Best Buy Camera Return Policy (all You Need To Know)

Best Buy, a leading electronic retailer of the United States, offers customers a return policy that is inclusive of various items.

BestBuy has a return policy of “30 days after purchase.” Not only that, but they also have a return policy for customers who accidentally purchased the wrong kind of camera.

Best Buy Camera Return Policy In 2022

The return policy states that Best Buy customers can return any camera, DSLR, point and shoot, camcorder, action camera, and other camera technology within 15 days of purchase or delivery, and will refund the whole price paid for the camera. Customers must bring their sales receipt, box, and accessories when returning a camera for a full refund.

If you want to know more details on how to return your camera to Best Buy for a replacement, check out Best Buy’s general camera return policy below to see all the details!

What Is Best Buy Camera Return Policy?

Best Buy doesn’t have a very strict return policy. You can return your camera, DSLR, camcorder, GoPro, for any reason within 15 days of purchase and full-frame cameras within 30 days.

First, you need to call customer service and make an RMA. Then, they will give you a number to send the product back.

This is going to be important to note – Best Buy expects you to have any original packaging and any accessories with you when you send the merchandise to the returns department.

The amount depends on the original packaging and accessories of the camera. You will be able to get the refund by adding the amount to the original shipping charges (which may vary depending on your location). This amount should be deducted from the amount of the refund if it is less than the original shipping charges.

What Are Best Buy Camcorders And Camera Accessories Return Policies?

Return all cameras or camcorder accessories by paying the return shipping fee or return the cameras and camcorder accessories within 30 days after purchase.

You can also get a refund on that time that you didn’t use your camera or camcorder.

Best Buy also states that they’ll accept any opened photo camera lenses or flash units within 30 days after purchase. In this case, they still recommend that you return any of the two unopened.

Best Buy allows customers to return camcorders within 15 days, whether opened or unopened.
[Original] Camcorders are usually returnable for a full refund.
[Paraphrase] Camcorders are usually returnable for a full refund.

Likewise, Best Buy allows customers to return photo films within a time frame of 30 days, even if they have left unopened.

How Long Do I Have To Return My Camera To Best Buy For A Refund?

The return period is based on the type of product that you want to return. For example, camera products have a 15-30 days to return, however, if they are not eligible for a refund you would have to mail it back to Best Buy.

This policy is for all cameras, but it’s best to contact your store where you purchased the camera to see if they will give you a refund.

If you bought your camera online (including brands such as Canon, Nikon, Lumix, GoPro, Sony, Leica, etc.), then you are entitled to get your money back, if the camera is faulty, damaged, or is different from what you ordered.

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To receive a refund, you must return the goods within 14 days of the date of purchase and exchange the product with the same retailer. If you’re unable to find the same size or colour at this time, you can request an exchange.

Does Best Buy Accept Returns On Opened Boxed Camera?

That’s true – you can contact the store you bought it from, they may be able to help you with returning it if it was purchased in-store.

If the product has been used, the camera cannot be returned as we cannot make a replacement or refund without the original box and the original protective paper bag.

Is A Receipt Required When Returning A Camera To Best Buy?

The receipt is not needed to return the camera. However, I would still suggest keeping a copy in case it is needed.

When the camera does not match, they will send a replacement or if you do not wish for another camera, they will still allow you to make a refund.
While this policy is a bit lenient, it is still a good policy and is worth following.
The return policy can always be found on the back of the receipt.

If this doesn’t match up, then you probably won’t get a refund, but you’ll get a store credit.

What Is The Cost For Returning A Camera At Best Buy?

We have not heard of any additional cost or restocking fee for returning cameras to Best Buy, even if the box is open.

However, for camera accessories like lens, lights and flashes, there may be a restocking fee if the product is returned with an open box.

And that’s all there is to it. Don’t fall for the scam.

In addition to this, the customer can return the camera for free using the provided UPS prepaid shipping labels.

How Long Will It Take For My Camera Return Or Refund To Process At Best Buy?

I found something that might be a solution, so it depends on how fast you return a return as to how long it takes to process a return.

If you are within the first 15 days after you purchase, you can return it to the nearest Walmart store and they can ship it for you. The return shipping will take approximately 7-10 business days for processing.

If you’re outside of the first 15 days and want to return it to a store for processing, the closest Walmart store to you is at [this link] (it’ll say “Store Finder” in blue).

You’ll know for sure when and how much you’ll be waiting and paying for it.

However, If you purchased an additional ticket and you are not able to process a refund, you can contact us or go to your ticketing website.

Can I Return Security Cameras To Best Buy?

For any of the items purchased from Best Buy, we offer returns on items that are not returned as undamaged or have been opened within 15 days of purchase.

However, if you want a refund, you should do not return the camera in its original packaging, and you should include any accessories.

The following is an example of an incorrect refund rejection:

We have received your request for refund under the terms and conditions of the website and have examined the information you submitted.


You can exchange cameras purchased at Best Buy for up to a $150 credit towards another camera if you return the purchase to the store from which you made the purchase within 15-days of purchase, however I don’t think that the store will give you a credit for a camera that you didn’t purchase there.

You also need to include some basic accessories, like a tripod, some batteries, a memory card, a memory card reader, etc. to make the camera easy to use and keep it protected from dust, rain, humidity, etc.

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