Does Doordash Tamper With Food? (all You Need To Know)  

When food is being delivered to customers, the food service provider needs to make sure it gets delivered on time and that the temperature of the food is well maintained. At DoorDash, we try to ensure that every delivery is safe and healthy for our customers. We ensure that this is possible by hiring high quality drivers who are trained with the safest handling methods and the cleanest tools for delivery.

DoorDash is very careful of putting food inside the boxes. They have been known to have inspections and audits from the government, and they are held responsible. There have been allegations of misdelivery, but they are rare.
DoorDash has a “Best by” policy, meaning they will only deliver food that’s past it’s “freshness expire date”.
DoorDash has a food safety department.

Does DoorDash Tamper with Food In 2022?

If you notice any suspicious activity, such as tampered food, it’s essential to contact customer support.

You may also be able to request a new delivery by navigating to the Dashboard (the top right menu when you’re logged in) and selecting Request new delivery option. It requires a few seconds to process and is sometimes the only way we can contact you if you don’t reach us on Twitter, WhatsApp or Live Chat.

To learn more about how the DoorDash food safety team takes the safety of our delivery partners’ food very seriously, read about our safety practices. We also have an open feedback form–click here to share your thoughts!

Are DoorDashers Allowed to Tamper with Your Food?

I wish other delivery companies would take an analogous approach.

A DoorDasher is prohibited from moving the food containers or interacting with the customer in any way.

A food service business needs to place food in an insulated bag to keep food fresh as possible.

You can place the bread on a small plate, and it will stick to it and not fall apart.

Although DoorDash has restricted its delivery drivers from tampering with food, this still happens from time to time.

A survey shows over half of the food delivery drivers admit to stealing snacks from their customers.

How Do You Know If a DoorDasher Tampers with Your Food?

You will always find labels on the tamper-evident container with instructions for opening and closing.

This looks like a broken seal that’s probably from the tamper-evident seal.

It’s possible that the order got misplaced or your food somehow got damaged while the food was en route.

If you’re confused on how your food was tampered with, you should call customer service and report any issues.

What Should You Do If You Suspect a DoorDasher Tampered with Your Food?  

If you suspect that a DoorDasher tampered with your food, it’s important to report the issue to the DoorDasher company’s customer support.

Use the Feedback option to submit your experience.

After the DoorDasher completes your order, they have an option to leave a review. If you suspect food tampering, it’s critical to report it.

1. When you are done with a delivery, head over to the Order Details page of your account
2. Click on “Review & Bill” in the center
3. Once on the Review & Bill screen, click on “Write a Review”.
4. You must provide at least five reasons for your rating.

DoorDash has a live chat feature on their website. Use this feature, as customers frequently have questions on whether their food was delivered on time or if the order was placed correctly.

Open the DoorDash app.
Tap the Menu icon and then scroll to the Support section.
Tap the Chat icon.
Write a message in the text box and tap Send.

You can also contact DoorDash’s customer support at for help.

For any questions or comments, contact

Happy Birthday to Us!

However, customers note that handling customer issues via DoorDash’s email is slower than using the live chat feature or using the DoorDash phone number.

I need to contact DoorDash.

You can also call DoorDash’s support team if you have an issue with the food you’ve been served or if you think there could be a problem with your order.

Before you proceed, make sure you have attached the email with the message. This way, it will speed up the process.

The issue is the same.

The problem is that none of the food delivery employees that are working in this area will be able to communicate with these people because they don’t speak English.

To request a refund, you can send a private direct message to the customer service team.

If you use the DoorDash app, this is one of the best time-saving features. It lets you see jobs near you in real time and gives you the option to pick up, cancel, and re-order when necessary.

You can also see if a restaurant is open using their app.

What Food Safety Practices Do DoorDashers Follow?

DoorDash says that they follow high-quality sanitation practices in their kitchens, and they make sure that the food they serve customers is properly and safely prepared, packaged, and stored.

A door dasher is required to wear a mask when delivering orders to prevent the spread of germs.

Dried-out or frozen foods are not recommended when you’re running on fumes. To avoid them, make sure foods are at room temperature before you get started.

While DoorDashers aren’t legally allowed to be hands-on with the food, they are required to wear gloves when picking up the food from the delivery driver.

How Do You Report Missing Items From Your DoorDash Order?

If there’s any issue with the delivery from DoorDash, such reporting helps the team in resolving such challenges.

If for some reason you’re missing an item after ordering from DoorDash, you can message a customer service representative. They can help you figure out what happened, and get your package to you.

Make sure the delivery is completed. You do this by checking the “Delivered” box.

1. If you don’t have the “Show All Items” option enabled, open the “View” menu and select the “Show all items” option.
1. If you don’t have the “Show Recycled Bin” option disabled, open the “View” menu and select the “Show Recycled Bin” option.

You can file a complaint about a missing order on the DoorDash desktop platform by following these steps: First, navigate to your Dashboard and click on the “View Your Order” tab. Then, select “Order History” from the side menu. Lastly, select the order you want to view the details for from the list of orders.

Is DoorDash the Best Food Delivery Service?

Grubhub and DoorDash are two of the top food delivery services based on customer satisfaction rates and reviews.

However, the main reason that customers are dissatisfied with DoorDash is the delivery fee and how much it varies based on the restaurant.

But as a more established platform, it has more power to negotiate with restaurants and deliver more food to homes.

You can also read our post on how to cancel DoorDash order and get refund. You can also read our post on how do you know if a DoorDash delivery was wrong.


Delivery drivers should never interfere with your food and if you’re aware of any tampering, you should make sure to report it to the customer service team.

Also, you can contact DoorDash customer support by phone, email, or on Twitter. You can also get help with the live chat feature.

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