Walmart Vs Costco (prices, Products, Services, Customer Service + More)

When it comes to retail, there’s never been a more competitive era, and customers ultimately benefit from the lower prices and selection.

The biggest challenge can be for shoppers trying to find the right store for them.

If you have the option to shop at both Walmart and Costco, you might be torn on which store has what you need.
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Walmart is a company that sells basically everything (you can buy anything at Walmart), Costco is a company that sells products that are targeted to people who want to save money. They both have a large presence in the United States.

Walmart Vs. Costco In 2022

Walmart Vs Costco: Companies

Walmart with its billions of dollars in revenue is also known.
But the company is about to become an even bigger international business.

Walmart was founded in the 1960s but has grown far beyond its Southern roots.


This one is quite interesting because it has so many examples where the original and the paraphrase are actually very close to each other.

Walmart is now the third largest corporation in the world, and is focusing on the health and education sector.

In 1976, Costco was founded in Rohnert Park, California. Until 1983, it was called Price Club.

Amazon’s headquarters, a massive brick-and-mortar building, are located in Seattle, Washington.

Costco stores are cheaper than Sam’s Club and BJ’s warehouse stores because they are owned by a corporate entity and can offer lower retail prices (the cost of the real estate, employee salaries, and costs of supplies and labor) than the Walmart and BJ’s stores (which are also owned by corporate entities) that are more focused on selling brand names.

Costco’s net worth of about 80 billion dollars makes them one of the largest retailers in the U.S.

Walmart Vs Costco: Stores

Costco has different hours so you can enter at any time during their operating hours.

Costco may be expensive but it is a membership-only store that is worth every penny.

Walmart do not have any membership fees. Anyone can walk in and start shopping.

The difference between a Costco or Walmart and a ToysRUs is that you have a choice to decide what to buy at one of the above.

There are a lot of things about these stores.
[Voiceover]: Both have one of the largest inventories of anything you could possibly imagine.

It also makes for large, low-ceilinged stores, often with little more than aisles and shelves.

The first thing the viewer sees is the logo, and that’s really the only thing they’ve ever see before.

Supercenters store are more similar in appearance, but do not contain a whole lot of grocery stores, instead focusing mainly on health and home goods.

Costco stores have a vertical space problem, but the layout of the store has also been subject to analysis by retail experts.

Costco has worked closely with designers to create a calming atmosphere that guides customers on a path through the store.

Shopping while walking is a gentle exercise that helps people gain strength and makes them feel better.

Walmart Vs Costco: Products

A warehouse model is the business model in which products are bought at wholesale prices, and sold at discount, to the public.

Costco stores have a lot of space and they have a lot of inventory, but they only carry 4,000 items.

Walmart sells a lot of stuff individually, but many items come in bulk packages. A single Walmart store can carry as many as 145,000 items.

You can replace words in the second sentence with other words, too.

In other words, when you’re thinking about which store to visit first if you’re going to be making one trip, it’s a matter of analysis.

Costco is for those of you who are big on variety, Walmart is more like a big box. Whichever one you go to, it’s just down to preference.

In each of the stores, there are 2 identical departments.

Some Walmart stores have fabric booths where they have fabric off bolts.

And, they sell a number of pre-made baskets with their floral department.

Also, Walmart does a lot of things, like has prepared foods, that make it a convenient place for getting ready meals or getting food to go.

However, Costco also seems to have a secret stash of their own food that they serve only their own members.

I have a feeling that I could get the best deal in the store for my needs here, if I shop around.

Even though the company is trying to keep prices low, the people still want to be able to choose whether they want to buy it (i.e. a digital copy) or a physical one.

Walmart sells millions of different items, so we list the types of items that we’ve found are currently available.

Costco is in fact a retailer of all things Costco.

We then have to do the following steps.

Kirkland is a town in Washington State where there was a shop first.

Walmart Vs Costco: Prices

I like to keep my pantry well-stocked in order to make cooking and meal planning a simpler process.

We tested the stores, and one store had the lowest prices on staples.

A Price Comparison Between Costco and Walmart shows that Costco’s prices are, generally, cheaper than those of Walmart.

But the price you pay per ounce is cheaper, you’re locked into buying more ounces, you’re locked into buying more pounds.

