Amazon Delivery Complaints (how To Make One, Common Types Of Complaints + Contact Information)

E-commerce is the engine of Amazon’s e-commerce business and is subject to the largest numbers of customer complaints.

So, if you have any problems with the delivery of your item, please log on and follow the steps here.

What Is Amazon’s Delivery Complaint Resolution Mechanism In 2022?

The majority of complaints filed by consumers are unsuccessful. Of the complaints filed, the majority of cases are due to one or more of the following issues:

wrong item shipped or delivered
item not delivered or received
incomplete delivery
item damaged or lost
error on customer screen
error on Amazon end

The majority of the complaints are resolved via [Amazon’s][Amazon’s] customer support system and refund is given.

I’ll try to explain you how Amazon customers may lodge their complaints about delivery services and how quickly Amazon responds to them.

How Can Customers Complain To Amazon About A Delivery?

An Amazon customer can complain about missing or wrong deliveries through any of the company’s channels, which include phone, website chat forum, email, and social media.

It’s not that easy to check if the order you already created has been placed and delivered successfully.

This is the list of Amazon customer support phone numbers. You can also get in touch with Amazon customer support team by calling their toll free number available at and request for Amazon customer service support.

How Can I Make A Complaint About A Missing Amazon Order?

For example, if Amazon delivered a package to the seller and then sold it to a customer from their marketplace, Amazon is not responsible for the lost package. Instead, the seller is responsible for lost packages.

If you find a deal, you have no choice but to buy it from Amazon. If you have doubts, and they don’t answer your questions in 24 hours, get in contact with their customer support team.

Open the Deliveries tab on your Dashboard and select the “Not Delivered” option from the menu on the left.

The first step is to check the delivery status through the Order History, if it is delivered check your home and your neighbor’s house.

A few times, the person delivering the parcel may not have been able to get to your requested location.

The best way to verify your address is to click “Check Your Information.” If all went well, the shipping address on your shipping receipt/confirmation should match the shipping address on your order.

It would be a great thing to remember this the next time you are trying to send a package to us.

When you receive a missing delivery from a third party seller, report this to the marketplace admin. (You must have a marketplace admin account to do this.)

The missing delivery will be marked as “returned” the next time the marketplace admin runs “cron” (every 15 minutes) for the specified seller.

Where Else Can Customers File A Complaint About Amazon Delivery?

* If the item was refused, the customer will be notified automatically by Amazon Web Services.
* If the item was refused, the customer can choose to “put back” the order by contacting Amazon or leave feedback.

A lot of agencies are there for the people.

The agencies help to maintain the Amazon environment for all of the Amazon areas of operation in the US and also nationally and locally in other Amazon areas of operation.

Further, the agencies protect consumers from unscrupulous business practices by having the authority to investigate complaints, and ordering amens to consumers, and notifying them in writing of any failure to respond to any complaint or request for an amends.

The Federal Trade Commission(FTC) is used to handle any problems with the use of a delivery service.

The US Federal Trade Commission receives complaints, investigates, and sometimes even prosecute the cause.

Consumer groups say that more than a third of consumers in the UK are scammed each year.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration is the primary agency that regulates food safety, medical devices, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. In Canada, the federal government’s role in health and safety is largely performed by the Ministry of Health, the provinces, and the territories.

When Amazon, Walmart and other online stores offer same-day delivery, consumers assume that they’ll get their stuff on time.

If the service is in a country with negative press, this country will have to be involved to resolve the matter.

A legal forum was created for members of the site to discuss legal issues that may arise concerning the content of the site.

Customer complaints can also constitute a breach of legal obligation in the case of Amazon.

The customer should make the complaint to the supplier in a court of law, if they deem it worthwhile.

How Do I Make A Complaint Against An Amazon Delivery Driver?

Amazon tracks your delivery drivers to make sure they
deliver items, and also tracks your customers so they can see if you
accidentally sent their stuff to the wrong place, or if they never
received it.

When it comes to filing a complaint, it is a good idea to keep a paper copy of all the relevant information.

After you made the payment, Amazon will send an order confirmation, then you can check your order details and delivery tracking.

The chat support is accessible from the “Let Us Help You” column on the right side of the page and from the search bar on the top right corner.

The conduct must be something that could harm someone, for instance, if a driver were to hit someone with their car, you may call the police, even if the accident isn’t your fault.

What Are The Common Complaints Against Amazon Delivery?

Customer said she got stuck in the snow to get to her package, it was too big to fit inside her apartment, her dog got out of the car.

What Are The Common Complaints Against Amazon Delivery Drivers?

Amazon will often deliver the parcel to the wrong address.
They will place a parcel inside a box that is already full of other items.
They will not leave the parcel in your porch.
They will not pick up the package from your porch, then they will ring at your door.
They will leave the parcel in a car park where your car is parked.
They will leave the parcel with the car that they park in.

If you need help with a product that you purchased from Amazon, you can contact their customer service team.


Amazon and its driver now are offering customers a way to air their complaints against the company and the delivery drivers.

But, it is impossible to tell how many people are actually impacted by the issue. Some customers are only affected, some say they’re not, and some even say they don’t know.

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