Walmart Camera Return Policy [full Guide] 

When you’re purchasing high-quality products such as cameras and camcorders from Walmart, it’s important to make sure your purchase is protected for returns if you don’t like the product.

You can’t return your camera at Walmart if you don’t have a Walmart credit card, and you can’t register a non-returnable camera online. However, you can return a camera in-store, where a Walmart photo specialist will gladly take your camera in exchange for a gift card.

Walmart Camera Return Policy 2022

Customers can get a refund or replacement for a returnable camera or camcorder.

But they didn’t find the part of the policy with the return policy.
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I’m about to walk you through Walmart’s camera return policy to make sure you save time and money!

How Do I Return Cameras To Walmart Stores?

Every digital camera and camcorder must be returned in the original packaging to be eligible for a refund.

Ensure to bring your receipt, online order number, and, if necessary, the exact Debit/Credit card you paid with (or the order number and name associated with it). An associate will offer a refund or replacement before proceeding **.

Walmart normally handles all returns at the customer service desk, near the front of the store.

You’ll have to return your camera within 30 days of purchase or delivery. You’ll receive a full money refund with no questions asked.

Can I Return Opened Camera Boxes To Walmart?

Walmart will not return opened camera boxes after the stated time frame, even if it has been properly opened and closed.

The associate from the electronics department may check the opened camera for any damage before processing the request.

– **Camera Settings:** An associate from the electronics department may adjust the various camera settings to maximize the camera’s performance and improve image quality.

Walmart will give you a full refund or replacement if you open your box to a damaged or defective camera. To learn more, see our full guide on Walmart’s policy on returning goods with no box/open box.

Will Walmart Return Camera Without A Receipt?

Yes, Walmart will return cameras without a receipt. Associates need your government-issued photo ID to begin a verification process that can possibly identify your transaction.

When your transaction is authorized, you’ll receive your refund or store credit via email. The email will contain the store number and transaction number associated with your return. The email is provided as a record of your refund or store credit, and can be printed for your records.

You can receive a refund on a camera or camcorder if the transaction is worth less than $25. You can also have your camera or camcorder repaired by the manufacturer.

If you’ve returned an item to Walmart, here’s what you need to know about your return and what happens to the item after you return it.

Can I Return A Camera To Walmart After 90-Days?

Walmart does not accept returns on in-store purchases or on purchases that are purchased and shipped directly to your address at (see more details).

This applies to certain cameras, camcorders and equipment sold at Marketplace. The timeframe begins on the date of purchase.

Walmart did not return items after 90 days after your order was placed. When the return is too old, we cannot process the return and there is nothing else we can do.

How Do I Return Cameras To Walmart By Mail? 

To access your Walmart account, go to the Walmart app or log on to your website. The camera will be in your order history.

Choose ”return” in the selection box on the Shipping Method page and click ‘Print Shipping Label’. Print the label, affix it to the outside of the return package and drop it in the nearest mailbox.

Before the camera is sent to Walmart, you’ll be asked to send the camera to your address along with original packaging. You’ll also be asked to attach all accessories to the camera. After that, a retailer will process the refund or send the replacement to your initial address.

Walmart recommends that you insure your item against loss when you ship it. Lost items cannot be refunded.

How Do I Return Cameras Sold On Walmart Marketplace?

As this review states, a major retailer may have different return policies than a smaller online retailer. This review states that Walmart requires a minimum of 14 day return policy and allows customers to exchange unwanted digital cameras or camcorders.

To be eligible for a full refund you need to return the camera in its original manufacturer’s packaging with any additional features to the store.

You can return all cameras purchased on Walmart Marketplace – either in-store or by mail. These shipments will usually cost you a small fee when shipping, but will be much cheaper than buying them on Amazon.

In order to get your refund, you need to contact the merchant who sold you the product. The merchant needs to send a written request for a refund to the address on the information that was supplied along with your order. Once the merchant contacts you, the refund should be complete within 10 business days. You can track the status of the refund in your ‘My Orders’ section in My Disney Experience.

How Do I Return Cameras Using Mobile Express?

When you order the product online, the shipping cost is automatically calculated and the order is shipped. You can order the same product on, and it will be shipped to you free of charge.

You will received a confirmation of your return and your original receipt. If your package is received damaged, please select damaged shipment and send it back to us with a note that it is damaged. We will send you an RMA for your damaged item. If your package is not returned damaged, please notify us right away so we could do the exchange of your order.

If you purchased the camera from Walmart, you can return it via Mobile Express or Walmart Pay within a 30 day time period, the details of which are below.

Why Won’t Walmart Return My Camera?

If you’ve received an official warning from, please read the explanation of the warning, and then the steps to rectify the situation. You can find the steps to rectify in the Help section of the site for the product.

You can’t return cameras with accessories included unless the original box is damaged. You also can’t return cameras without original accessories.

Can I Return Cameras I Purchased With A Walmart Gift Card? 

Yes, you can return cameras purchased with a Walmart gift card. The company is also offering a $25 gift card for customers to use on the purchase of a Walmart gift card. However, you should be aware of any fees you may have to pay in order to use this gift card.

What Is Walmart Canada’s Camera Return Policy?

Yes. Walmart Canada will accept opened cameras for return. In order to provide an adequate customer service experience, Walmart Canada offers a 14-day return period, within which the customer must return the product and all original accessories and packaging. Within seven days of receiving your return, you will receive a full credit to your Walmart Canada credit card or debit card, regardless of the amount you wish to return. Walmart Canada is unable to refund online purchases as there is no physical address for returns.

Walmart Canada, and many other retailers, are very similar to how they do no receipt refunds. They want proof that you purchased it so they can provide you with the appropriate refund.

Conclusion: What Is Walmart’s Camera Return Policy?

If you bought a Marketplace video camera or camera from our website, you can return it in our store for a full refund. Items purchased from the store are not returnable. We offer free returns from our stores and we also offer free returns via USPS mail. A full refund is only provided if the item is unused and returns in their original packaging.

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