Usps Guitar Shipping (can You Ship It, Price, Steps + More)

However, shipping to the US from within the EU gets a bit more expensive, than in the past.

I’m afraid this is something we don’t offer an answer to. We only provide a shipping service.

USPS Guitar Shipping In 2022

There are two main factors when considering how much a guitar will cost to ship. The first is how far you live and what the shipping costs are for where you live. The second factor is the weight of the guitar. The heavier the guitar, the more it will cost. If you are shipping from a location with cheaper shipping rates but still need to ship your guitar, it would pay to add insurance to cover the cost.

I also included a link to my shipping calculator that you can use to calculate shipping costs and how often you should ship your guitar using a USPS flat rate box.

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Guitar With USPS?

The cost of shipping anything with the USPS depends on a multitude of factors.

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If you use a standard 20 gauge flat neck guitar, you’ll need about 3 inches of guitar string to reach the nut.

A guitar that is being shipped to you in a Priority Mail Express box will take a full work day to get to you, and it would cost about $125 to ship the guitar.

GuitarCase is a great option for people looking for shipping of a pre-owned guitar. We have a great team of guitar experts on hand at GuitarCase, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to submit a question. GuitarCase provides a free quote to all customers.

Packages should be insured for the cost of shipping and the risk of loss, so always make sure you’re spending the right amount.

You also need to keep this in mind when you are planning on shipping. If you are shipping somewhere that is a long distance from you, the shipping may cost more because the package will have to travel longer, therefore, costing more money.

If you don’t see the shipping estimate, try typing a different number of characters into the search box.

You can also estimate USPS prices by using their postal price calculator.

What Types Of Shipping Services Can You Use To Ship A Guitar With USPS?

When shipping a guitar with USPS, you may have to choose between Priority Mail and Express Mail or your desired shipping method with a price variation. The USPS has four different types of services available to you. They are: Parcel Post, Priority Mail, Express Mail and Registered Mail.

The best option for an international package is Priority Mail International, which guarantees you’ll get your package within 5 days and that it will be prioritized above all others for shipment.

You can get a package delivered in the time frame you are looking for by choosing Priority Mail.

It’s pretty common for shipping companies to charge extra to send anything with a guitar/bass case since it is much heavier than a guitar. It’s also worth noting that if your case was damaged in transit, and that damage increases the shipping cost. If you have your own case, you’ll have to use UPS or Fed Ex ground shipping which doesn’t cost more than US Post Office Ground Shipping, so it’s a good alternative. I typically use USPS ground shipping.

You have more expensive options available to you for shipping (like Registered or Express Mail) but they are more expensive and have more restrictions that the less expensive options. They typically take longer to deliver, and they will be delivered to your door instead of being shipped to a location.

How Do You Ship A Guitar With USPS?

The first thing you can do to ensure your guitar arrives to its destination safely is to pick up the guitar and prepare it.

Loosening the strings is important to prevent them from snapping due to pressure.
Also, make sure the pegs are not loose and the frets are not raised from their normal position.

The first thing you need to do is to get a large plastic bag. There are a variety of methods and materials for preventing or minimizing damage to the guitar.

You should always protect your guitar. A hard case is a good idea. A gig bag is also good. Either will protect your guitar.

It is always recommended to use a hard case when shipping a guitar with your instrument. You are less likely to lose something like a strap end, and you protect against a potential dinged guitar.

With a guitar case like the one shown on this page, you can pack its interior full of protective materials before you ship it or buy it in a store, and you can still protect it from scratches and dents when you’re traveling.

Having extra padding made the neck harder, making every string harder to maintain.

The guitar is now in the case, you can see the back of the guitar.
Now, let’s get the case back into the box.

You should add more padding for a more comfortable reading experience on your device because users can be on different scales and your layout needs to adapt to these.

The case can be opened or closed, depending on your preference.

In order to get an average guitar, it is recommended to use a box with about 200-250 pounds of bursting strength (more information on box burst strength can be found here).

The process of shipping guitars is almost complete. All that remains is the gentle shake test. I recommend this test because that’s the only way to be sure your guitar is completely secure.

A number of guitar cases are available to help you protect your guitar while in transit.

Is It Safe To Ship A Guitar With USPS?

As long as the guitar is packed with all the necessary equipment, it’s safe to ship it with USPS.

I checked a bunch of well-known guitar forums, and they’re pretty much unanimous on USPS as being the best choice for shipping a guitar, both in price and safety.

The forum is great to browse through and see what other people have to say!

If you want to know more about USPS delivery services, you must check out our other posts on whether or not USPS packages are insured, if USPS delivers at night, and if USPS updates tracking.


I ship guitars all the time for my work. It is the best option for sending instruments to customers.

In an ideal world, it should be $39, but the more common scenario is $65. The only way to get the price down would be to ship the guitar yourself or have the guitar shipped via freight carrier.

You have four shipping services to choose from when shipping a guitar with the USPS: Priority Mail Express 1-Day, Priority Mail 2-Day, Ground Retail, and Media Mail, all of which have different price points and arrival times.

Using a good case is important to protect your guitar and prevent damages in the package. Also, making sure that it’s packed as well as it can go by loosening the strings.

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