Does Tim Hortons Deliver? (Order Minimum, Cost + More)

If you are unsure about Tim Hortons delivery options, you are not alone. You may wonder if Tim Hortons delivers and where is the nearest Tim Hortons location.

If you ever find yourself in Ottawa, Quebec, and looking for Tim Hortons you don’t have to worry, because the restaurant will be here for you…

Does Tim Hortons Deliver In 2022?

As of 2022, Tim Hortons will offer delivery in the United States and Canada. Orders can be placed using the company’s app or website. Orders for delivery require a minimum order value of $9. The delivery service will be provided by a third-party.

Do you want to know more about what Tim Hortons does when it comes to delivery and where it is available? If that’s the case, read on to learn what I’ve found out!

Does Tim Hortons Deliver In Canada?

Tim Hortons’ delivery service operates in many Canadian cities, such as Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa. Tim Hortons offers its delivery service through its mobile app. However, Tim Hortons’ delivery service is only available in Canada, such as in cities in southern Ontario. Tim Hortons does not disclose which service provider it uses to make deliveries in Canada.

Does Tim Hortons Deliver In The United States?

Tim Hortons also delivers in the United States; but because it’s a private-label delivery company, it has the option to cut out the middleman. Order on the app and get it at your door in as little as 30 minutes, though the average delivery time is 10-15 minutes.

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How Far Does Tim Hortons Deliver?

The delivery time is completely up to Tim Hortons because there is no time guarantee for deliveries. Tim Hortons allows the restaurants to give their own estimated delivery times.

In this case, the distance between locations is unknown. The provider must manually determine how far a package can be sent. This can be determined by the service level and by the level of service requested. For example, if the order for the item is for a ground level “Standard” service, the service is expected to cover the continental United States.

Moreover, to find out if your address is eligible for delivery, you need to sign up for a Tim Hortons account. In order to do this you can visit the Tim Hortons website.

Does Tim Hortons Catering Deliver?

The customer has an option to order catering in stores, so it’s like ordering in, but it’s done through a third party.

Does Tim Hortons Have A Minimum For Delivery Orders?

Tim Hortons in Canada does not have any restrictions and allows customers to have their orders delivered.

The restaurant chain is known for its cheap prices for orders under $9, but they charge an additional fee.

When Does Tim Hortons Deliver?

Delivery is available from early morning to late night in various Tim Hortons locations and hours vary by location.

Does Tim Hortons Deliver Coffee?

 Yes, you can choose to have your coffee delivered to your home, to one of your local Tim Hortons, or to one of the Tim Hortons near you.

How Do I Order Tim Hortons For Delivery?

Tim Hortons has two convenient options for placing your order for delivery.

If you want to place you order through the app, you can use this outlet for that. Or, if you want to place your orders through the website, you can use the outlet.

You will need to create a Tim Hortons account if you want to place an order for a regular cup of coffee. You will need to use a pre-paid code if you want to place an order for a hot beverage.

How Much Does Tim Hortons Delivery Cost? 

There is a $4 delivery fee for a small coffee from Tim Hortons.

But, if you are ordering more than nine items and you are not in the US, you can pay $2 for each additional item. For example, if you are ordering ten items, then the total will be $1.99 x 10 = $19.

Also, Tim Hortons charges US orders 12.5% of your order total. Still, delivery in both countries is subject to additional taxes and fees, which may vary depending on location.

**Edit**: The following are not available to the general public.

Do I Have To Tip Tim Hortons’ Delivery Drivers?

The employee of Tim Hortons in the United States, doesn’t say that it is necessary to tip the delivery drivers.

Now, it appears that the Canadian Workers’ Union is telling workers that they aren’t allowed to tip anymore unless their employer tells them to do so.

When tipping is required, it should be done only after a job well done and if the driver deserves it.

Why Does Tim Hortons Use A Third-Party Delivery Service?

If anyone wants free delivery coffee, they should buy another coffee shop.

Further, while Domino’s Pizza is structured to deliver food, Tim Hortons is structured to provide a retail experience for customers.

While outsourcing delivery to a third party allows Tim Hortons to focus on its core competency, it also relieves them from worrying about the safety of their products.

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Tim Hortons offers delivery in both Canada and the United States through its app, but a third party delivery service provides the delivery.

Further, Tim Hortons is a Canadian company and is therefore required to charge the US a $2 surcharge per order.

Additionally, a delivery fee of $4 is charged in Canada, while a delivery fee of $2 plus 12.5% of the order total is charged in the US.

When you put it that way, it’s kind of like the difference between being a freelancer and a contractor.

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