Does Walmart Sell Stamps? 

The US Postal Service serves roughly 161.4 million addresses.

Are you one of those who uses the United States Postal Services? If yes, you might already know that you have to pay for the postage to send mail, the cost of which comes in the form of stamps. 

The stamp profits directly go into the treasury of the United States Postal Service – it doesn’t matter where you buy them. It is a major source of income for the United States Postal Service. 

When shopping for stamps, you might wonder if Walmart sells them or not. The good news is, yes, Walmart sells stamps

Today we are going to answer this question in detail. So without further ado, let’s jump straight to the point. 

What Kind of Stamps Does Walmart Offer?

You will find various types of stamps in Walmart stores. In fact, some stamps have a unique design that are hard to find elsewhere. 

The stamps available in Walmart are mostly for mail delivery, but they don’t come directly from any post office. 

However, this doesn’t bother customers much because all they want is their mail to get delivered to the right person on time. 

Since Walmart is a multinational corporation comprising huge stores, finding the stamps may be overwhelming. But it won’t feel hard if you know where to look.

Where to Find Stamps at Walmart?

There are various places in a Walmart store where you will find stamps. Below are a few areas that you should consider checking! 

Walmart MoneyCenter

In most of the Walmart SuperCenters, you will find a MoneyCenter very easily. A Moneycenter is an area where one can cash-out checks and money orders. 

Since this area deals in deliveries and money, several Walmart stores prefer placing the stamps here. You can find individual stamps for one-time use as well as packs of stamps in Walmart MoneyCenters.


Registers are among the most common places where Walmart puts its stamps. Most of the time, you will find the stamps in the checkout lanes.

If not there, you might have to ask the cashier. They often place the stamps behind the register to prevent them from theft. 

Registers are more convenient as stamps are not always at the forefront of customers’ minds. In case a customer forgets to purchase the stamps initially, they can be easily grabbed from the checkout lane. 

Our pro tip would be to inspect the checkout lane before heading deeper into the Walmart stores, as it will save you time.

Customer Service Centers

Every Walmart store has a CSD (customer service desk). The primary role of this area is for returning products and handling customer inquiries or complaints. But sometimes, this area also carries stamps.

Since most customers visit this place to inquire about stamps, some Walmart stores save their customers’ time by making the stamps available at the CSD. 

You can directly approach the CSD and ask them about the stamps. If the stamps are available with them, they will provide you with them

Otherwise, executives at the customer service desk will direct you to the right area where it’s available.

Office Supplies and Packaging Area

If you cannot find the stamps in any of the above areas, you should head straight to Walmart’s office supplies and packing area. 

More specifically, you have to look for the place where the store sells the packaging material. The office supplies and packaging section tends to keep the stamps. 

Walmart makes things easier for their customers by offering them everything need for mailing at one section.

In addition to stamps, you’ll also find label markers, ink pads, pens, papers, envelopes, and other tools used for mailing a document or item. 

What Types of Stamps Does Walmart Offer?

Well, it isn’t pleasant, but it’s the truth – stamps are not the most exciting and fun thing to purchase.

But you can spice up your stamp shopping by adding some unique options to your basket. When shopping at a Walmart store, you will find lots of stamps in different styles and sizes. 

The classic and one of the most basic types of stamps is the ‘Forever collection.’ They are the cheapest and mostly feature the American national flag.

After the Forever Collection, the prices start increasing as you look at stamps that use intellectual properties. 

For example, some stamps feature the characters from the famous show ‘The Looney Tunes’ and other popular TV series.

Some of these stamps come under collectibles like Star Trek stamps. Moreover, you will find stamps featuring plants, space, artwork, etc.

Using imprinted stamps allows you to showcase your personality when mailing your gifts or documents. 

At Walmart, you can find stamps in either book format or roll format. While some are as large as 100 stamps, others contain only 13-16 stamps.

With a wide range of options, you will find the type of stamp you are looking for at Walmart. 

How Much Do The Stamps at Walmart Cost?

Now comes the most important question – what is the cost of stamps available at Walmart?

Here’s the answer – the price varies from stamp to stamp or collection to collection.

For example:

  • The forever stamps cost around $12 – $20, depending upon the number of stamps you purchase
  • Specialized stamps available in hexagonal shape cost around $20 – $30 for six stamps
  • The famous intellectual property stamps come under the price range of $20 – $30 for 12 stamps

The number of stamps is also an essential factor affecting the price of stamps.

Suppose you want to purchase around 40 stamps; it would cost you about $40 to $50. Always remember – the rarer the stamp, the higher it will cost. 

Final Thoughts

Walmart deals in tons of stamps of various designs, prices, and sizes. From cheapest options like Forever stamps to costly ones, you can shop for any type of stamps at the store.

Moreover, if you want to shop online, you can also visit their online store: 

We hope this informative guide helped you in learning about the availability of stamps at Walmart. 

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