Do Hot Cheetos Give You Cancer? Read This Before Buying Your Next Snack 

It’s no longer news that one out of three Americans is a fan of the flamin’ Hot Cheetos. No snacks addiction compares to the cheesy-flavored Hot Cheetos. Once you start eating the crunchy snacks, you may just want to go on and on.

However, if you love to consume this spicy snack but unsure of the health-related risks, this post is a must-read for you. 

Many people believe that this snack’s consumption causes cancer. And you know that such baseless rumors can deprive people of consuming their favorite snack. The company may also get affected in some way. 

Now here’s the big question.

Do hot Cheetos give you cancer?

Well, according to research, there is a connection between high spicy snacks and cancer. 

The “seasoning” ingredient in Flamin’ Hot Cheetos boasts capsaicin and chili powder. Capsaicin is the compound that gives pepper its spicy taste. 

Studies have shown that the dietary capsaicin in chili snacks has qualities that may increase or decrease a person’s risk of colorectal cancer. However, the consumption of Hot Cheetos with colorectal cancer has not been thoroughly investigated.

Now, here’s why you may reconsider eating the Hot Cheetos. According to a recent meta-analysis, consumption of capsaicin-spiced snacks is linked to increased gastric/stomach cancer risk. 

Hence, to prevent the risk of stomach cancer, it is advisable to avoid long-term excessive use of capsaicin-rich chilly snacks. 

Although the Hot Cheetos have addictive cheesy tastes, it is best to consume them in moderate amounts.

What Hot Cheetos Maker Says About The Snack’s Cancer Link  

If you love cheese-flavored snacks and have a taste for hot, spicy foods, Cheetos snacks could be your best choice. Yes! The snack is Flamin’ hot with maximum flavors, and it is made with real cheese

The Cheetos snacks are tasty, and the cheesy flavor leaves you begging for more. You can’t just eat the Cheetos crunchy products without wanting to lick off your fingers. 

However, in 2018, the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ maker said that even though food safety is a top priority in the FritoLay Company, spicy foods aren’t for everyone. 

For some consumers, Hot Cheetos causes stomach upset and even gall-bladder problems. But does it cause cancer? There’s no evidence to prove this. 

Even if the snack is capable of causing gastrointestinal distress, there’s no evidence that it’s toxic or can cause ulcers or cancer. 

What Made Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Quite Popular?

It’s no longer news that Flamin’ Hot Cheetos’ is the favorite snack in The U.S. People love the snack. And even though it got released in 1991, Hot Cheetos is still a top choice for many snack lovers around the country.   

Many people reading this may be asking themselves questions like, “why is hot Cheetos a popular option or the most popular snack in the country.” Well, it all boils down to the benefit of the snack. 

If Hot Cheetos weren’t delicious or beneficial, people wouldn’t be wasting their money buying the snack. 

So, let’s have a look at the snack’s benefits to deduce why people love it.   

Hot Cheetos are Inexpensive:

Hot Cheetos are cheap and widely available, making them popular at parties, teen hangouts, and late-night snacking. 

Hot Cheetos are great for thermoregulation:

When you’re hot or overheated, you may crave Hot Cheetos. Because capsaicin, the chemical that gives Hot Cheetos their distinctive spicy flavor, might help to cool your body down.

Capsaicin plays an essential role in thermoregulation, a process that helps your body maintain its internal temperature. 

As a result, when you consume Hot Cheetos, you experience a warming feeling, which may cause sweating to help you cool down.

Many pregnant women crave the snack:

During pregnancy, many women crave Hot Cheetos. However, the origin of food cravings during pregnancy is unknown. 

But then, researchers believe that hormonal fluctuations, dietary deficiencies, and chemicals in spicy foods are significant reasons pregnant women consume spicy snacks.

Hot Cheetos can help people battling depression:

If you’re feeling sad or going through a depressive episode, eating a pack of Hot Cheetos can help you. The capsaicin found in spicy foods may give a slight feeling of pleasure.

Capsaicin produces a burning sensation and helps your body to release endorphins, which can help you feel better if you’re depressed.

Hot Cheetos can be helpful for cold and congestion:

Hot, spicy foods are often recommended as a natural treatment when you’re feeling under the weather. 

In addition, spicy foods like Hot Cheetos may help to relieve congestion and stuffiness.

Capsaicin found in Hot Cheetos may relieve symptoms such as congestion, sneezing, and a runny nose.

Why Hot Cheetos Are So Addictive

Hot Cheetos are crunchy, red, and addictive. People crave to have a taste of this delectable crunchy snack. 

“I’ll just have one or two Cheetos,” you say to yourself as you take a few crunchy puffs from a freshly opened bag. However, before you know it, the bag is empty.

