Buying Guitars On Amazon (is It Safe, Are They Genuine, Returning + More)

There are many online guitar makers that musicians can buy from. They can find good deals on popular brands, and choose a style and fit that suits their individual taste and music genre.

Amazon has guitars for sale. If you’re looking for a guitar, you can find some good information on the variety of guitars available for purchase.

Buying Guitars on Amazon In 2022

Amazon offers a wide range of guitars at affordable prices. Buyers are able to get the necessary information about the guitars and can get in touch with their customers directly. Many of the guitars sold on Amazon are genuine and available in various sizes and types.

In order to help you determine whether they are an authentic guitar or not, we will now review some of the most reliable ways of checking your guitar for authenticity.

Is it Safe to Buy Guitars on Amazon?

There are many legitimate online stores that sell guitars, such as Amazon, Fender, and other reputable companies. However, there are many illegitimate online stores that sell stolen and smuggled goods. There are many counterfeit guitar companies that buy cheap guitars overseas and then resell them in the US for very high profit margins.

If the guitar is listed on a dealer’s website, customers can be assured that the sale is legitimate, however, and that the guitar is in good condition.

Customers should contact you for more details. Make sure that you’re being honest with your reviews and that you’re not just posting negative complaints.

Are the Guitars on Amazon Genuine?

Most of the guitars listed on Amazon are genuine guitars that were also stolen or sold by people.

Amazon is an authorized reseller for guitar brands and it sells products that are the same products that can be found in music shops.

One of these guitars is being sold on Amazon by a guy who claims to be a guitar repair shop. I don’t think it’s necessarily a scam. Maybe he’s just a good repair shop.

If the guitar is too wide, or has unusual features, it’s probably fake.

What is Amazon’s Guitar Return Policy?

The 30 days starts once you receive the shipment. However, you can return your guitar within the 7 days mentioned above as long as it is unworn and unused.
After this period the guitar must be in its original packaging and must not have been repaired.

Additionally, Amazon states that, after this period, the warranty does not cover any damages.

Any problem with the guitar (i.e., broken pick guard, missing or broken hardware, etc.) is the responsibility of the customer! You can return the guitar for any reason, and we will refund 100% of the price paid.

You’re covered by Amazon if anything happens to your guitar while in Amazon’s possession, but they do state that they won’t cover damage after the original purchase unless they’re “in the same condition as when you took delivery” (emphasis below).

Is Amazon a Dealer for Fender Guitars?

Amazon is really a good website and you can order your guitars there, but I don’t know of any dealers that sell them. My experience was that you can buy one online, but I don’t know if you can buy a Squire at Amazon.

A great range of models are available to suit different types of music, with a number of different features and features that are both high-tech and simple to use. Many of the new guitars on offer are also highly affordable, with models starting from as little as $40.

How Much Do Guitars on Amazon Cost?

In general, the cost of a regular guitar on Amazon is a lot cheaper than if you got it in a shop. A cheap guitar is quite cheap. Another reason for this is that you can buy a cheaper guitar that is better quality, but it may be a little more difficult to find.

A common price range for beginner brands is in between $50 and $100.

The majority of the cheap ones are sold on the secondary market.

There are adult gadgets such as electric toothbrushes, electric shavers, dry skin masks, and electric massagers that sell as cheap as $109 and sell as expensive as $499.

Shoppers are advised to read reviews about guitar models before making their purchase.

Most expensive guitars are of much better quality than cheaper ones, so they are preferred more.

In a similar manner, when we say ‘I would love to learn English’, we say that we would love to learn English because it would be easier to understand.

Do Guitars Qualify for Prime Shipping?

Amazon is getting rich on people that have Amazon Prime.

You can count on your favorite guitar accessories being available here for Same-Day Shipping in the areas that it’s offered.

All guitars from Fender and Donner will be available for Prime shipping and free delivery.

Guitars by brands like Fender, Gibson, FJH etc are also available with discounts on Prime!

Is Buying a Guitar from Amazon Worth It?

Buying branded guitars from Amazon can give you an excellent value for money; not only do you get to buy popular brands which are sold in good stores such as Fender, Donner, and Yamaha, but you also get the same or a very similar product with the exact same warranty and support as what can be found in big music stores like Guitar Center or Sam Ash.

Customers should be aware that while Amazon does offer free shipping (in the US, anyway), it’s important to note that this free shipping does not include packing materials.

Those trying to sell a guitar should look into buying one from a reputable seller. Avoid buying from someone who only has a lot of negative reviews.

If you want to know more about shopping with Amazon, you can check out our related posts on Amazon return policy after 30 days, what are Amazon’s daily deals, and if Amazon Prime delivers on Sunday.


Amazon sells many brands of guitars which are affordable and have a friendly price range.

At the moment we have around 20 different guitars listed on our site. We make sure you find the proper guitar for your playing style, budget, and preferences. We have a 1 year warranty that covers all parts and labor.
If you have any questions feel free to ask them here!

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