Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance? (all You Need To Know)

Amazon is an international company. It needs its workers to move and it does not provide any assistance for moving out of its facilities.

This guide to relocation is intended for Amazon employees that are living in the Seattle area. If you’re moving to another department, you can find your department’s relocation tips here.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance In 2022?

Amazon is offering an employee relocation assistance program that pays between $20K-$40K to cover relocation costs in an effort to woo top talent. The fees for this relocation assistance program are payable either as a lump sum or over time in 2022. Not only can this cover state-to-state moves but also international moves.

*If you work for Amazon, you can get moving-to-Amazon benefits like relocation assistance. This is a benefit that is given to you, as a new employee, to help you in your Amazon relocation. If you are a part of Amazon, you need to apply for the assistance before your relocation.

Does Amazon Offer Relocation Assistance for Employees?

If you have ever had to move to a new location in the US, relocation assistance is probably pretty common for employees transitioning to a new location.

Relocation assistance is available under two options. Relocation assistance in form of cash payment is available for the first time and to new employees. This option is not available for existing employees. Relocation assistance in the form of a free transfer to a new position or company is available for the second time.

When you purchase a policy, you’re given the option to pay the premium amount in one sum or installment payments.

It is possible to get a Relocation package if you move permanently to another city.

What Is the Amazon Relocation Assistance Lump Sum?

In this case, employees receive a single payment for a specific amount that can be used to cover any moving expenses.

If I am understanding your needs right, there are a variety of solutions. The simplest option is to open a new credit card and get the $20K in one shot. Alternatively, you could have another card that you use for non-financial transactions, and transfer this amount to that card.

How Much Is the Average Amazon Relocation Package, and What Does It Include?

Amazon is offering to pay moving fees and relocation expenses to new employees to help them in their move from one state to another.

A portion of the cost is the moving of all belongings to Washington, D.C. This includes all furniture, appliances, electronics, clothing, and household items.

This isn’t just another way to raise a few more bucks, this is a company culture. If you really cared about their employees, you would give them the autonomy and leeway to be part of that.

I had all of these expenses because I paid up front. When the contract was signed I had $2,000 in my pocket. Everything else was paid off.

Although rentals are cheaper in areas with high cost of living, if the renter needs help making rent payments, they have to move to smaller and cheaper accommodations.

Does Amazon Pay Relocation Assistance for International Moves?

Amazon also pays for International moves so that the people moving are able to continue living in an area they like.

For example, while an employee at Amazon will likely get paid about $40K to help with the move, Amazon will also help with scheduling a flight to the US, setting up
transportation, and finding a home.

If seniority is high, additional cash allowance is available to cover other incidental fees.

What Is the Process of Applying for Amazon Relocation Assistance?

There are two ways one can benefit from this service. The first is to ask for relocation and/or relocation assistance from the HR department directly. The second is to request them from the company you are moving to. This is usually for obvious reasons, such as asking for help if you are going to be moving to another city.

This is the recommended method, but written instructions must be followed to avoid misunderstandings.

When relocating to a new city, people are generally concerned about settling in and finding a work place.

Please be informed that I am a current Amazon employee who is going to be relocating to the Portland area from Los Angeles. As a courtesy to my current Amazon employer, I am interested in learning more about the relocation assistance provided to Amazon employees.

Thank you, and best of luck!

I just got a call from my boss and he is telling me that he thinks they will be taking more people and moving to Singapore, and he was also telling me that our relocation cost will go way up because of it.

I am the new intern who will be assisting in your project. I’m currently a freshman at [Univeristy Name] with a major in Computer Science and a minor in English. I am currently in the second semester of my third year and I plan on graduating in Spring 2013.

I am looking forward to joining the Amazon team and to working in Frisco! After looking over the associated expenses of the move, unfortunately, I feel $20k will cover it.

[Original Post]:

I’m a junior developer with just over six months experience, and am looking for a role on an agile team. I’m based in the UK and have some experience working with.NET and ASP.Net.


We (our company) are going to have a lot of work for you and we want to offer you a project to which we are going to use VeeWiz (or whatever it will be called) to get this project done. This is an opportunity for you to get hired in the future. We are going to pay a lot of bonuses to you if you are successful.

The original message was received at a General Service email account.

Do Amazon Employees Have to Pay Back Relocation Assistance Costs?

If a company gives a job to a new hire, it’s because they’re trying to build a relationship with them, and hope they will remain with the company for a while.

If the employee has reason to believe the decision to terminate or move them to a different position is not based on merit, the employee has the opportunity to protest the action.

If an employee leaves the job the 1st year or fails to move within 2 years, he must pay back at a prorated rate.

Is It Considered Bad for Employees to Ask for Relocation Assistance?

Although going through the normal channels of asking for relocation assistance may be uncomfortable, there is nothing wrong with asking for relocation assistance if there is extenuating circumstances.

Remember that relocation assistance is part of your job’s pay package.

Amazon is willing to pay a lot and help out their employees to get to the locations they want to work at.

Therefore, Amazon does not feel any shame in hiring more people to work for the company.

You should only be requesting the information that is needed for the situation.

If you request a $25K raise, no one should tell you to go ask for double what you requested.

In this case, (misuse of the funds) is worse than (asking for the funds when needed).

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You can now have the Amazon team members help you with relocating. The company will also pay for all moving costs, so make sure you ask for their help.

With the Amazon Relocation Assistance Program available for all Amazon employees, Amazon is allowing employees to take some financial help to cover housing, moving, or other moving related expenses.

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