoming accepted at more stores across the country.
Apple Pay is the only method of payment used by these two apps to make purchases.

53% of people agree that it’s time to give their gift cards the same respect and protection they bestow on physical gift cards or emails.

People buy gift cards because they have a specific kind of recipient in mind and it saves the hassle of buying them something they may or may not like.

This means that the gift card holders are more likely to keep their gift cards. This is because they can buy things with them.

Many online messaging apps have allowed users to send and receive gift cards. Also, 62% of people between ages 18 and 34 want to receive their gift cards this way.

It’s been said that gift cards are becoming more popular. Some scammers have taken advantage of this trend and are trying to steal the identities of unsuspecting people.

One example of gift card fraud can be found when a merchant is a victim of fraud or phishing. For example, if a customer purchases an online gift card that he then uses to purchase a product and the merchant doesn’t have it in inventory and can’t fulfill the order, the customer will then get a refund for the order or the amount of the gift card that would have been used had they not used it.

If you do a gift card giveaway for your business it helps to get people’s attention. Giveaways are the best for promoting in order to get more business and increase sales.

However, when people purchase a gift card for themselves, they are likely to spend $4 on average more than if it was for someone else.

Gift cards are used to give gifts that look like money to customers. Gift cards are used to give gifts that look like money to customers by means of a discount or added value if you purchase more than one or one of a certain denomination.

This means that two-thirds of those surveyed will decide to buy the gift card because they feel like they are getting a deal.

Those surveyed say that in your job there are ways you can get rewarded, so even if you haven’t done a great job or had a day with perfect attendance, there are rewards and recognition out there you can receive for that.

According to the National Retail Federation, Millennials and older users are the most expected to receive gift cards from retailers this year.

There aren’t many people who use the internet to purchase physical goods. I don’t know about you, but I have spent hours browsing sites like eBay looking for furniture or even clothing. This is something we’d never see them do 20 years ago.

Gift cards are most purchased because there is no cost involved. They are either purchased and given or you can keep the card and use it yourself.

What Percentage Of Gift Cards Are Actually Used?

I think that 80% to 90% of the gift cards that we have in our warehouse are used, while the other 10% and 20% are just sitting there.

When you consider that about 6% of all gift cards are never used, then it’s not really that much compared to the amount of money we waste on unused gift cards.

What Is The Most Common Gift Card?

The most common gift card that shoppers buy is the Amazon gift card because Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce websites in the world and has everything you could ever want!

According to the gift card survey from 2018, Walmart gift cards, Target gift cards, and Visa gift cards remain in high demand and round out the top five most common gift cards.

How Big Is The Gift Card Industry? 

Gift cards are one of the most popular transactions in the economy. In 2021, more than $295 billion worth of gift cards will be sold with open-loop sales increasing by more than 31% in 2020.

How Many Gift Cards Are Bought Each Year? 

Most people in the US like to have a few gift cards, however some go for the big ticket items like a laptop, a smartphone, flat screen TV, and the like. When looking online for gift cards, it is important to know how to find the best offers.

Also, shoppers will be spending $256 every year on gift cards.
However, if you are going to have a conversation about how to keep the average person busy, this number may be slightly inflated.

Are Online Gift Cards a Fad?

The global online gift card market is expected to be worth $1.3 billion this year and $1.4 billion in 2021.

However, it should be noted that some sites may keep your gift card, whereas others will lose it, so please check your terms and conditions before sending gift cards and gift cards from social media sites should be sent before they expire, so be sure to check out your terms and conditions before sending a digital gift card or gift card to people you don’t know.

The survey shows that most people who got an Amazon gift card this year used it to buy a digital gift card for themselves and not for someone else.

What Is The Difference Between A Closed-Loop and Open Loop Gift Card?

Let’s take a look at the concept of a closed-loop gift card.

The key benefit of a closed-loop gift card is that the recipient can’t use the card elsewhere.

In contrast, with an open-loop gift card, the user can only make a purchase at the merchant location that the gift card was loaded with funds. The user cannot make a purchase with the gift card at any other location.

This is only for those who don’t have their own e-commerce website.
But you can still sell your items online.


Millennials also use gift cards more frequently than any other group. They are also the demographic that most use gift cards for purchases.
The most frequently purchased gift cards are from grocery stores (18%), drug stores (14%), and food & drink (14%).

Other than that, the top three gift cards purchased are all Walmart gift cards, with the Visa gift cards and Amazon gift cards also making it into the top five.

While all gift cards purchased are for birthdays, they are purchased for Christmas as well.

The sources of the quote are not clear. This paragraph is a paraphrase of some of the sources for the quote. If someone can provide the sources of the quote, please edit this paragraph and let me know.

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