Can You Work For Shipt And Instacart? (Everything To Know!)

Do you think Shipt or Instacart might be a good option for your business? You’ll likely find that they are very similar if you do your research on the two apps.

If you aren’t sure which ship you want, you could work simultaneously for Instacart and Shipt. This is what we discovered.

Can you work for Instacart and Shipt?


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Which is more expensive, Instacart or shipt?

Shipt shoppers can earn up to $22 an hour while Instacart workers make $15-$20 per hour.

Instacart pays customers more if they place orders during peak hours. Shoppers report that Shipt pays less per order, while Instacart pays more for an hour.

Shipt and Instacart allow shoppers to keep 100% of tips they receive. Direct deposit is used to pay the shoppers once per week.

Both companies allow customers to reject or accept orders. Shipt could penalize drivers who reject too many orders. Instacart does not penalize drivers who reject orders.

Instacart customers who shop with them can also earn referral bonuses. This is especially true if they have worked for more than 40 hours within the past 6 months. Referral bonuses can vary depending on where they are located and what task they have been assigned.

Which is better to work for, Shipt or Instacart

Instacart is slightly more popular than other options because it allows drivers to earn extra money on top of their tips and salary by offering them bonuses.

The decision to work for Shipt or Instacart is a matter of personal preference. You can still learn about the differences between Instacart or Shipt before you make your decision.

Independent contractors can get very lucrative packages from both Shipt and Instacart. You can choose to work with one or both, depending on your preference. Shipt may require that you have a car for the initial requirements.

These are the benefits of working for either Shipt, Instacart. They can help you choose the best employer.

Instacart: Benefits

Here are some benefits to shopping with Instacart:

  • Without consequences, you can decline to accept orders that you do not wish to place
  • Benefitfocus offers a number of perks, including subsidized auto insurance and discounted prescription policies
  • Instacart is now available in more cities
  • Instacart doesn’t require you to have a car. You can also fulfill orders in-store. Although you will be considered an employee, not an independent contractor. You still have the freedom to choose your own schedule.

These are the benefits that Instacart employees who have W-2s can enjoy when they work with Instacart:

  • Full-time employees receive life, medical, vision, retirement and dental coverage. They offer wellness and physical care for mental health. You can also get stipends and memberships to keep your family happy. Instacart provides a sick pay of $1 per hour for each 30 hours worked
  • They offer a work-from home arrangement that suits the individual’s needs. They offer a stipend to their employees.
  • The employees can take advantage of flexible time off to recharge.
  • Through their family planning and health coverage, they build families. They offer flexible work schedules and leave for all parents.
  • They offer customized leadership development programs for entry-level leaders and managers of different teams.
  • You have job security and can plan for your future with no fear. They offer loans to students, as well as other financial assistance.
  • Instacart offers express membership to parents who work within the Instacart network. The members were entitled to paid holidays and discounts on groceries. All employees were allowed to expressly join the organization in order to celebrate its diverse cultural heritage.
  • The company partners with parents to host virtual family-building events. They offer cooking classes, arts, crafts, and magic shows.
  • They pay 12 weeks of paid leave to foster parents, adoptive parents or parents born through adoption. This is so they can adjust to the new responsibilities.
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Shipt Benefits

These are just a few of the many benefits that Shipt Shoppers have to offer:

  • You have the option to choose where you want to shop
  • Exclusive events and meetups are available to you. This helps to create a sense of community and reduce isolation.
  • Perkspot offers discounts

These are the benefits of Shipt working as a W-2 employee:

  • Shipt has partnered with various health providers to offer quality medical coverage for employees and their entire staff. Shipt provides medical insurance according to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), guidelines and recommendations. Through their dental insurance, they offer comprehensive annual dental care. You can choose from a variety of services offered by the coverage. You can also get pet insurance or other types of auto insurance.
  • They have partnered with Tax slayer to offer a 50% discount to all employees.
  • Shipt lets you choose where to shop.
  • Shipt employees are eligible for free membership. You will be able to enjoy the benefits by signing in with the Shipt app that is linked to your Shopper Account.
  • They provide financial assistance to employees on a regular basis. An employee may be eligible for a one time license that is equal to approximately two weeks’ earnings.
  • Shipt offers financial assistance to shoppers through a unique program. For patients in quarantine, or for their family members with COVID-19, they provide financial assistance up to two weeks. Shipt will continue to deliver numerous deliveries. The Corona Virus rarely strikes. These are the conditions to be eligible for the COVID-19 assistance fund.
  • It is best to have COVID-19 infected and documented.
  • You require quarantine
  • They put you under quarantine
  • They offer flu shots for free.
  • You can contact them via their Facebook page or Twitter account. You can contact them via email or by phone (205) 502-2500
  • It is best to have COVID-19 infected and documented.
  • You require quarantine
  • They put you under quarantine

Shipt employees are more social due to the meet-ups. You can practice your friendliness skills in front of other people.

Instacart is the best choice for you if you don’t own a vehicle.

Learn more about Instacart and Shipt. Click here to find out when Shipt pays, how much you can tip Shipt Shopper, and how long Instacart background checks take.


It is highly dependent on where you live to work for Shipt or Instacart. These two giants have similar goals and a very similar nature. The difference lies in the total judgment of the job seeker.

This work is flexible and offers a lot of flexibility. Parents can choose when they want to work on their delivery services.

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