Are Subway Drinks Refillable? (all You Need To Know)

Since everyone knows that nothing is as delicious as fresh pizza, Subway has made it a point to include several different menu items on its pizzas. They are also available in various flavors, from traditional to more contemporary tastes. They also offer fresh, seasonal drinks that pair well with their pizza.

Whether you want to refill your drink or not, it’s always good to know what drink you have to pay for and what drink you can refill. When you walk into the restaurant at the bottom there’s a counter to the side of you. Once you’re at the counter, a cashier will ask if you’d like to refill your drink. If you’d like to refill your drink you will need to pay for your drink and they will hand you a cup with the specific drink you are refilling.

Are Subway Drinks Refillable In 2022?

Some Subway locations give you discounts on drinks if you ask for a refill on them, but you need to ask for a refill before your drink runs out, and you need to have purchased it on the same day. If you reuse a Subway cup some stores give you discounts on drinks.

Subway has great drink options for people who like to refill their drinks often. They even have regular price fountain drinks, which are free with the purchase of a sub.

Can You Refill Drinks At Subway?

– **Which of these is not a Subway?**

Free refills are permitted to people who buy iced tea with their fountain drinks.

No problem at all, your card only stores on your balance. There is no limit on where or how many times you use it on that visit.

It is really annoying that Subway is only letting one person at a time have a beer and an “order” of subs. You can’t even have a nice beer and a sandwich at the same time.

As for whether it’s free, you’re best to ask your local Subway about free drinks when you buy your free drink.

How Do I Get Free Refills At Subway?

You can find the location of Subway by searching “Subway” in Google Maps app on your smartphone. Then, when purchasing your drink, make sure to ask for a free refill.

Subway stores, where you can buy sandwiches, are known to ask customers to ask for refill if there is a glass or cup left in the drink.

Yes. You also have to use your free refill of your drink before leaving the restaurant.

Also, you’re only entitled to free refills of fountain drinks and iced tea at Subways.

Can You Bring A Cup Back To Subway For Free Drinks?

One Subway store is offering their customers coupons for a free refillable drink if you bring back your cup.

Subway stores do not allow the customers to receive free drinks at their stores.

If you have already purchased your refill and not returned your container, the restaurant may charge you for additional drinks.

For example, if you’re in the UK, you’re generally allowed to refill your drink at Subway

However, the same drink is not allowed to be refilled in other countries like USA or Japan.

The best way to do this is to refill your drink in the UK and then take a picture of your receipt with your smartphone before heading back to the US or Japan.

How Much Do Drinks Cost At Subway?

The more expensive cup at Subway comes in sizes 21 oz and up where the cost is about $2. The cheaper cup at Subway comes in sizes 11 oz and up where the cost is about $1.75.

What can you say when a 40 oz soft drink is $2.15? Well a lot of things. For one thing it’s cheap. It’s also cheaper than it was a few years ago.

In terms of location, it’s important to note that prices may vary depending on the location.

Is A Cup Of Water Free At Subway?

Subway will charge you $0.10 for a cup of water per ounce (21-32 oz), or $0.30 for a cup of water per ounce (40 oz).

If you steal water from our cars, you pay for your own water.

This could also be called a “customer engagement”. A great example of this is when Subway launched a “guess the ingredients” contest.

So, that’s how much I was getting for the same product. You think I’ll be okay with the water situation? This is our water.

Does Subway Have Coffee?

It is a small cup of coffee. You can get a cup for $2.00 in the subway and they will pour it into a to-go cup, so it’s like a regular cup of coffee.

What Fountain Drinks Does Subway Have?

There’s no place to refill your drink other than the soda machines.

If you order it, you’ll also get the chance to choose an energy drink, which has between 5 and 8 grams of caffeine.

To learn more about Subway’s pizza, you could read our posts on whether or not Subway has pizza, if Subway has vegan options, and the Subway meatballs.


Many restaurants offer fountain drinks and ices that you can refill from your water bottle.

And sometimes, there’s a discount on beverages if you bring your cup back to Subway.

However, it’s best to check with your local Subway for this type of issue to avoid issues as you purchase your drink.

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