Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards? (visa, Master Card + Amex)

Prepaid cards are a popular form of payment because they aren’t linked to a bank account and instead money must be loaded onto the cards in advance. This makes them a great option for gifts or keeping spending under control.

Prepaid cards are cards where you must use up your balance before you can reload it, these are usually purchased at an ATm or convenience store.

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Cards In 2022?

Amazon accepts prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards on and the Amazon app. It’s a great way to purchase millions of items on Amazon, similar to how the site accepts all credit and debit cards.

Want to learn about all the ways you can use prepaid cards on Amazon, including what you can buy and what the restrictions are? Then don’t miss the rest of our guide!

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Visa?

If you have a prepaid Visa card, you’re able to start buying whatever you want directly on Amazon.

With hundreds of different types of product categories and a selection that keeps changing, Amazon is one of the most popular places to use prepaid Visa cards.

You can make a purchase at thousands of stores, but then you have to buy a prepaid Visa in order to do so.

To finalize an order, you need to confirm the card details before it’s added to your Amazon wallet and used to make the payment.

Also, Amazon is accepting other financial institutions to accept their prepaid cards.

It makes sense for Amazon to put their own brand on the card. They want to own the customer rather than let the merchant control the relationship.

Does Amazon Accept Prepaid Mastercards?

You can pre-pay for items that are available for shipment to you by paying with a prepaid Mastercard.

To make a purchase from Amazon, you first need to have an Amazon account. Then you need to log into your account on Amazon’s website.

If you want to pay with your debit or credit card, you need to complete your card information first.

You can’t use a prepaid or credit card in the same transaction as your Amazon card, so it will be treated like any other Mastercard. No other restrictions or benefits that other Mastercards offer.

So, if you bought it on the Amazon website and saved some money, you’d be able to use your prepaid card to get a better deal than you would get from buying the item on the Amazon website.

Does Amazon Take Prepaid American Express?

American Express, Visa and Mastercard are the three credit card companies that Amazon supports for prepaid card payments.

Visa, Mastercard, and American Express are prepaid cards. You can use them just like you would a normal credit or debit card.

After you have added your Amex prepaid card to your Amazon account, you can browse thousands of items in each category. You can use your Amex prepaid card to pay for purchases.

If you have any issues with your prepaid card, simply take a photo of the front, side and back of the card and send it to us with your order.

It’s easy to use prepaid cards to buy on Amazon and avoid a monthly bill. At most retailers, you’ll need a new Visa, Mastercard, or American Express card to pay for a pre-paid card. You can find one at almost any major retailer.

The only difference is that it will be processed with Amazon’s online payment service rather than your bank’s online payment service.

Can You Use Prepaid Discover Cards On Amazon?

Discover is the only credit card company in the U.S. that Amazon doesn’t support, so all the purchases you make on Amazon are processed by a debit or prepaid card.

Currently, prepaid Discover cards are not accepted when buying items on Amazon. However, they are listed as an option for credit cards, so you can still use a Discover credit card as the primary payment option for buying items.

So you can use a Discover card and it will work with an AT&T hotspot, or you could use a mobile signal booster.

After it updates its policies to accept prepaid Discover cards, it will go on the official Amazon policy list for approved payment types.

What Are Amazon Restrictions On Prepaid Cards?

If you’re like most people, you’ll be setting the card up, buying more than one item, and then adding it to your Amazon wishlist. You should be aware that the Amazon prepaid card is like a debit card and can only be used to pay for purchases. It has no overdraft protection, so make sure you have the funds available, before you buy.

If you haven’t used a card at Amazon, the checkout process is easy. You just need to enter the account information and the payment information.

In order to make the purchase, you have to use both the prepaid card and the credit card, or else the purchase will not go through.

You can’t use multiple cards on a single order in the U.S.

But some banks require prepaid cards to be registered at the name and billing address, and there’s a dollar authorization to ensure the payment method is valid.

You are charged by the card for a fee, but in most cases they should not be charged, which is why you receive the authorization for the card.

While you may think that a new debit card is the answer, Amazon may find it more convenient to switch your account to a new card. This is to make the most of their card processing methods and ensure a reliable transaction experience.

You can use the Amazon App to buy products via Amazon. Amazon has created an app for Android and iOS that you can use to buy goods on Amazon. These products are then sent to your Amazon Payments account, where you can then fund your prepaid card account.

You can try reissuing the card as the first step to reissuing a card.
If you are still having problems with the card on your app or website, you can try to contact Amazon and ask them to cancel it.

Are Amazon Gift Cards Prepaid?

You will use prepaid payments to pay for your purchase, but you can also use Amazon Cash, if you have any, to keep spending under control.

Amazon gift cards and Amazon balance work well when you are trying to buy things in a certain price range.

Once you have loaded your Amazon Balance, it’s effectively a prepaid card that you can use to make purchases across Amazon.

You can now also buy gift cards for other services and websites, using your Amazon Balance.

If you received cash or gift cards as a present, you can easily redeem them within Amazon. You can even use them at the same time as other gift cards.
Amazon gift cards are a great way to treat yourself or a friend. You can also use your gift card at many places outside of Amazon. These places include restaurants in your local area, gas stations, spas, and more.

The Amazon Prepaid account is a great way to get a low price on monthly plans. You can add and remove prepaid cards at Once you have that done, you can move onto the Reload option.

You can also read about whether or not you can use gift cards, if you can use Care Credit, and how Amazon Gift cards work.


Prepaid Visa, Mastercard, and American Express for Amazon. You can load up to $2,000 on prepaid cards for Prime members and then use them to shop on Amazon.

I personally love cash and never use credit cards. I always opt for the Amazon Store cards, gift cards and Amazon Cash. I feel relieved while shopping online with because I don’t need to remember the passwords for my PayPal or credit cards.

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