Is Dermstore Legit? What You Should Know About Dermstore Skin Care Store

Dermstore is one of the largest skincare and beauty e-commerce stores in the United States of America, with many of its products shipped worldwide. The company is a subsidiary of the British company- Hut Group. The company currently ranks among the top 35 skincare stores globally and has an average rating of 3.26 from thousands of customer ratings. This shows that the company still has a strong reputation among its teeming followers. The company also currently enjoys a BBB rating of A+, which adds to its general perception.

So, Is Dermstore Legit?

Yes, Dermstore is 100% legit because it sells registered skincare and beauty products.

A Brief History And Background Of Dermstore

Dermstore is a private company that was founded in 1999 by Craig Kraffert. The company’s headquarters is currently located in El Segundo, California, United States of America. In 2012, the company expanded and diversified from distributing skincare products to distributing consumer cosmetic brands.

In 2013, Target Corporation acquired Dermstore Beauty Group, and that was when it became a subsidiary of the Target Corporation that operates as an entity under the Dermstore online store. In 2019, Dermstore partnered with the American Academy of Dermatology to provide skincare education across the country.

In 2020, The United Kingdom-based Hut Group decided to buy Dermstore from Target Corporation for a record $350 million. Till today, Dermstore remains the property of The Hut Group.

What You Should Know About Dermstore

The following are vital features you should be aware of concerning Dermstore;

1. There are more than 350 Brands of Products Sold by Dermstore

In 2008, the company launched a subscription-based membership for those looking to buy its beauty boxes that contain a range of skincare products, hair care products, and makeup products.

The company sells some of the best-selling products out there, and some of these brands are common with famous social media influencers and celebrities. Some of the fantastic products available here are; Baby Foot, GlamGlow, Arcona, and PCA Skin. The products are alphabetically arranged on the website, and you can scroll down for a while to see the end of it.

2. The Skin Care Service

Dermstore sells many skincare products, which vary from exfoliators to cleansers, eye care, treatments, and serum. You can also find Face sun care products, eye care, and lip care here. It is pretty convenient to browse through the skincare products available on this website. You can browse by skin type and find out what products are most suitable for your skin.

3. Makeup Products

The makeup section of this store is fantastic to look at, and many makeup gurus throng to this site to sell or get ideas. Dermstore offers branded products for sale for foundations, eye makeup, concealers, face makeup, and lip makeup. You can also find mascaras, sets, and kits for sale.

4. Hair Care

This is one section that men and women love to explore on this site. The haircare lines include regular hair shampoos and many hair-styling products. Just like in the skin type section, the site provides the hairstyle section where you can find hair products for curly, straight, frizzy, and bouncy hairstyles.

5. The Bath and Body Product Section

The body and bath sections are not left out on the site. The site offers luscious and fragrant body and bath products of reputable brands. There are shower items, baby and mother items, and men’s body care products. There are pretty many products that you need to take care of your body always.

Dermstore also includes oral care products in this section. It is also important to mention the sun care products, perfumes, deodorants, and many more products that will take care of your body.

6. The Men’s Section

There is a category specially dedicated to men on this website. The shaving and grooming products are available for men who want to keep them clean always. There are also moisturizers, hair care products, and body care products for men on this platform. These are just a few available products specially designed for men from different brands on Dermstore online.

This is the perfect place to buy gifts for a man, and one great thing about this section is that most of the products are found in deals and discounts.

7. The Rewards and Sale Section

This is one section that most people often check before any other thing, especially when they are on this site. The sales here are wild, sort of, and if you find a product that attracts reward points or is on sale, you will get an explanation even there before you check out. You can also get gift cards worth hundreds of dollars in this section.

8. Ask An Esthetician

Do you have any questions bothering you about your beauty and body care? This is a great section where you can ask an expert online about your issues. The beauty expert responds to the question box available on the website. You may not get an instant reply, but you will surely get a reply.

Is Dermstore Legit?

Perhaps the reason why many don’t believe that Dermstore is legit is the number of review sites with numerous complaints regarding certain misleading practices by the store. Some of these complaints center around stolen credit card information alongside identity thefts.

A first look at the online store reveals a completely legit business that serves as a one-stop destination for skin and beauty products.

Dermstore is therefore legit because it offers 100% legit products, especially from popular brands you know. Their products come with receipts and product details from the manufacturers; hence you don’t have to worry about anything about authenticity. The company ships orders with proper seals and packaging, and such items are delivered within the stipulated time.

How Does Dermstore Work?

Once you get to the Dermstore online site, you may want to check the left corner of the hovering screen where all the products are located. You can click on any product you want, and the sub-categories will drop instantly. In case you have an urgent issue resolved, you can contact the company directly on the toll number- 1-800-213-3376.

The company is also regular on major social media networks, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest. The company always keeps up with its content regularly, and they also update their product pages to ensure that they don’t run out of stock at any time.

The Dermstore Returns And Shipping Policy

The following are important information about Dermstore returns and shipping policies;

1. The Dermstore Return Policy

Dermstore has a strong return policy for its users. The company offers a 30-day return period for dissatisfied customers to return a product. With many complaints greeting this policy, the company decided to extend it to 60 days. Refunds may come in cash or store credits, depending on the agreement with the product manufacturers. You may use store credits to even buy products of more value in the future.

You don’t have to worry about spending your money to return a product, and the company offers free and prepaid returns shipping.

2. The Dermstore Shipment Policy

The Dermstore shipment policy can be a little tricky to some people. The reason is that the shipment timeframe seems to be fair, but the problem is that the company makes a select shipment. Many countries of the world are exempted from shipment. For now, the company ships within the United States. Smart people from around the world often use an American address where they can get their ordered items shipped from to other parts of the world.

The standard shipping option will take between 5 and 8 business days to complete, and this is always available free. You have to buy items worth a certain minimum price to qualify for the free shipping. There is a one-time fee of $6.95 on special offers. The advantage of the special offer shipping is that it takes 2 business days to deliver an ordered item. The Overnight shipment offer, which is the fastest express shipment option, costs $29.95, and it takes a business day to deliver an ordered item.

Unfortunately, territories like Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska are exempted from the Special offer and Express shipment options, but they do offer standard shipping to those areas, and that will take up to 14 business days to deliver the item.

Like many other online stores, Dermstore has its main rivals, including Sephora and SkinStore. Sephora. Sephora is a household name in the Beauty industry and has stores across the world, which is one edge the company may have over Dermstore. The company ships internationally, whereas Dermstore doesn’t. Sephora is also known to hold a much larger international product brand.

SkinStore is just like Dermstore in many ways. They have a similar vibe to Dermstore, with lots of premium products. They also operate similar shipping and return policies with Dermstore.

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