If you go to Costco and you forget to buy a whole pound of cheese and it goes bad you’ve just wasted all the money you saved!

Walmart Vs Costco: Services

Walmart and Costco both have in-store banking facilities, pharmacies, and photo printing capabilities.

While both offer auto services, Walmart and Sam’s Club each have their own auto parts stores, where they sell auto parts like oil filters, mufflers, spark plugs, etc.

Costco is not just a place where you can shop for groceries and electronics. It is more of a warehouse club or even a combination of a Costco and a gas station where customers can buy gas and some grocery items at discounts.

Costco has partnered with home improvement companies like Carpet One and Zillow to offer home improvement services. Costco also offers insurance plans.

Walmart Vs Costco: Customer Service

The ACSI found that Walmart ranked last with an overall customer satisfaction rating of 72%, with an industry average of 86%.

Costco is one of the most customer-focused businesses in the United States. It is very important to customers.

Costco’s score was in the high 80s. Its score was not bad, but it was one of the lowest scores. While not great, Walmart’s score was much lower.

Walmart is seen as the most-hated retailer in America because they have a horrible history of paying little to no taxes and because they fire employees.

Walmart’s employees aren’t particularly friendly and helpful.

That’s totally true, I’ve had my own problems with the service desk, but that was mostly me being overly sensitive and thinking that it was a lack of professionalism.

Walmart Vs Costco: Return Policy

Walmart had a great return policy. They gave you 90 days to go buy something else and you could shop without a receipt and get your money back.

I even tried to return the vacuum cleaner, but Walmart didn’t even accept it, so I got a refund for that. And they even made an effort to return it for me.

Costco is really big, so they are very open to returns. You can return anything and they will not charge you.

In the end, it comes down to that Costco will cover you with a store-credit, while Sam’s Club (in our case) will not. Not to mention the fact that we are a couple of bucks away from our limit, and we were going to pay for the mistake.

The only exceptions concern electronic goods, gold, diamonds, cigarettes, tires and batteries and custom-ordered products.

Other than taking back the item for a refund, it seems like Costco will only take the item back if you don’t have a receipt.

Costco has a full return policy that includes items that were purchased on credit.

Walmart Vs Costco: Employee Wages

Walmart and Costco are both ethical companies but they have different stories on this. Costco has a large percentage of its sales in their warehouses and Walmart has a large percentage of their sales in their Walmart stores. When they think about their company as a whole, it’s not as transparent, but Walmart’s ethical footprint is much more clear. Costco was in the news recently for doing something unethical. Walmart has been in the news for doing unethical things.

Walmart is an international company that is headquartered in the U.S. Their base wage is $11.

That’s why I’m asking you to have a better time, to be a little happier, and to make a little more money.

Walmart recently announced that it was “bumping” wages to $15 per hour, but that’s not the most important thing. The important thing is that they have to give the workers more money before they cut profits, which is exactly what they do when they cut costs by cutting pay. It’s a simple “pay first, profits later” philosophy.

Only about 425,000 employees in the U.S. will start making $13/hr. The total average will go up but not the baseline wage.

Costco is known for paying their employees well. The company recently raised their starting wage to $16/hr

To make this paraphrase correct, some words would have to be removed and replaced.

Amazon employees are the highest paid workers in the United States, with an hourly wage of $24.

Walmart Vs Costco: Stock

Walmart and Costco are both discount retailers. If you’re looking to include a discount retailer in your investment portfolio, they’re definitely worth looking into either Walmart or Costco.

Walmart is a better stock to own, overall, because of its better growth potential and its higher margins.

Based on the information presented about the retail landscape in the United States, Costco’s membership model was not compelling for most U.S. consumers, which is a problem they are trying to work on to regain market share.

So, after studying all the information, you can come to your own conclusion as to whether or not to shop at Costco or Walmart.


The different experiences of Walmart and Costco represent the saying “different strokes for different folks” to me, as they compete for discount dollars but offer divergent experiences.

Costco is a great store if you are looking to stock up on large quantities of a given product. It is also great if you are looking to spend a few weeks stocking up on the same product and need to have a larger number of boxes delivered to your home.

Walmart is a great go-to for everyday shopping, with low prices, expansive selection and the greater store accessibility.

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