In addition, it’s impossible to stop tasting the cheese and a layer of buttery-rich fat that melts on the tongue. 

This addiction is what the manufacturers of Hot Cheetos aim to achieve.

Then, you’re left with orange-colored fingertips and a smell of cheese dust under your nails, with a solid craving to consume more. Why this addiction?

The release of endorphin and dopamine:

Spicy foods such as Hot Cheetos are addictive because of the endorphin and dopamine which is released in the brain.  

The chilly in Hot Cheetos triggers our bodies to release natural opioids (endorphins) due to the burning sensation. This feeling makes us feel good, and then we crave more food. 

The presence of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG):

Hot Cheetos may be addictive due to one of their ingredients; Monosodium Glutamate (MSG). 

Funnily enough, MSG has no flavor. Instead, it only activates the glutamate receptors in our taste buds, making food taste more delicious. 

The Dangers Of Consuming Too Much Hot Cheetos 

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos have become a well-known snack. However, there are risks associated with overeating these spicy treats.

Let’s look at some of the perceived dangers of consuming excess Cheetos.  

Stomach ulcer:

Scientific findings reveal that hot Cheetos spices can cause stomach ulcers.  

Firstly, the snack will trigger acute gastritis. Acute gastritis is when the stomach lining becomes irritated or swollen for a brief period. 

Because of the high acidity levels, consuming too many spicy foods might irritate the stomach lining. As a result, it may cause gastritis and upper abdominal pain that extends into the chest.

When you’re down with acute gastritis, you’ll feel nausea and a burning sensation or pain in your upper abdomen. 

Gastritis, on the other hand, is usually not severe and improves when treated. However, in most cases, gastritis symptoms can lead to ulcers and an increased risk of stomach cancer. 

The spices in the flamin’ hot, crunchy snacks can eat up your stomach lining. In addition, the blood vessels and the acid content in the stomach can be badly affected.

Discoloration of Faeces and Vomit:

Cheetos’ red chili powder does more than just staining your fingertips with a red-orange coating. 

When excessive amounts of the Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are consumed, it acts as a dye. Unfortunately, this red dye will eventually discolor your feces, making them appear blood-stained. 

The same thing happens when you vomit. So if you’re eating Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, and you vomit, it’ll appear as if you’re vomiting blood.

Therefore, you may be forced to visit the clinic. But, unfortunately, even your doctors may misdiagnose bleeding in the large intestine or rectum.

Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Hot Cheetos

I’m sure you didn’t realize how incredible and delicate this spicy snack is. Flamin’ Hot Cheetos are so much more than they appear to be.

A Janitor created the Hot Cheetos snack:

Richard Montanez, a former Frito-Lay janitor, developed an idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos after bringing a batch home from work. He was inspired by the Mexican street cuisine known as elite and dusted them with chili powder.

He must have been so confident of how fantastic and delicious his discovery was. Thus, he proposed a meeting with the entire company’s CEO to present the proposal.

Now, Richard Montañez is the executive vice president of the Frito-Lay company.

The serving size of Hot Cheetos is very inaccurate:

You know how some bags of chips appear to contain half air and half snack? Cheetos, on the other hand, is not involved in such a game. 

The serving size on the Hot Cheetos pack bags says 189 chips. But, there are more! So, you are most likely to find about 237 chips per pack of Hot Cheetos.

Hot Cheetos are not allowed in some schools:

Schools in California, New Mexico, and Illinois banned the food from being consumed on-campus a few years ago.

Flamin’ Hot Cheetos were designated prohibited by schools due to their lack of nutritional value. In addition, children were consuming far more than the prescribed portion size. 

Also, the addictive nature of Hot Cheetos didn’t help matters.

You can eat hot Cheetos in many ways:

You don’t have to eat Flamin’ Hot Cheetos directly out of the bag to enjoy them. Instead, people use this snack meal to add flavor to everyday foods. In addition, restaurants are trying to incorporate the snack in their menu lists.

Hot Cheetos cause health scares:

Feces may become reddish if you consume too many Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. This false scare has caused people to rush to the hospital, thinking it’s a symptom of internal bleeding. They later find out it’s only a sign they’ve been eating a little too heavily on the spicy Hot Cheetos.


The Hot Cheetos is a crunchy snack with spicy delight. However, have in mind that excess consumption of spicy snacks can be bad for your gut’s health.  

However, when you consume spicy foods like Hot Cheetos, you’ll experience a delightful sensation, which is one of the reasons why Flamin’ Hot Cheetos foods can be very addictive. Your brain is rewarded with an immediate feeling of pleasure. 

But then, to prevent health damage from Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, only consume reasonable amounts. In addition, you should avoid eating this snack regularly.

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