Amazon Inclement Weather Policy (all You Need To Know)

Amazon will provide staff with paid time off for “personal, family, or religious reasons”. This applies to all staff, not just warehouse workers.

Although it can be tempting to assume that Amazon staff will always be on the job, their performance isn’t always 100% reliable. If they decide to take a break for any reason, it’s best to contact them through their business email, not their personal one.

Amazon Inclement Weather Policy In 2022

The company will monitor weather conditions and will close facilities if it is judged to be dangerous. However, if conditions or the ability of some employees to operate them is judged to be worse for some people than others, Amazon requires those people to phone HR and will later require them to use their UPT (Universal Personnel Tracking) which may be returned to them.

If you’re wondering what the Amazon’s weather policy is, and whether or not employees can refuse to work if it’s too inclement outside — read on through this article to find out!

If you’re wondering about the weather policy at, you’re not alone! Even I wanted to know just how inclement Amazon was during those rainy, foggy times on Lake Ontario.

Does Amazon Follow Their Inclement Weather Policy?

According to various sources, Amazon does not know to follow their Inclement Weather Policy (not to close operations during inclement weather) when it comes to shutting down their operations.

Amazon has built facilities that are designed for these types of storms. Employees and workers are expected to come to Amazon’s facilities to get their work done, regardless of the weather.

The original source for this claim is a reddit user who says an Amazon employee told them this in regards to bad weather conditions.

Can Amazon Employees Refuse to Work in Bad Weather?

It is in most states that Amazon employees are within their rights in refusing to work if it is dangerous to their safety, such as in snowstorms.

According to a new report by the BBC, Amazon has a system that allows its workers to call in and use their UP time to make up the hours they missed.

Another example of the power of this tool.

> I would like to understand in greater depth how Amazon uses the UPT to evaluate the risks of employee safety.

As well, Amazon’s employees get the ability to choose their own PTO. This means that they get to choose the number of days that they take, and they won’t have to be back at the office on the first of the month. However, they won’t get any extra pay they didn’t earn.

Although staff is usually able to refuse work during bad weather, some states such as Arkansas allow employers to terminate staff for any non-discriminatory reason, including refusing to work in bad weather.

This is especially important for staff working in the more rural areas of the country who may have to travel a far distance to get to Amazon’s office.

Do Amazon Employees Have to Schedule Time Off for Bad Weather?

If an Amazon team member has had poor performance reviews, but their local fulfillment center has not closed down for the bad reviews, that Amazon team member’s boss is required to call in to inform HR that they will be suspended.

In order to properly call in, staff are required to book off either up time or vacation time in order to account for the absence.

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Can Amazon Fire Employees For Missing Work Due to Weather Conditions?

If an employee is located in a state where their employer can determine whether or not weather conditions are severe enough to compel them to work, they could be fired from their position for not showing up to work for any reason.

However, even if there is a policy in place, an employer may not fire an employee for a non-performance issue without the employee’s consent.

In states such as Arkansas, employers in some job areas are required to allow employees to report to work if they are injured., Inc. is located in Seattle, Washington, USA, which is located in the Pacific time zone. employees and support staff are required to adhere to a strict “no late arrivals” rule.

Employees should note that, in most cases, it is within the rights of an employer to refuse to work employees in bad weather.

The only thing I would add is that you should be prepared to be turned down if you are underperforming in your work. In other words, if you are doing poorly at your job, and the manager finds you to be incapable of doing better, you may be terminated despite the potential for a lawsuit. So be prepared to have this conversation with your manager so that if you are dismissed, you won’t have it blamed on your legal situation.

Is Amazon a Safe Place to Work During Bad Weather Conditions?

Different fulfillment centers have differing rules about what they will and will not accept as a reason for employees not showing up to work. Some offices will accept snow days, others will not.

According to varied sources, some Amazon centers remain open during floods, severe snowstorms and other treacherous conditions, and their staff members continue to be expected to show up to work.

Potential staff should be aware that the worst-hit weather for Amazon fulfillment center work is not necessarily the most extreme climate. In fact, for the majority of states in the U.S.A., the worst-hit weather is winter and it is relatively mild in the majority of states.

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During inclement weather Amazon takes steps to ensure the safety of its employees. If the weather is too dangerous to send employees to the job site, they are allowed to contact their HR department to be placed on leave or asked to cover shifts for other employees.

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